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The War In Michoacan: Peña Nieto's Version

Saturday, June 1, 2013 |

By: José Gil Olmos
May 26 2013
Coalcomán, Michoacán

The mayor’s words strongly thundered like rockets on Sunday, May 19 setting the public on alert when the military arrived to try to disarm the people:

“The situation was unbearable!  We were all being extorted.  Even in the municipality we had to give them 10% of the budget each month and they were already starting to ask for 15%.  This happens with all the municipalities in the state and the governor even knows about it.  We accepted it at first, but when we stopped was when they started to mess with our families; they raped and took our wives, our daughters.  That’s when we said—Enough! This is a matter of dignity.”

Self-defense Group in Buenavista, Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez
It’s Tuesday morning on May 21st.  Outside the town hall is a group of armed soldiers.  They arrived in armored vehicles parking on the corners of the main square as if it were a war zone.

Military Surveillance on the Roads of Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez

“Yes, we are like in a war,” says the mayor Rafael García Zamora of the PRD.  He reveals in an interview that the entire population and the authorities were subjected to the Knights Templar cartel (Los Caballeros Templarios), whom they have received death threats for some time.

In the more than 200 kilometers between Apatzingán and this municipality of the Tierra Caliente region, there are traces of a buried battle.  In short sections of the road, four military checkpoints were initially installed, later increasing to six.  In each one, soldiers check every vehicle, writing down license plates and the names of the people inside.

Meanwhile, self defense groups also installed at least 4 checkpoints throughout several days, starting from Buenavista Tomatlán down to Coalcomán, where they check people who look suspicious and detain collaborators of the Knights Templar cartel.  Up until a few days ago, this group was the one in charge of installing checkpoints.

Buenavista, Michoacán from a Templar Stronghold to a Self-defense Stronghold
Photo: Octavio Gómez
Traces from the clashes between self defense groups and gunmen are all too evident.  Passing Apatzingán, in some houses of Pueblo Viejo, bullet holes from high powered weapons can be seen as a result of a firefight that happened a few weeks ago, with several deaths, of which was not officially reported.

Michoacán. State at War.
Photo: Octavio Gómez
On the same road that connects Tepalcatepec with Coalcomán, charred remains of passenger, cargo, and trailer trucks can be seen burnt by cartel members, who in recent days blocked the roads of these two municipalities and also Buena Vista Tomatlán in order to besiege them.

The Charred Remains of a Trailer after a Gunfight in Coalcoman, Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez
For several weeks, the criminal gang denied trucks from entering the city that among other supplies, bring gasoline, food, and antidotes for scorpion bites, badly needed in the three municipalities.

Even Coca-Cola and Bimbo have decided to suspend their runs.  To avoid the virtual state of siege, some traders have sought to stock up on food and fuel by the roads that go to Jalisco and Colima.

Given the seriousness of this situation, on Sunday May 20th, more than 6,000 soldiers and hundreds of police on trucks arrived to the Tierra Caliente region.

Michoacán. State at War.
Photo: Octavio Gómez
The order was to calm the area, but the first thing that they did was try to disarm the self defense groups that organized themselves to fend off attacks from the Knights Templar cartel.

Community Guard In Coalcoman, Michoacán. Hartazgo
Photo: Octavio Gómez
The people responded with mass marches in the three municipalities, which has never been done before in the past, refused to turn in their weapons and kept the military from being placed in charge of the checkpoints.  “If we turn in our weapons the gunmen will kill us,” said a member of the Civic Association of Tepalcatepec, which has more than 1,000 men participating in the surveillance of Tepalcatepec.

Self-defense Group in Buenavista, Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez

Over the days the situation has become tenser because the federal forces have become dedicated in disarming the self defense groups and not fighting the Knights Templar cartel.  Until Friday May 24th, there hasn’t been a single criminal arrested.

A Checkpoint of the Self-Defense Groups in Buenavista, Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez
On Wednesday May 22, there was a skirmish between soldiers and residents of Buenavista Tomatlán which lasted all day because soldiers arrested four young members of the self defense group.

Men, women, and children left their homes and closed the road demanding the release of their four companions in exchange for General Sergio Arturo García Aragón and 24 soldiers who had been locked up in the headquarters of the municipal police.

Another group of armed soldiers and police surrounded the locals.  Planes and helicopters flew over the municipality.  Presented in a meeting, García Aragón explained that the four members who were arrested weren’t in the hands of the military, but rather had been referred to the judicial authorities and would be released.  But he warned: “I told them not to be armed”.

The soldiers, who were not abused, were held for 17 hours in the headquarters of the municipal police.  On Wednesday (May 22) at nine in the night, they reached an agreement and the four community police members were released and they immediately opened the doors for the soldiers who were being held along with García Aragón.

Jesús Reyna left,  Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong right

While the Interior Minister, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, and Michoacan Governor Jesús Reyna separately declared that the detention and exchange of detainees by the military never happened, the people of Buenavista Tomatlán confirm these facts.  They also say that while they were resolving the problem with the military, on the other side of town, a gunfight broke out with gunmen who were trying to get into the town in three trucks. 

Community Guard in Coalcoman, Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez
In the version of the witnesses, the four community police members complained that the military soldiers did in fact torture them; the soldiers put high powered weapons in their hands and took pictures of the community police members holding them.  They also forced them to sign a statement that wasn’t theirs.

Self-defense Group in Buenavista, Michoacán
Photo: Octavio Gómez
The agreement that they reached with General García Aragón was that the self defense groups would put away their high-powered weapons and leave the checkpoints, but that some community police officers would accompany the soldiers at the checkpoints to not let them pass any Knights Templar cartel members who live in those communities.

This is what actually happened; the self-defense groups of Buenavista Tomatlán, Tepalcatepec and Coalcomán left their checkpoints, kept their R-15’s and AK-47’s without turning them in to the military, as these were demanded, and withdrew back into their communities.  They did not disappear, but instead joined similar groups that have appeared throughout the state.

Confidential reports from the state government say that 25 communities in 11 municipalities, especially in the Purépecha plateau have community police.  They coexist in Michoacán with 10 self-defense groups and 10 paramilitary groups paid for by organized crime.
Buenavista, Michoacán. War Zone.
Photo: Octavio Gómez

According to the same source, these three types of armed groups have a presence in 44 of the 113 municipalities of the state, and another 10 have been on red alert for possibly forming new groups.

Buenavista, Michoacán A Message to the Knights Templar cartel:
“Bienvenidos al pueblo de Buenavista libre de cuotas y de Caballeros Templarios”
"Welcome to the town of
Buenavista, free of quotas and of Knights Templar"
“Policia Federal, Ejercito Nacional Mexicano, preferimos morir en sus manos que en manos de los perros lacras y putos pendejos Caballeros Templarios ATTE: PC”
Federal Police, Mexican Army, we would rather die in your hands than in the hands of those evil dogs and fucking assholes, Knights Templar Atte: PC"
Photo: Octavio Gómez

The insecurity in the state has grown so much that in the capital of Michoacán, Morelia, citizens have closed more than 1,200 streets and have organized into self-defense groups.  They have put up mantas in the colonies warning that they are fed up with how things are going and will take security into their own hands.

Similar initiatives are underway by citizens of 10 other cities including Uruapan, Hidalgo, Zamora, Lázaro Cárdenas, Sahuayo, Jiquilpan and Jacona.  According to reports from the state government, the Knights Templar cartel controls 70% of the municipalities, and the rest remains under control by La Familia Michoacana cartel and the Jalisco New Generation cartel (CJNG).

Warning in La Ruana, Michoacán Michoacán
“Women and Children in Danger”
Photo: Octavio Gómez
Extortions and Rapes

Tepalcatepec, Michoacán Messages to “La Tuta”
"You Sold Us 'At a High Price'"
"To The Templars-Go Away!"
Photo: Octavio Gómez
Residents of Tierra Caliente recount that a couple of years ago gunmen from the Knights Templar cartel came to promise them that they would look after them after suffering for 12 years of insecurity in the region;  in return they would ask for a fee.  Most people agreed, not knowing that soon their belongings would be stolen, and their families would end up being victims of violence.

Residents of Buenavista Tomatlán, Coalcomán and Tepalcatepec indicate that this year the gunmen began to demand higher fees, and all over, to merchants, ranchers, farmers, transporters, small business owners, and even the municipality: 300 pesos per square meter of a house, 200 per car, 20 per kilo of tortillas, 8 per kilo of meat, 3 per kilo of live cows sold, and 3 per box of lemon.

Similarly, day laborers had to give 200 pesos a week and mayors needed to turn in 10% of the budget and work assigned.  The latter were already on the verge of being charged 15%, i.e. more than 20 million pesos per month.  “We would comply as if we were their slaves.  The worst thing is that they would mess with our women, with our wives and daughters,” said a trader from Tepalcapatec.
Self-defense group in search of Knights Templar cartel members
Photo: Octavio Gómez
Rafael García Zamora, from Coalcomán, did not leave his job.  Luis Torres Chávez from Buenavista Tomatlán and Guillermo Valencia from Tepalcatepec resigned when the population rebelled against the insecurity and the extortions.

García Zamora denies that the self-defense movement is supported by the Jalisco New Generation cartel, as mentioned before in the state government, and states that it is an expression of weariness: “We had a march of 8,000 people.  If this is the Jalisco New Generation cartel then things are wrong.  This protest was for high extortion, so many threats, intimidation, abductions, kidnappings, and quotas.  The people could no longer stand this.”

An owner of a logging company who also had to pay a quota to the Knights Templar cartel realizes the power that this cartel had achieved:

“You initially pay 10% of “El Ramo 33” and construction commitments.  This is happening in the 113 municipalities and no one dares to denounce it.  I’m doing this and I know that I’m in more danger.  We have to alter the work in that 10% and pay them to avoid any problems.  They were going to increase it to 15% but we wouldn’t be able to pay that.  We informed the federation about this, they know it, but nobody does anything.”

“We were being extorted, intimidated, threatened, around here—signaling to the main square of the municipality—Armed groups passed through here mixed with the army and state police.  We didn’t know who was who.  Now we have clearly identified everyone because only the community police are operating.”

“We were paying the quotas and everything would’ve stayed that way, but they started to mess with our families, with the women, they were forced to have sex with them; if they were to refuse, they would kill their parents.  They even forced the married women.  Yet no one dares to report them, it’s bad.  That is why people said enough is enough, this is about dignity.”

-“Then is it true that those who couldn’t pay the quota were forced to give them their daughters or wives?”

-“Yes, that was the problem.  The government is aware of this situation but does nothing because everyone’s in on it: the deputies, senators and maybe even the President, all this is a cancer that can’t be stopped.”

Violence has weakened businesses.  Juan Pablo Castañón, national representative of Coparmex (Employers Confederation of the Mexican Republic) recently stated that there was a 15% decline in the economic dynamics of Michoacán, especially in the most affected areas.

The president of the College of Economists of the State of Michoacán, Heliodoro Gil Corona, stated in a press conference a week ago that in the first quarter of 2013, 3,424 jobs have been lost in the state of Michoacán.

Gil Corona, a researcher at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, considered that if you wanted to break this growth trend of unemployment and lack of jobs, you would need the economy to grow by 3% this year and an investment of 24 billion pesos.

Following the retirement of the Governor Fausto Vallejo due to health reasons and view of the situation in Tierra Caliente, a group of PAN legislators, led by María Luisa Calderón and Salvador Vega Casillas requested the Congress of the Union to declare the demise of powers in the state, claiming a crisis of governability.

From: Proceso 1908; Pages 6-10

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52 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

I hope the knights templar go down with the zetas... just send in seal team six to clean them out. Innocent women and children and legitimate business owners are being manipulated. Enough is a enough mexico.

Anonymous said...

Those poor folks were living in what seems like Satan's playground. It's good to hear they marched.

Anonymous said...

Fuck caballeros templarios and fuck chapo guzman

The truth comes when you see it happening said...

Mexico is super pathetic to let that state get so fucking curropt. That country has no integrity to let such cowardice acts ride. They make me laugh at the degree of misfortune they have brought on themselves. lol...... To the bank they call it. Leaches like the IRS but 10 times worst.

Anonymous said...

Exactly,there is police,politicians,soldiers,civilians that are in on this extortion,rape and pillaging.They are in with the cartels,you dont know who is who,only people you trust is the people you know.I imagine myself living through these people's nightmare....I'm thinking to myself what could i possibly do besides run?? answer is police the local region myself with other trusted locals that i know,exactly what these people are doing!!!

The army had told the community police to disarm and hand over weapons,does this mean they are staying to protect forever? I highly doubt it,people will be left like sheep to the slaughter if they hand over their weapons.

Anonymous said...

That has benn Mexico of the PRI for over 70 years. Culture well accepted by same kind of individuals who has no educacoin and were happy to abuse other w/much less power.

Anonymous said...

this was a good read a couple of weeks ago on Proceso magazine in Mexico. Glad somebody took the time to translate it. kudos

Anonymous said...

Wtf is EPN doing about this crises? This is a catasrophe, CT is worse than the Zetas. They are a meth gang whos main enemy is the citizens of the state. I cant believe Epn is turning his back on them, only in Mexico could this happen. Meanwhile the president is all smiles and crime isnt a problem in Mexico...Lol!

Anonymous said...

Gortari, Zedillo, Echeverria, De La Madrid, Fox, Calderon, Puñeta Nieto.....todos fueron, son, y seran pura MIERDA...Solo pensaban y piensan en enriquecerse junto con todos sus "circos". Esto que hicieron esta valiente gente es lo que deberia hacer todo el pueblo mexicano. Un levantamiento en armas nacional, para que a los politicos mexicanos les de verguenza ante el mundo entero. Pobrecito Mexico. Dios cuida mi Mexico, ya que sus gobernantes solo piensan en ellos mismos.

Anonymous said...

I believe the corruption starts with the president and funnels all the way down. I live just outside of Chihuahua and everyone says that everyone in government, from the transit police to the president are corrupt. They take these jobs for what they can get from the people and the sale of drugs. Not their standard pay. You look how rich many of these people that get into government. They become rich quickly and it is obvious how they are getting their money. Everyone in Mexico knows! They also flaunt their authority and act like they are special beings put on earth to rule over the Mexican people. Do they not realize who they are and their roots. It is a shame how the culture in Mexico has been Forever. Yes there is corruption all over the world. Even in the United States. But when you read this article you realize things like this cannot happen in the USA and over places right now. Good thing the Americans have their guns. So nothing like this ever happens there. It is a very good deterrent.

Anonymous said...

The revolution will be televised! Fight the power that be! We might be seeing the beginning of the Primera Mexicana(Mexico Spring). The Ghost of Commandante Marcos.

Anonymous said...

Peña Nieto is a pimp who has sold his mother and wife to the drug cartels and now he is selling Mexico to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Damn this shit really saddens me, im from turicuaro michoacan and knowing all this stuff is happening around my family in turicuaro sucks. I hope these idiots from the kt all die or go somewhere else and leave all the innocent hard working people alone. Fuck la tuta.

Anonymous said...

I agree with destroying these piles of shits but please shut ur shit talker bout seal team 6, its soooo danm annoying

Anonymous said...

The Mexican ruling elites are worried that the sheep have grown nuts and fangs, and after they annihilate the CT they, the mexican elites, will be next.
After all, the Mexican elites, know they have been raping the masses for centuries. The mexican rapists must defang and neuter the sheep.
NRA are real american patriots. The Mexican model is fast creeping into america. Give up your guns and you give up your liberty!!! or as on of the mexicans said they were taking our dignity!!!!

Anonymous said...

great so the military wants to take their weapons. Terrific. How will they defend themselves against the scummy cartels then? oh I forgot... the military and police work with the cartels!

Fuck Mexico the government is too corrupt beyond repair!

Anonymous said...

Been following this blog for a few weeks, after I was introduced to some of the violence happening in Mexico through Facebook. This country is very sick and needs help! I couldn't ever imagine staying in a country where your family is treated like dispensable meat. I agree that this whole mess has to go all the way up the food chain. Filthy government for sure!! I will pray for all those poor souls in Mexico... raise up and fight, kill all them cartel scum.

Anonymous said...

i dont think any of us are under the assumption that the army was sent there to do good.

Chivis said...

Great post Valor

Anonymous said...

attn chivis something new
Chase Leads To Drug Bust
Posted: Jun 1, 2013 6:14 PM
RIO GRANDE CITY - A chase in Rio Grande City ended with a crash and the confiscation of more than 1,300 pounds of marijuana.

But there was something different about this chase. Why are these types of drug runs becoming more frequent?

Police call it "a suicide drug run." That's when criminals load their cars with drugs and do not put any effort into disguising or covering their load.

Rio Grande City police said they saw a car driving down a road with marijuana clearly loaded in the back seat and in the passenger seat. They tried to pull the driver over, instead a chase began.

The officer asked to remain anonymous, but he explained what these suicide loads say to police.

"If they're loading up that way that means they're actually succeeding in getting their load to the stash house," said the officer. "I guess they just risk it and say ‘let's go for it, if we get caught, we get caught.' If not, then they made it."

One Rio Grande City officer explained that suicide drug loads are only typical near the border. Once they ship the drugs north of the Valley, they will put more effort into concealing and hiding the loads.

The officer said, in 2012, he busted 20 suicide drug runs. Police believe the driver who bailed out in this chase was able to make it to the the Rio Grande.

Anonymous said...

"They arrived in armored vehicles parking on the corners of the main square as if it were a war zone." It is a WAR zone and has been a warzone for quite some time now.

Why is this story as not getting major media coverage ? Some coverage has popped up but not much.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:17 AM Tells it as it is

For all those people that think Mexico is safe
Tell everyone here where this happens at in the U.S.A. or Canada ? It does not. A population under siege. Notice the S.O.S. sign. Those poor ,poor,poor souls that have suffered and died because of a silent neglected war.
There will be no uprising , no revolution , no Hollywood movie bullshit. Just extorcion,torture,death, dismemberment, rape,narcofosas.beheadings, because in mexico no one can hear you scream or even cares. Just drink another $100 peso Margarita in San Miguel Allende and tell everyone how safe Mexico is.

Anonymous said...

"If we turn in our weapons the gunmen will kill us,”

That is the purpose of gun control soon to be implemented here in the USSA.

Anonymous said...

"“The situation was when they started to mess with our families; they raped and took our wives, our daughters. That’s when we said—Enough! This is a matter of dignity.”

This goes out to all people in denial or in illusion about the real Mexico.

Nutritional facts: “Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Anonymous said...

mexico doesnt even own mexico. Spaniards and us own mexico fact

Anonymous said...

For your information Seal team 6 and the american military will turn on your american neighborhood when oredered by the american gvt.
If you think otherwise you are an idiot. It will come at some future time as america is rapidly losing its economic integrity!
Just think! System want to survive and will destroy all who wants to extinguish its existence.

Anonymous said...

It's so frigging obvious what is happening there. The military is being paid by the CT to disarm the citizen patrols. Corrupt from top to bottom. One day Mexican society is going to blow wide open and not a minute too soon. I just hope it spreads to the US.

Anonymous said...

2 things need to happen for it to stop.mexicans need to arm themselves with whatever weapons they want and americans need to get off dope or anyone else thats using that customers no money

Anonymous said...

Fuckin methheads!!! They get on my damn nerves!! Annoying as hell to even look at them losers

Anonymous said...

Exactamente! PRI = corupcion

Anonymous said...

They come to the USA and vote for the same corrupt socialists that have turned their country into a hellhole.

Anonymous said...

I hope the knights templar go down with the zetas... just send in seal team six to clean them out. Innocent women and children and legitimate business owners are being manipulated. Enough is a enough mexico. la eme is connected with this cartels

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wtf this are just the towns people tired of cartels with hunting rifles and handguns.. then what the hell is that guy in the picture holding an ar 15 and wearing a bullet proof vest?? This are cartel members acting like you're average citizen.. Pena nieto is a joke and so is the Mexican government why is everyone in shock now.. Mexico is going down the drain more and more every year.. time to pull the plug on this 3rd world country

Anonymous said...

Michoacan best state in Mexico and there's only real narcos there.

Anonymous said...

@11:37pm No,I hope the Zetas wipe the gay ass knights templar off the map...piece of shit la pTuta

Anonymous said...

@June 2, 2013 at 9:59 AM: WTF do you mean???
"But when you read this article you realize things like this cannot happen in the USA and over places right now. Good thing the Americans have their guns. So nothing like this ever happens there. It is a very good deterrent."

Are you blind??? Look at the pictures! Everybody is carrying a gun. The self-defense groups all carry automatic weapons!!!

Or are they toy guns?

Anonymous said...

If it upsets u so much u might as well pick up a shotgun and go join the self defense groups.. But considering the little shit talker that u r youll probably be to much of a bitch to even get close to the border..

Anonymous said...

Video fuerte donde Z40 descuartiza a “La Guera Loca“


can anyone please verify if this articles statement is true?is the rat z40 really in the video and is the woman really guera loca?

Anonymous said...

if they really messed with the people's women, then they are getting what they deserve for being dumb asses...i'm a student of war and philosophy...whats funny is that well known books on philosophy and strategy explicitly say that people can take a lot of shit from their masters but can't accept their women and/or belongings being stolen by the leaders...i thought it funny that not only did Machiavelli say such in his book the prince, but it also says so in the Kama Sutra which isn't even a war strategy book...when Saddam fell, many people who were on the fence regarding whether to support his sons, ended up abandoning them because his son UDAY was known for pulling the same shit with Iraqi women...La Tuta who seems like a good strategist should have seen this coming from a a mile away...with all the pussy in the world, why steal it from your subjects...they deserve to lose if that's the case

Anonymous said...

for all the people talking shit about Michoacan, remember, we were the first to fuck up the Aztecs, the Zetas, and now organized criminals....the people of Michoacan have shown a lot of heart throughout all these desmadres...all you culeros rooting for cartels from other states, no la pelan putos

Anonymous said...

does anyone have any info on this new armed group called pucd aka Pueblo Unido Contra la Delincuencia i believe htey are from tabasco?

Anonymous said...

"Send in SEAL team 6?" Really how could you make such a stupid comment? If you send US forces to Mexico all they are going to do is help the Mexican police/military to disarm the people.

Chivis said...

To the read sending the message about the Rio Grande story, VERY interesting. I hope to do more research but did some today and looks like a good story. I am finishing one on Michoacán that has taken days so maybe after this one...Paz, Chivis

Anonymous said...

heyy chivis I heard that this is a new strategy that the Mexican government is using against the cartels in michoacan first they do intelligence work in a town then they send the military or the cjng to take the town back from the cts and then they arm and organize the towns people into self defense groups and from there they go to the next town I think is a very good an effective strategy because involves the local people that know who are and where the cartel members live < I personally think that cjng are Sinaloa cartel members which we all know are allied with the Mexican government and lets face it there is going to be at least one cartel at the end of this war that cartel is going to be the one that do not mess with the people that only do drugs

Anonymous said...

Se los estan chingando los de jalisco wey

Anonymous said...

fucken balls of the mexican gov trying to disarm these brave mexican citizens standing up for their rights!! the citizens should elect their own sheriff and make it all legal, with deputized citizens..Godspeed to the citizens!

Anonymous said...

What the HELL happened to La Familia Michoacana? I thought the Knights Templar were an offshoot of LFM. My home is Michoacan. I read mantas all the time on Mex 200 stating LFM will not target the innocent. Now this... Did the KT go rogue? This is a lot more complicated than it appears on the surface. No travel for me up Mex 37 entre La Mira and Uruapan. Sin Embargo!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame these vigilantes one bit.
If somebody raped my loved ones, I would start collecting scalps of the perpetrators and anyone unfortunate enough to get in my way.
These poor souls have no one on their side. What choice do they have? The fact that there armed self-defense groups formed at least verifies that humanity is alive and well, and they're mad as hell.

The Mexican legislature and president are incompetent and corrupt.
Federal, state and municipal law enforcement is inept and untrustworthy.
The judiciary is crooked and double-dealing.
Jails are overcrowded, insecure and poorly run.
Federal troops are young, inexperienced, underpaid and incompetent.

The roads between these towns are precarious two lanes because Mexicans tolerate federal politicians and local governors freely looting tax revenues from commerce, oil and minerals. Block just one of these arteries, and your town is fucked? Yep.

The fact that vigilante groups have to exist in Mexico is a stain on the conscience of everyone in govt who swore an oath to the Mexican constitution and to public service of the people.

Anonymous said...

cjng is not with sinaloa num nuts, and if they take out kt out cjng will go in and do worse shit, they dnt care about the ppl, they just want to make more money, u forgot what cjng did in veracruz? Exactly my piont so dnt rite stuff if u dnt know wats going on

Anonymous said...

Wtf does eme got to do with the cartels or what's going on in Mexico bro.. you know who's connected with cartels POLITICIANS too...

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