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5 prison inmates die in Nuevo Laredo

Monday, March 11, 2013 |

A total of five prison inmates died Sunday in a Nuevo Laredo prison, according to Mexican government news releases and press accounts.

The Centro de Ejecucion de Sancciones (CEDES) in Nuevo Laredo was the scene where a brawl erupted among inmates using handmade knives Sunday afternoon.

The dead were identified as Alejandro Flores Charles, José Torres Garcia, Gerardo Javier Colunga Padron and José Juan Antonio Carvajal.  News accounts say three inmates had claimed alleged responsibility for the deaths.  They were identified as Pablo Zamarripa Guerrero, Oscar Velez Andrade and José Angel Vazquez Presa.

The four victims had entered the prison only one day before they were killed.

A second incident at the prison involved a female inmate identified as Adriana Yacare del Toro Lopez, 23.  Toro Lopez was found hanged in her cell Sunday afternoon.  She had entered the prison only one day before her death.

The CEDES in Nuevo Laredo has seen a large increase in the number of prison inmates as prisoners from two separate prisons in Tamaulipas state were closed and heir inmates transferred to the Nuevo Laredo CEDES.

March 9th the CEDES in Ciudad Mante was closed with its 179 prisoners moved to the CEDES in Nuevo Laredo late last week, while the CEDES in Miguel Aleman was closed just a few days before.

The Miguel Aleman prison was closed only days following a mass prison break where armed suspects forced the release of 12 inmates at gunpoint.

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13 Borderland Beat Comments:

ElLGueroDeLaREDO said...

So who were the killed? Zetas or Golfos?

Anonymous said...

yeah....they were caught in nuevo laredo and then sent to prison there and got knocked off, unless boss zeta got pissed gottem killed,you would think they were zetas...but they got killed inside???

sorry for my ramblings,im just confused.

Anonymous said...

They were golfas...

Anonymous said...

All were Zetas.

Anonymous said...

Gracias Z40 por eliminar a estas alimanas. Nuevo Laredo esta canzado de tantos asaltos, secuestros y pagos de piso. Y las autoridades no hacen nada, nada mas recibiendo el pago por dejarlos que hagan desmadre.
Yo se que tu grupo no se entiende de ganar dinero a este nivel
El dinero que deja por el contrabando a EU es mas que suficiente para molestarse en poca feria.
Hace un mes que queria pedirte ayuda puesen N. Laredo es imposible vivir aqui y tu siendo de aqui en realidad necesitamos tu ayuda pues las autoridades y Benja no hacen nada.
Gracias por todo tu vecino de infancia

Anonymous said...

Who cares who they were with..! One Things for Sure "They Couldn't Fight" for shit!

Anonymous said...

maybe they were not part of a cartel and just a kidnapping ring.....that answer's why they got killed in the prison in Nuevo Laredo.....

Anonymous said...

That's the best way to get rid of these scums.
Put them inside prison cells with their deadly enemies.
Or just hang them from the cell bars.
They deserve it.

Anonymous said...

according to VxT another man who was executed yesterday in Nuevo Laredo was another member of this group of kidnappers killed in they were killed by the zetas, but I have trouble to believe an independent group of kidnappers were in the area without permission from the local cartel, they must have either failed to pay them their share or kidnapped the wrong person or once 4 of them had been detained they all had to be put down to avoid trouble?

Anonymous said...

Who cares. 5 more pieces of trash off the earth. May they all meet the same fate.

Anonymous said...

im looking for a inmate that is or was in cedes his name is vincent brown he is mentally ill and black race. can i get any info on how to find him.

Dustin Graham said...

I saw Vincent Brown in CEDES on television on Lockdown recorded in 2010. no idea where he is now though. he was looking at 22 years

Anonymous said...

I saw Vincent Brown on Lockdown too and was deeply disturbed by the inhumane treatment he was receiving as a mentally ill person and amputee. I also wonder about the details of his case because he did not seem mentally fit to stand trial at the time the show was filmed and had no handle of the Spanish language. I wonder if these factors influence the outcome of the case. This man needs medical attention if he is not yet getting it. There is nothing online indicating his whereabouts. I can only hope he has it better now than he did at Cedes. Regardless of their crime, people with mental illness need to receive proper medical care.

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