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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Hacked to Pieces in Toluca Mexico

Body parts found stuffed into plastic bags in the central Mexican state of Toluca belonged to six different victims, authorities said.

Police arrested 11 people in connection with the killings, the state’s public safety secretary, Salvador Neme Sastre, told a press conference in Toluca, the state capital.


He said the suspects, thought to work for the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel, were apprehended after an extended police operation in metropolitan Toluca.

Among those arrested is Victor Hugo Jaramillo Jaramillo, alias "El M2" alleged leader of the Familia Michoacana in the Valley of Toluca.

"Victor Hugo Jaramillo Jaramillo, "M2", deserted the Army a few years ago and joined the organized crime. Was appointed by the criminal organization to run a criminal cell in the metropolitan area of Toluca," the Secretary explained

“State officers blocked the path of a dark-colored, Suburban-type SUV and a Fiat brand compact car, from which the occupants began firing shots,” Neme said.

Nobody was hurt in the shooting and the cops seized five shotguns, five handguns and 165 rounds of ammunition from the suspects, the secretary said.

Investigators think the suspects were also responsible for the deaths of more than 30 people whose bodies were found over the course of Jan. 12-14 at various spots in the Valley of Mexico, which encompasses Mexico state and the Federal District, official sources said.

Violence has flared in the Valley in recent weeks, with more than a score of murders just in Mexico City.

Based in the western state of Michoacan, La Familia Michoacana is involved in kidnapping and extortion along with its core business of drug trafficking.

Conflict among rival drug outfits and between criminals and the security forces has claimed some 70,000 lives in Mexico over the last six years.

Source: EFE


  1. i thought lfm was done? what parts of mexico do they still have or are fighting for?

  2. Seems that the LFM ranks are swelling.

  3. Id say chapo he seems to own everything just about down there

  4. Wow! thought they were done too

  5. Toluca is not a state. Correct your first sentence.

  6. does anyone know if LFM have a truce with CT at this time?....i remember reading an article on BB months back stating that they may do for certain parts of Michoacan...unless they cross the restricted area then its free game.

  7. @12:49 a.m. correct your ignorance Toluca is a state... You moron

  8. Nothing to do whit this article but members of the group Kombo Kolombia were found executed in Monterrey.

  9. I hurd that toluca is doing a good job on the war against cartels.

  10. Highest Yoga TantraJanuary 28, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    @ 3:20 AM - why the name calling?

    Basic fact is Toluca de Lerdo is the capital city of Edomex (short for Estado de México). It was an oversight during the edit checks of this article - human proof reading error . . .

    More compelling is in the 1st video the guy in the white hoodie is smiling away during the presentation - what a display of arrogance!

    1. Just young. He'll get his nose holes opened soon enough!


  12. @3:20 i think they do have a truce in gto i dont know if they have it in michoacan

  13. The Mexican Police here seem pissed off with some of these dudes,thats what i like with some of these Mexican authorities,they dont take kindly to shit.They will kill your ass with a cold smile,you know if you fuck with them,its a must they gonna fuck with you,and with police guess who gonna win?These chopped six people up,who is it CJNG CT ?

  14. @3:20..Lol.Toluca is NOT a state..looks like you're the Moron..

  15. Toluca is in el estado de Mexico I bet these bastards butchered innocent people they were robbing theyre weak to non existence dudes probably smileing cause he knows they dont belong to any major group but the military I guess is giving them some recognition in front of reporters .

  16. why arrest these scum? so they can be processed and let out in 24 hrs to go do the exact same shit over and over??? SHOOT THEM!!! NO ONE WOULD MISS THESE LOWLIVES not even the bosses would bat an eyelid as they are replaceable in no time.

  17. One thing i find rifles,only handguns and shotguns....i guess a shotgun does devastating damage at close range....but no goathorn's or AR's, there has to be a good explanation behind this...?

  18. whats up with the one cop holding on to the guys chin the entire time.....its a little gay

  19. @333pm that guy is M-2,he keeps trying to hide his face but the state officer wont allow him too, Show your face Coward.

  20. victor hugo jaramillo jaramillo is my husband and all of those are lies. The mexican government is garbage. They just grab ppl and make them plead to that. Not true...don't believe everything you see! Its all politics. His real name is Victor Jaramillo Jaramillo and he nothing they say he is. and i will prove that in court!!!!


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