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La Vaca- Arrested-Confessed Killer of Police Chief of NL

Saturday, November 10, 2012 |

Borderland Beat

José Valdez Perales 'La Vaca',
Elements of the State Investigation Agency succeeded in capturing a former employee of Roadside Assistance, who confessed to belonging to "Los Zetas" and being involved in the disappearance of the head of the Police Apodaca, recorded last year.
José Guadalupe Valdez Perales, alias "La Vaca" Valdez Perales, is  leader of Los Zetas in the municipalities of Apodaca, Guadalupe and Juarez

La Vaca arrested on Oct. 22 and according to his own statement acknowledged his involvement in the kidnapping of the Apodaca police director, Milton Alvarado Rojas.
who was deprived of his freedom along with 10 of officers in April 2011.

Domene specified that "La Vaca" was commissioned to kidnap the vans carrying the official and his bodyguards, the day of the incident.

The defendant had three years of working for the Zetas as "hawk" and later as a bodyguard." Valdez Perales revealed the place where they were allegedly buried the bodies of the police chief of Apodaca and his bodyguards, after they were killed.

He pointed to the location in the municipality of Juarez where skeletal remains were found two people. Domene specified that they already performed DNA tests corresponding to whether the remains are those of one of the missing.

Another crime with which he is associated is the murder of alderman of the PRD in the town of  Benito Juarez, Tomas Betancourt Gaitán, who was killed on July 30
Milton Alvarado Rojas

From the original story:  The police chief of Apodaca, a city in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, and 10 of his bodyguards were kidnapped over the weekend by gunmen, officials said. 

“We have 11 people missing in the city of Apodaca,” including police chief Milton Alvarado Rojas, Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz said in a press conference on Monday.

“We have a verbal report that was filed last Saturday. We are conducting an investigation,” the governor said, adding that he could not reveal any other information about the investigation. 

Three officers who served as bodyguards for Alvarado Rojas were kidnapped last Thursday, officials in Apodaca, a city in the Monterrey metropolitan area, told Efe.

One of the officers later called the chief and asked him to negotiate his release with an organized crime group at an address in the neighboring city of Juarez.

Alvarado Rojas went to the address on Saturday with seven other bodyguards to rescue the kidnapped officers and the group has been missing since then.

The latest kidnappings bring to 18 the number of police officers abducted this year in the Monterrey metro area by drug cartels.

Seven state police officers were kidnapped on March 12 in Guadalupe, another suburb of Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon.
José Valdez Perales 'La Vaca',
Furthermore, La Vaca, allegedly participated in the kidnapping and murder of the alderman of the PRD in the municipality of Benito Juarez, Tomas Betancourt Gaytan.
Tomas Betancourt Gaytan. PRD Coordinator
Two days before the elections on July 1; Municipal Councilman of Benito Juarez, Tomas Betancourt Gaytan who was local coordinator of Lopez Obrador's presidential campaign in Benito Juarez was kidnapped. There was a demand for 100,000 pesos.  He was found murdered with four bullets in his body on July 30th.

Sources: ExcelsiorVanguardiaBorderland Beat 

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21 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

No handcuffs just chillin with his hands in his pockets probably was released shortly after the mugshot

Anonymous said...

Observation in translation:

Municipios is the same as Counties. Just an observation, it would be much easier for the english readers to understand that municipios is the same as counties and NOT municipalities. I don't understand why BB reporters use the word municipalities instead of counties?


Anonymous said...

Havana. I know I'm naive but these guys seem to tell everything right away. What's in it for them??? Over here in the US they lawyer up asap. Or in the case of the twins they become informants, dumb idea on their part. I am 100% against anyone who poisons our kids and murders but I am really not understanding this. Thanks, great job. P.S. I hope people won't jump on me for asking, I'm fully aware that I'm clueless.

Anonymous said...

All these murders will be ,judged on judgedment day. Repent and be saved .

Anonymous said...

Because the policía ministeriales beat the confession out of them and they don't get to see a lawyer or their families until they confess. Okay most deserve it but imagine if they were innocent you never see trials or reporters outside the courts on Mexico so the system is obviously corrupt, but once these arseholes go to prison it's like a holiday for them so go figure. The whole law and judicial system needs revamping drastically.

Anonymous said...

hmmm i wonder why everyone hates the zetas?

Anonymous said...

Nothing in it for em they get threatened into giving up information or they get a beat down until you tell them what they wanna here

Anonymous said...

Prime example why religion is a tool to control the masses... Repent and be saved? Yeah I'm sure "god" has place for sicarios in his kingdom. I'm sure the people these fucks sent to heaven ahead of time are just dying to break bread with the guys that severed their head from their body, and robbed their families of time with them.

Good post

hammer time said...

Nombre mexico is al fed up!

Anonymous said...

No its not.the state is divided in municipios . municipio de Guadalupe, municipio de Monterrey etc. and its Chac Mol, not chac mool.

Anonymous said...

Just a word on some of the words.
Municipios is the same as Counties. Just an observation, it would be much easier for the the white english readers to understand that municipios is the same as counties and NOT municipalities.White people are always complaining about the spanish on here?Well learn it then instead of racist complaining.Would the US do the same?No just because it is Mexican they complain?

Anonymous said...

November 12, 2012 8:35 AM
"Municipios is the same as Counties"
"No its not.the state is divided in municipios"
Shut these fools up hermano,especially this panochas

Chivis said...

RE: The Municipios/municipalities is NOT county. I did not think so but to be sure I just called the chief of education in Zaragosa, Coahuila which is a municipio and she said definately not, it is just a city. But it is a city with a lesser population in other words small city.

The thing is Havana and I have had these discussions about which terms to use, such as elements etc and sometimes they do not directly translate to any noun we may have so it is best to use some of the common expressions.

Municipio or Municipalities is different than a ciudad or city in that is expresses it is a small town.....

my city is a ciudad, but zaragosa is a you know the difference.

Anonymous said...

I can tell that u didn't grow up in Mexico , so u don't know what u r talking about. I'm Regio and that's my state. it goes. state,municipio,ciudad. counties don't exist in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Some actually, want to learn, and others,well they want to be asnos forever.

Anonymous said...

@ Chac-mool
Dude,what is your problem?Why do you always want to argue about race for?I have seen some of your other comments and you were using racist insults in that?
Can't you just talk about the issues instead of racist rantings?Its sickening,i haven't saw any racial comments other than yours?Mexican or US?
Cant you stick to the point?Or go away?

Anonymous said...

@ November 12, 2012 2:45 PM The person who wrote this comment is using my signature so I'm not responsible for it. By the way it doesn't make much sense.

But anyways I live in Mexico and yes municipios is the same as counties for I also lived in the states and when translating certain words its not always translated the same sometimes you need to change the whole word for it to make sense as it is in this case. And its Chac-mool not Chac-mol!!!


Chivis said...

Hola Chac-moo
Me too! For 10 years, but I thought maybe I was wrong, clearly would not be the first time, but I checked, not only with a friend, but the regional NE Educational Director. Municipalities/municipios are not counties it is pure and simple the size of the town/city when you see that is is a low populated town. that is it. I wish it was not an issue to begin with but since it is I had to make sure of the facts.

About your signature. we have had issues in the past month of someone using the name of others, MP and Cristero are two that have written to me about it. I suggested not using their screen name for now....sorry, there is bound to be a pedo making an appearence in a large crowded room..:) let me know if I can help further

Anonymous said...

@ Chivis...

Thankyou for your feedback and I guess I'll have to check on that and yes your right it shouldn't be an issue but I see the word used commonly in BB reports so I thought maybe it needed to be corrected.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chivis said...


sorry my bloghole stalker has taken your name and the name of others in posting ignorant silly comments. Let me know if one gets thru and we will delete it...sorry folks.

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