Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Chief, 10 Police Officers Kidnapped in Nuevo Leon

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 |

Mayor Benito Caballero of Apodaca, Nuevo León

The police chief of Apodaca, a city in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, and 10 of his bodyguards were kidnapped over the weekend by gunmen, officials said.

“We have 11 people missing in the city of Apodaca,” including police chief Milton Alvarado Rojas, Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz said in a press conference on Monday.

“We have a verbal report that was filed last Saturday. We are conducting an investigation,” the governor said, adding that he could not reveal any other information about the investigation.

Three officers who served as bodyguards for Alvarado Rojas were kidnapped last Thursday, officials in Apodaca, a city in the Monterrey metropolitan area, told Efe.

One of the officers later called the chief and asked him to negotiate his release with an organized crime group at an address in the neighboring city of Juarez.

Alvarado Rojas went to the address on Saturday with seven other bodyguards to rescue the kidnapped officers and the group has been missing since then.

The latest kidnappings bring to 18 the number of police officers abducted this year in the Monterrey metro area by drug cartels.

Seven state police officers were kidnapped on March 12 in Guadalupe, another suburb of Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon.

Nuevo Leon and neighboring Tamaulipas state have been rocked by a wave of violence unleashed by drug traffickers battling for control of smuggling routes into the United States.

After several years on the payroll of the Gulf cartel, Los Zetas went into the drug business on their own account and now control several lucrative territories.

The cartels arrayed against Los Zetas blame the group’s involvement in kidnappings, armed robbery and extortion for discrediting “true drug traffickers” in the eyes of ordinary Mexicans willing to tolerate the illicit trade as long as the gangs stuck to their own unwritten rule against harming innocents.

Source: EFE

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15 Borderland Beat Comments:

J said...

CDG. It's apparent this fight is far from over for any of the parties involved. I definitely think the Gulf hits the Z's harder in their turf, then the Z's ever do in gulfo territory, but we will see.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement and bodyguards in Mexico are a joke! How in the hell can a police chief 'protected' by 10 so-called armed bodyguards get themselves kidnapped??? Has to be more to this incident than what we are reading.... Sadly, law enforcement is simply not that good in Mexico.

'lito'brito said...

what a do you kidnap ten armed men...after what i have seen here there is no fucking way i would go be skinned alive later...

first of all there is no way i would be a cop or body guard...i don't have the nerve

my absolute respect to the honest cops in Mexico...they have hearts of lions and nerves of steel...too bad they are losing..and along with that all of Mexico is losing

what a tragedy Mexico is ..and all most people in the world hear about is some fuckn shit about the middle east...

the moneylender controlled CNN and otra news sources have blacked out Mexico and are abusing with much violence the population into eventual acceptance of perpetual indebtedness

osama been loafin was a sick old man on a cane talking shit from an ass backwards country who most people can't even spell the name of or locate on a map...but he merits TEN YEARS of attention...

WHAT ABOUT LOS ZETAS ..who are taking over Mexico about sending our professional assassins after them?...

my wife crys from fear...i rage from impotent anger...

i wish BB had a cable news service to get the word out to all the world about what is happening just across the river...


Anonymous said...

According to the article, initially three bodyguards were kidnapped. One of them called the chief, in an attempt to negotiate their release. Instead, the chief shows up with seven more bodyguards in attempt to rescue the three that were being held but your right, that's a little ridiculous for the seven other bodyguards to be captured. They must have been greatly out numbered. If I was the chief, I wouldn't have attempted a rescue without a large element of the military supporting the effort. You can pretty much guarantee the chief of police position in Apodaca is now open...any takers?

Anonymous said...

Police affiliated with one gang or the other,all to soon get whacked by an opposing gang,so it goes in gangland Mexico.As to why the USA media has chosen to ignore Mexico it is beyond me. Crime gangs ruling Mexico is very bad news for the US, Mexicans are taking over the entire S W portion of the US,they bring with them a Questionable lifestyle high crime rate.Bottom line Mexicos problem is Americas problem.

Ardent said...

Brito, aren't you the one just a little bit anti-Jewish/ anti-Semitic traditional Far Right in your POV perhaps?

'the moneylender controlled CNN and otra news sources have blacked out Mexico and are abusing with much violence the population into eventual acceptance of perpetual indebtedness'

Translated from Brito speak, 'moneylender controlled' is the more pc fascist 'Jewish controlled' line of theirs in today's Far Right Winger world.

'The rich Jews are enslaving us! and blah blah blah...' Pretty sad stuff.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the general consensus here that the U.S. media is ignoring the events in Mexico. There has been plenty of coverage with what's been going on with regards to the Drug War. Especially, on the Texas side border towns' local media. Besides, what exactly are you expecting the U.S. Gov't to do about it, when Mexico only wants financial assistance along with training and equipment. I mean geez...the U.S. has been flying UAV Predator drones in Mexico for intel gathering purposes and some elements of the Mexican gov't threw a fucking "hissy fit." The Mexican gov't won't even allow U.S. Federal Agents to carry fucking weapons for self-defense, while working in Mexico. How fucked up is that! Bottom line the Mexican gov't doesn't want the U.S. to put "boots on the ground." There have been times the U.S. has supplied Mexican authorities with critical intel with regards to locations of top drug cartel members and the information was ignored.

I sympathize with the honest/innocent Mexican citizens, who have been affected by this nasty, out of control and violent environment the drug war has created but in order for things to change the Mexican gov't has to be purged of corrupt officials.

'lito'brito said...


the wealthy bankers control the government ...the government controls the press...and the press shapes the thoughts of the masses...

what part of this is incorrect?

funny how you never condemn the real culprits but yap endlessly about the puppets....

you are like a person who will kick the dog but excuse the owner who sics it on you

the news IS blacked out about Mexico in favor of events occurring thousands of miles away concerning the Islamic peoples primarily of the middle east...

what part of this is incorrect?

Mexico is steadily being destroyed whilst the American people are largely held in the dark about it



when it is all over Mexico will be a police state complete with heavy debt to the international banker cartel

this is my prognosis...for the veracity of this we will have to wait and see

think it over ..and go back to sleep

Anonymous said...

Fact: Mexico is a sovereign nation
Fact: Mexico has repeatedly declined offers of assistance from the US other than financial and intelligence
Fact: Mexican immigrants to the US (including illegals) have a lower rate of criminal activity than the general population per capita (there are some bad apples in the crowd, but most are just wanting a better life with better wages away from the crime)
Fact: Mexico has even resisted very strongly the label of "terrorist organizations" for the cartels because they fear the effect on tourism

Before you spout off, get the facts straight. As for you Ardent, I agree with your chastising of lito brito. Some good points in his argument and then he took a left turn to crazytown with the "moneylenders" stuff....

Anonymous said...

As far as gathering intelligence, the US is always slow and careful, compiling it, analyzing it to death, before anything happens. So. you can never tell cause, well, it's intelligence. Money laundering from Mexico to American banks has been (hopefully) stopped. There is definitely a news blackout regarding Mexico. Border reporting is also way down compared to a reasonably short while ago.

'lito'brito said...

to clarify..i never said jew...those words were cleverly ascribed to me as an attempt to poison the waters as to the truth of my statements...

we are conditioned like pavlovs dogs to respond in a negative manner to certain words and catch phrases...the shill is aware of that ...he is obviously in the employ of the the people he defends

turdent endlessly rephrases "translates .twists and misconstrues my posts

do those of you that label me "crazy " understand what our national debt is..and how we acquired it?

are you in debt? ...because the credit , inflation system functions to prevent you from ever saving enough money to make cash purchases for large item such as cars and major household items..stoves ..fridge etc.

this is what the war in Mexico is all about...transferring Mexico into a credit /debt economy
and as a sideline taking control of the lucrative drug trade

are you aware that under the taliban the poppy fields were cleared ...and after the US invasion they flourished

and it is the absolute truth that the big money interests control the press..if they are all of one sect be it me it wouldn't matter if they were frogs ..the truth still stands

150 miles from the US border there are hundreds of body being dug up...where is the constant update on CNN...

before you agree with the shill...ask questions and seek your own answers..i did ..and was really amazed at what i found...maybe you will as well

why is there so little CNN coverage of the 40,000 deaths in Mexico...and so much coverage of ?libya???...

there is a secret war being waged against the people of Mexico ..right under our noses and the vast majority of Americans no hardly anything about it

the invasion of carpetbaggers has already begun...and they will have money to lend ..when the time comes

Anonymous said...

May 4, 2011 6:20 AM "LITO BRITO"

'lito'brito said...


i agree ..they will not be allowed to flourish here it is sure that this is the major market...

it is a reality that the 60's liberal movement was intended to divide the USA..and it did ..and the social designers also built in the fail safe destruction mechanism of the drug culture to defeat the well intentioned

all part of the plan to incorporate the same drug addicted "liberal" pawns to finance and justify the eventual debt enslavement of Mexico

Mexico is going through a period of catharsis..the old order/disorder will be overturned and the final control will be implemented ..after this Mexico will thrive , after a fashion...

the "New Mexico" will be much more orderly, with less quality of life ...and the majority will be economically engaged sufficient to make their payments

religion ...designed to put the fear in the heart and enslave the soul and lull the person into a sense of sheep like false complacency whereby god will fix it and in the end justice will be done

glorified mob rule/demos cratis... to instill the illusion of freedom and enable the elevation of the incompetent to high level, there by defeating the efforts of any true evolutionarys and minimize and frustrate the minority of enlightened people

easy credit and debt... to inflate prices beyond the ability of a person to save money to make cash purchases and to perpetually enslave the body

control of all media ... to shape the thought patterns control the mind minds of the masses

mind +body+soul+politic= total control

this is Mexico's future...all that is occurring now is only the preliminary preparation

some of their pawns and shills are still vocal today, either paid to spread misinformation ..or unknowing ignorant dupes beating their tinny drums of distraction to mask the sound of the advancing machine

Anonymous said...

@ 10:17 Unless you have some substantiated facts to support your FACT #3 you need to shut up "before you spout off". I'm not talking about wikipedia.

Back it up or go away. You are in danger of joining the ranks of the ardents and the britos.

Layla2 said...

"Nuevo Leon and neighboring Tamaulipas state have been rocked by a wave of violence unleashed by drug traffickers battling for control..." Then why isn't the MX govt, military, fed police and whoever else has capabilities for TRAINING these officers/mayors etc. HOW to behave in these situations--why aren't they there doing it!!!

Supposedly USA has helped with money, equipment and training--why isn't this being put to use???

And these areas have not just been 'rocked by a wave' they have been hit like a bomb! YESTERDAY!

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