Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marisela Moreles: Violence Surge is From Zetas Split

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
Yesterday, on the Sinaloa narco mantas I included a short paragraph about the Morales statement as I had no time to create a post.  I will expand  that story in this post…Chivis.
At a national conference yesterday, the Federal Attorney General Marisela Morales casually dropped a bombshell when was asked about the surge of violence, she stated it was due to the split in the Los Zetas between Miguel Trevino (Z40) and Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano the two leaders.  This was not an announcement made of any official status, simply answering the question in an interview.  She credited the arrests of top cartel members who shared inside information as one of the sources of information. Possibly one would be Jorge Luis Martinez Rodriguez, known as “El Taz” of the Zetas arrested on August 9th..
One would think if the government knew this as fact they would have made an official announcement about the split and it being the cause of the new surge in violence.  It brings to mind the warning Alejandro Hope, formerly of the CISEN agency, he said that reports of infighting could be a government PSYOPS campaign to inject paranoia into the cartel.
There have been signs and rumors of a split since 2011, however the split scenario most spoken of is a potential infighting between Z40 and The Taliban. 
On August 6, 2012:
Narco banners  appeared in multiple states that rejected the notion that there was trouble or a division.  The English text read:
The Zetas are not dividing.
We are more united than ever against the blowhard informants
The division is just a cheap campaign of the informants.
United Zeta
more united than ever
"Real Democracy, No Reelection" B9223601*
 A BB reader had offered this about the text:
What they mean by democracy and no re election is that they have a good leadership structure and that the main boss is lazcano and he is the one that runs them, "B-9223601 that is similar to Lazcanos signature that number is the number that was assigned to Lazcano while being a GAFE".
On August 9, 2012:
In the capital city San Luis Potosi, in the state bearing the same name, within an abandoned van, 14 bodies were discovered There would have been 15 but one would be executed man survived by playing dead and escaping when his captors stopped for fuel.
The State Attorney General,  Miguel Garcia and the SSP agency announced there was a survivor that had escaped and gave a witness account of what had occurred. 
The victim stated that when he realized what was happening, he pretended to be dead, allowing the sicarios to throw him into the van with the other bodies. When he determined there was an opportunity to escape as the gunmen stopped for fuel, he fled to the mountains where he was subsequently helped by elements of the State Police.
It was through the witness account it was learned that there was a Zetas conflict between another Zetas boss, Ivan Velazquez aka Z50 or El Taliban and Trevino.  He reported the 14 bodies were Zetas killed by Zetas. Specifically Trevino’s sicarios had killed the men in the van and the executed were men loyal to Taliban.
The issue was said to have begun from a personal conflict and that there would be intense violence during the struggle and the stakes were leadership in the states of Coahuila (Laguna Region) Zacatecas, and SLP among others.  The "Taliban" is boss of the Zetas in Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi and part of Guanajuato, it was expected that a war struggle for control of drug trafficking turf would unleash as it had in SLP.
August 22, 2012
The cartel The Knights Templar, themselves a group formed by the result of infighting in the cartel La Familia Michoacán (LFM)  The KTs are former members of LFM and now its bitter enemies.  The fighting commenced after their leader Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, aka El Chayo was killed in a shootout with police in December 10, 2010.  The specific reason for the conflict is not known but mentioned often as a possible reason it the alliance formed by LFM with the Zetas.
On the 22nd a video was released narrated by KTs leader, Servando Gomez Martinez aka “La Tuta”. He emphasized Trevino being enemy number one to Mexico because of his brutal style of leadership and harming of innocents, and called on other cartels to help in the mission to find and destroy Trevino.

August 24, 2012:

It was reported that Miguel Trevino had sucessfuly gained leadership of the Zetas.
August 27, 2012:    
Marisela Morales in the interview at the national conference (kidnapping and extortion prevention) states that the Zetas have split in a conflict between Lazcano and Trevino.  It is known that the business structure of the Zetas is split, 50% of the business is drug trafficking, the other 50% is diversifications.  Supposedly Trevino handles the drug trafficking and Lazca diversifications.  It would seem there would be a pragmatic solution in a split since in essence it has always functioned with a split of business between the two leaders.
The statement was an unusual declaration seemingly out of the air and not attached to any big event or arrest.  Why give away your intelligence?  What would be the point? And what will the government do with this information, clearly if this is the case it would explain any large deployments into the areas expected to be ground zero as the war between the Zetas capos continues.
If there is a conflict between Trevino and Lazca, where does that leave EL Taliban, and the rival cartels?  For one the Knights Templar have the all-out campaign to destroy Trevino.  Not to mention the CDG the cartel formally allied with the Zetas. And then of course El Chapo and his Sinaloa Cartel (CDS).
 Incase this is not confusing enough, yesterday narco banners appeared denouncing any notion that CDS was in any way connected to CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Gang).  This took everyone by surprise and though the banners were signed “Sinaloa” it is yet to determine if or if not they are authentic, and what is said is true.
Just like everything else.