Friday, June 15, 2012

Zocalo Reporter Alive; Tweets and Speaks "My Son and I Are Fine"

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Two events transpired today regarding the disappearance of Stephania Cardoso, 30, and her 2 year old baby boy. She spoke to Zocalo and around 2PM tweeted that she is alive.

In her tweet she writes "Thank God we are fine, but we need help now. Our lives are at risk".
Cardoso spoke on audio which was posted on Zocalo de Saltillo on line. Her voice cracks with emotion as she delivers the message. She knows the feds are searching for her, but does not give details. She is asked by the reporter speaking to her if she can provide details as to what happened.  Cardoso said  that she has no protection, and in order to maintain their security she cannot give details of how events happened the day of her disappearance ..

She knows that many people are concerned for them, but for their safety she not can communicate with anyone nor her family. She asks the Federals of Mexico for protection not only for her and her son but for her family.. and thanks the people who are concerned about her.

                             (VIDEO HAS HER RECORDED TELEPHONE CALL)

In researching Cardoso's crime reporting, no reports of organized crime activity, or opinion, could be found tracing back to Jan of this year. Her reporting was the typical police reporting one would find in any city, traffic accidents, domestic violence, theft, and rape.

Reviewing her twitter page there was no overt comments about politics and none of organized crime.

For his part President Caderon took to Twitter to tweet a message that fortunately Cardoso and her young son were alive, and a note to Cardoso "you have the protection of PGR"

It was in the new year of January 2010 when another kidnapping of Zocalo reporters occurred.
Valentin Valdes Espinosa, 29, was abducted, then found shot to death in the capital city of Saltillo in the Northern Mexican state of Coahuila.
Valdes had just finished his work day at Zocalo de Saltillo and departed with two other associates of the popular Coahuila newspaper. It was shortly before 11 PM when the trio left the building. Conflicting reports stated that the three men were accosted downtown Saltillo when two SUVs intercepted them. Other reports say only two of the men were in the vehicle at the time it was intercepted. Whichever the factual account is, it matters little, for the undisputable fact remains in either case, that the young crime beat reporter was tortured, bound, gagged and killed by 5 bullets. His battered corpse was discovered the following day at the Motel Marbella, accompanying his dead body was a message
“This is going to happen to those who don’t understand. The message is for everyone."
Whoever was kidnapped with Valdes, either escaped, or was allowed go free, his name has never been disclosed.
At the time of his death Valdes was the third reporter killed in 2 weeks

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