Monday, June 11, 2012

60 People Killed so far in June

Periodico Noroeste. 6-11-12

60 People Killed so far in June

In the first 10 days in June there have been 60 homicides in 11 municipalities in the state.

CULIACAN (Sinaloa) . Last month there were an average of 4.9 homicides every day; but in June the number rose to 5.8 murders a day.

With the homicides committed this month, there have been 709 murders committed so far this year, and 2,617 from the day Governor Mario Lopez Valdez began his administration.

In the first few days of this month they killed the coordinator with the Federal Ministerial Police, a State Ministerial Police officer and a Culiacan Municipal Police officer.

Federal Ministerial Police commander Saul Carrasco Villa was abducted on Thursday, May 31, and was found a day later murdered and burned in Guamuchil.

On Tuesday, June 5, Officer Raul Castelo Salomon of the State Ministerial Police was murdered while he drank alcoholic beverages in Valle del Carrizo, in Ahome.

On Friday, June 8, in Culiacan, officer Cesar Geovany Ochoa Acosta with the municipal police was murdered as he arrived at his home in the Colonia 10 de Mayo neighborhood.

This year, 17 law enforcement officers have been murdered, of whom 11 were municipal police officers, 5 were members of the State Ministerial Police, one was a member of the State Preventive Police and one was with the Federal Ministerial Police. [Note: The story specifies 17 homicides, but the numbers given add up to 18.]

Last Saturday, in the Badiraguato municipality on the border between Sinaloa and Durango, three minors and four adults were ambushed. The young men were attacked by gunfire while they were on an unpaved road in a pickup truck.

Of the 60 homicides committed this month, 24 were perpetrated in Culiacan, 11 in Ahome, 7 in Badiraguato, 5 in Mazatlan, 3 in Guasave, 2 in Salvador Alvarado and Juan Jose Rios, 2 in El Fuerte, and one each in the towns of Navolato, Sinaloa, Choix and Mocorito. [Note: Again, the story specifies 60 homicides but the numbers given add up to 58. One likely explanation is that there were two homicides each in Salvador Alvarado and JJR. This interpretation is consistent with other reports from these areas.]