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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nine suspects now being held in sister city cop murder case

Nine suspects now being held in sister city cop murder case

Mexican authorities say they have now detained nine people in connection with the murder of two police officers in Nogales, Sonora.

The suspects, who include eight men and woman ranging in age from 21 to 46, are all drug traffickers from the state of Sinaloa, the Sonora State Investigative Police (PEI) said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the PEI said it had arrested seven people for the murder of Raúl Suárez Gabriel, 35, and Faustino Gil Castelo, 41, but did not release any information about them.

Suárez Gabriel was the deputy police chief in Nogales, Sonora and Gil Castelo was a member of the PEI stationed in the border city. The officers reportedly went to a home in the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood early Sunday morning in search of 40-year-old Laureano García Arellanes, alias “El Popeye” or “El Prisciliano,” who was wanted for murder in Sinaloa.

After the officers located García Arellanes outside the home, the PEI said, a group of people rushed from the house and shot them repeatedly. The men then took the policemen’s bodies approximately 40 miles south and dumped them at a hillside mine outside the city of Imuris.

The PEI said that following the murders it detained seven of the suspects, who confessed to their involvement and led them to the bodies on Monday night. The agency did not say how or when it detained the original seven suspects, or the two additional detainees added to the list Wednesday.

García Arellanes was among the suspects named in Wednesday’s news release, and a mug shot shows him with his head wrapped in a bandage and blood stains on his shirt.

In addition to the suspects, the PEI said it seized four guns as evidence: two 9 mm pistols, a .380-caliber pistol and a .22-gauge rifle. It also seized seven vehicles, including a gold-colored Mercedes Benz with Arizona license plates.

Suárez Gabriel was named deputy police chief of Nogales, Sonora in late August 2010, joining the municipal force at the same time as Chief Luis Manuel Lugo Duron.

Lugo Duron was appointed to replace former chief Miguel Angel Vasquez, who abruptly resigned on Aug. 13, 2010 after only 255 days on the job, citing health problems. Vasquez’s deputy chief Adalberto Padilla Molina – Suárez Gabriel’s predecesor – was gunned down along with a bodyguard outside a Nogales, Sonora shopping center in March 2010.



  1. Jesus the Moose USMCSeptember 15, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    Those clowns look like the TSG's Friday round-up.

  2. I did not know the cartels were now recruting the Taliban, guy on lower right side is wearing a diaper on his head, lol..

  3. Why is Sonora so quiet? I swear you never hear about Sonora.An agreement between chapo and beltranes has to be the case,I mean why else has vilolence dropped or why are we not hearing about whats going on in Sonora!!! my guess is Beltrans are the top dogs in Sonora because if Chapo controlled Sonora it would of been all over the news.

  4. I read something about that, an agreement between Beltran's and Sonora, but it was a comment on another forum which I translated, and basically all I got was there was an agreement. But, earlier this year 5 Beltran's were gunned down in Mexicali. This isn't Chapo/Sinaloa propaganda, but Sinaloa is said to control that whole border area, Aqua Prieta, Nogales, Mexicali, etc. Sinaloa product is routinely seized in these areas.

    The Beltrans have that same mountain area in Tubutama that they had last year, according to all available sources. If anyone knows different, let the board know.

  5. Sonora is quiet because el chapo controls all of it....beltranes control only a small region called cerro prieto which is 20-30 minutes from the border...other than that el chapo is in control

  6. 8:01 Thats straight bullshit.What happened to el macho prieto in puerto penasco?Why did he and his men run like bitches when the Beltran convoy moved in on them killing a couple of them,thats when the rumor of him dying spread out.Caborca,Cananea,Nogales,Puerto Penasco es un hormiguero si la gente viene aqui a informarse,asi es que no digan babosadas el chapo no controla sonora, si tiene mucha gente pero tambien los beltran.

  7. Pues yo no se mucho de como esta por todo el estado pero en Nogales se rumora que el lider de la plaza es un tal Fausto meza,que esta con los beltran otro dicen que es del chapo,y otros dicen que trabaja independiente.

  8. seguramente los beltran andan tienen ke andar robando gallinas en tubutama pa poder comer

  9. 9:30 haha finally i hear somebody say that!all of these people always sound proud like if they were a part of sinaloa and talk so highly about them, like yea chapo controls this and that.So yea 8:01 what do you have to say about that?Stay on topic!!Hurry up and look it up!

  10. These sicarios have been trained by the US military dont be fooled!

  11. 10:20 cuanto te pagan por andar mamandoselas alos dedos akeyos?porke te enojas tanto ke eyos te dan de comer?

  12. Ahora resulta que los dedos son los beltran?No te digo como hay gente ignorante,si hasta el mismo hijo del mayo lo dijo,que su papa y el chapo son dedos,mejor dicho,ratas. Asi es que a quien le creo al hijo del mayo o un ignorante como tu @11:26. No pues se me hace que al hijo del mayo le creo mas,nose porque jaa.


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