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Ascensión Chihuahua Police Force Resigns After Drug-Gang Attacks

Friday, August 5, 2011 |

The entire police force of the northern Mexican town of Ascension has resigned after two cops were killed in attacks by organized criminals earlier this week, officials said.

After the 26 members of the force handed in their badges, Mexican soldiers and state and federal police began patrolling that small rural town in the border state of Chihuahua, state Attorney General Carlos Manuel Salas said.

“At this time, the army, the Federal Police and (Chihuahua’s state police force) are there. We’re after the people who committed these regrettable crimes,” Salas said at a press conference, referring to the police slain on Tuesday.

Ascension Mayor Jaime Dominguez Loya, for his part, said efforts will be made over the next few weeks to reconstitute the municipal police force with the help of state law enforcement.

Organized crime gangs have carried out a series of attacks over the past week targeting police in Ascension, located in a region controlled by the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

Chihuahua state, which borders Texas and New Mexico, has been the hardest hit by a wave of organized crime violence in Mexico, accounting for about 30 percent of the more than 40,000 drug-related killings nationwide since late 2006.


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31 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

The Mexican military needs to overthrow Calderon and then invite the US military in and kill every single narco bastard in Mexico and allow the good people to rebuild the country! If ANY of those scum are left alive the same things are going to continue as long as they are breathing air, I am talking the entire narco family structures that have been in place for decades needs to be exterminated from Mexico by any means necessary!

Why are there not tanks rolling through Sinaloa smashing ALL of the narco mansions? Why do they allow the Torres family to function right out in the open for years now? Why has Mexico allowed so few to ruin the entire country? It makes no sense at all and I am getting so sick and tired of watching this bullshit play out day after day after day, either shit or get the "F"'k off the pot already!

The Mexican government knows exactly where all of the top narco bosses are located so for them to act as if they just can not find them is a slap in the face to intelligent people everywhere. They have there heads so far up Chapos ass that they can not see any further and it is really pathetic!

The narcos have once again manipulated the government like the retarded step child that it is into thinking that if they just eliminate the "Z"'s everything will be just fine and that is B.S. they are being played for fools just like every other time they have been mentally bitch slapped by Chapo and CDG.

They are ALL equally as bad for Mexico and this game they keep playing with Chapo and CDG and all the rest of the psychopathic retarded cartels is a waste of good men, time and resources and is only going to drag this madness out even longer! The Mexican military is being used as sicarios for Chapo and CDG etc... PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep saying bring the U.S into Mexico to fight the cartels? The U.S has been protecting Sinaloa and arming them? What makes you think the U.S govrnment is moral? The american people are but the government ( CIA,FBI,DEA,ATF,DOJ,NSA, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT SENATORS AND ALL OF CONGRESS) are more corrupt than 300 el diego's. The harder it is for the drugs to get in the U.S, the more they cost which means the more they ALL make at the end of the day. Not all the employeescthat work for the government are corrupt, only the leadership is.

Anonymous said...

@11:36 Dont let your emotions get the best of you. It is clear that you are fed up with this war and you don't even live in the country where it is being waged, so how do you think that we who actually live in this country feel.

I will tell you something any Mexican who would invite the US to incur into national land for the expressed purpose of eliminating the drug mafia is extremely out of touch with reality being that a primary reason for this whole war is the culture in the US that makes it extremely easy to buy a joint, a rock, a ballon, or a hit of X, while at the same time facilitate the procurement of weapons at the gun shop or at the gun fair. This has been going on for ages (read the 60's, the 70's , the 80's) even before Mexican Cartels came to power.

As you may recall the US practically eliminated the Carribean pipeline that flooded the streets of Miami and beyond with Colombian cocaine. Well once this occured it was impossible for the Columbian Mafia to just push aside the array of Mexican Cartels already established trafficking through Central America and they decided to evolve their relationship into what exists today. The difference is that Mexico is next to the US hence a bigger US security risk and an even bigger media headache if, as they have things should go wrong in any policy.

So the answer to you question is another question. What do you think would happen if the U.S. would have an open invitation to quell the violence in Mexico. Well it would be very sloppy to begin with, just look at what is happening now in Mexico and how sloppy things have gotten for the US and Afghanistan. Its war, there are no rules in war. That would be a perfect storm for Mexicans since millions would flood the border seeking asylum, just like thousands did when El Salvador wnet through its war with US assistance. How would you offer that the US deal with millions pushing the fences to get out of Mexico. You would probably say "Let the military shoot them on site if they try to get in to our beloved USofA." eeeh...wrong answer, since that would be the same military shooting at the very same Mexicans that had invited them into their country to eliminate a certain scourge and now it turns out that becasue things got so sloppy and this time the US is deirectly responsible now you will not accept responsiblity for the millions of displaced Mexicans who run the risk suffering the wrath of hunted Cartel henchmen and assasins.

If, on the other hand, you would be more benevolent, and say "Why invite our brethren into our bountiful land the good ole USofA" then why the hell did you kick so many of us out in the first place, you would have saved many of us the trouble of travelling so many damned kilometers just to end up in the same place, the US. Additionally you would have spared many their lives because as soon as they hit Mexican soil they were picked by the cartels and either brainwashed or forced to work for a cartel or just face a lifelong battle not only for reintegration into Mexican society but also a daily battle to just get enough money to buy some beans and tortillas.

So while your essay is great on the one hand it lacks the perspective that would make it a Pulitzer prize effort. Well, while were at it anyone sees the failure in logic because you only consider what is beneficial to you and place everything else in a vacuum in hopes that their is no dynamic and all of your objectives will be resolved.

Be glad that I have opened your eyes to wider reality as now you can amend it to you list of things to consider when offering a resolution to a bloody civil war right across the border from my country, one that I have no business bashing since the US is partially responsible for setting the conditions for this war to rpolong itself.

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep thinking that the us needs to help mexico fight their battles. Bc there is so much demand here for drugs? Bc we supply the guns? Where is mexicos border patrol? We stop illegals and drugs from crossing the border so why doesn't mexico stop the flow the other way around. There is a fundamental problem called corruption that nees to be dealt with in mexico at all levels before any real change can take place. Start paying your police a good salary and give them the proper training and benefits like cops on this side enjoy and watch them start doing their job. Also id you really think most of the guns are coming through the us u are fucked. Mexican cartels ship in tons of cocaine from colombia a country that has been at war for the past 40 something yrs. That country is floded with guns so why not look at them for the cartels supply of guns. They ship tons of cocaine so why not ship in tons of weapons. Stop blaming others for the violence that's a byproduct of decades of looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

So with whos money are we going to go and 'kill the cartels'? Yours? We were close to defaulting on some of our debts and now some retards just want to go and hemorrhage out even more money that WE DO NOT HAVE?

Anonymous said...

@232 great post

'L 'B said...

yeap..the us government is not representative of the people ..who are for the most part decent people..

the government on the other hand is controlled by avaricious, greedy moneylenders who will stop at nothing to increase profit

for the USA to become involved militarily would be a disaster...resulting in making heroes and patriots out of every stinking narco in Mexico

the best way we as Americans can help is to deal with our own mess and secure our own borders contraband in...drugs contraband out guns etc...

the Mexican and American people are natural friends and are the governments of both countries...both engaged in taking all that they can from their respective citizenry

if both governments cooperated in policing the would stop the flow through Mexico into the USA overnight...but as we all know... there is too much money involved to do that

my opinion anyway

DFL said...

The entire police force of the northern Mexican town of Ascensithe has resigned
26 members of the force handed in their badges,

Now thats a bunch of chicken shit coward, pussies. They dropped thier guns because they were to gutless to stand and defend thier families and homes. Thats pure shit!!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys read the article about the US helping the sinaloa cartel out. That's some bulls*** even our own government is sold out. They just don't show it as much as Mexican government.

Anonymous said...

Why does America go and attack libya but does nothing about this. Mexico is our neighbours this is heading to the us fast.

DFL said...

In Lybia we went in to help out a group of supressed people who took on thier corrupt goverment and had the balls to do so, unlike the cowards who threw down thier guns, "then run away screamming, "Hey you watch for us". Sorry, the U.S. is not going to wipe Mexicos ass with out them at the very least flushing thier own toilet!!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah what a bunch of misinformed, misguided people (except DFL gets in right mostly) talking tough on the fucking internet. You're nearly as bad as the Mexicans - no mames, no mames, puto, pendejo, mierda, chinga tu madre, no chinga la tuya and on and on.

'L 'B thinks US people are decent "for the most part". Why thank you 'L'B what a nice, condescending thing to say. Anon 5:27 goes around the block a few times and tells us we should be glad he has opened our eyes. To what 5:27, have you opened our eyes? Mexican sense of entitlement? And finally, Anon10:28 reveals his ignorance of current affairs for all to see in two short sentences.

I do despair.

ajulio said...

Good comment lito.

The U.S. gov. Is not representative of the people. I agree, but its the people who vote them in. I believe that it's our soldiers who are the perfect representatives of our country.

The U.S. government has a lot business going on with mexico that we don't even know about. Maybe that's the problem. Had we not given mexico all of the military arms, this war would have not been as dangerous.

I think we should send military to the border cities only, especially juarez. On Saturday, they closed the americas bridge in juarez because there were more police shootings. They've been shooting at the police in juarez a lot.

But the U.S. does need to get it's shit together first before we can help other countries.

Anonymous said...

Can we all agree Mexico is fucked? I mean how long is it going to take us all to realize this? We put so much hope and interest in their government, in their military, their federal forces, their police, even side with some 'benevolent' cartels that all it really shows is how brainwashed we've become by all these articles, all these mind-numbing images. One thing the media, both the Mexican and the American never even mention, as well as the underground press, is the idea of Revolution. Real Revolution. I'm talking about a mass uprising where the culprits (government and citizenry) are dragged out onto the streets and either lynched or tried in a new court of real law, and made an example to all future corruptors of the land that this has got to stop. I see we've been transformed back to the age of the Aztecs when they ruled using psychological terror on its citizens by way of their blood sacrifices. Nothing has changed, the people are still spiritually and mentally enslaved. They still gravitate towards the blood-stained pyramids in hopes of catching a glimps of the next offering to the Gods, albeit in the form of a fallen sicario followed by a long list of empty promises and hopes. The idea of Revolution needs to be implanted in the minds and hearts of the people as a real possibility. With or without the help of the military, one way or another, victory over these suppressors must be the ultimate goal. You can achieve it if you really want it but you must move, you must become active. If people can do it under occupation then you can do it considering the little freedoms you still have.

Anonymous said...

Start the Revolutioning in your own Country, we see how it works out for you and if we agree ,then we Revolutioning in our country, fair enough? Chop Chop Gringos!

Anonymous said...

DFL...Before you jump the gun and call them cowards, think about it. I would rather be alive and helping my family get the hell out of there then dead knowing what will happen then. Remember, a lot of these small forces share their weapons. They hand their 38 over to the next guy on shift. They make what $400 to $600 a month. And a cartel kills 2 of your fellow officers and probably shows up with 12 trucks or more with 4 to 6 sicarios in each truck. They all have AK 47s and a couple have bazookas. WTF can they do with 8 38s between 20 of them. Grab some shovels I guess. Before you get out of hand calling them cowards, put yourself in their shoes. If they are taking the town no matter what, why die?

Two weeks ago near Monterey an armed force disarmed the entire police force. At a race track near Chihuahua, a large group of men disarmed all the security their and the Mayor was there. They killed a driver. Sometimes when you get thrown down on, you have to drop the pistol and raise your hands. Even John Wayne did it. If they would have fought, would it have benefitted them any or would they be just another cop killed on a long list.

My hat is off to the cartel for not finishing them off anyway. Damn Zetas would have. Sometimes common since prevails.

Anonymous said...

5:04 PM...This gringo hears you. We in US need to start a revolution against our elite that are ripping us off, farming our jobs to other countries, and not paying a dime in taxes. We need to go after the politicians supporting them. And we need to put business men in office, not religious right baby kissers that suck us dry and do whatever the elite ask. The US is merely 2 steps ahead of Mexico and is on the fast track to becoming a 2 class system like Mexico. I wonder if we will be called a third world nation then as "we" speak of other countries now? It's not far off brother !!!!!!!

90% of the income in the US is made by the top 2%. That doesn't leave much for us 98% does it. That is a crime and we in the US need to stand up, raise hell and make sure they tax the fuck out of those greedy bastards because George W. Bush made sure they didn't have to pay taxes and gave them incentives to send jobs to other countries.

Yes, revolution, on our own soil. I want my son to enjoy the great middle class of the USA. But Congress, the Senate, the elite, all think that isn't necessary because they need more for themselves. The US is very financially and philosophically ill, and it too has no leadership capable of turning it around. Maybe that is why we have such good ideas for Mexico. Then we don't have to look at our front porch.

Anonymous said...

Mexico is in dire need of a revolution.

Anonymous said...

They should just let the Cartels operate and leave 'em alone. It's good for the U.S. economy and the Mexican economy. "A little coke money don't hurt anybody"

Anonymous said...

@August 6, 2011 8:42 PM

Wow an American with some common sense! Thank you! You are a good person, who knows what they are talking about!

Anonymous said...

Texcoco Mex said

DFL In Lybia we went in to help out a group of supressed people who took on thier corrupt goverment and had the balls to do so. DFL are you in the military? Have you ever been on a war? You said unlike the cowards who threw down thier guns.... have you ever been on a shoot out?

Well I have seen more than two shoot outs first hand and it is not a walk in the park, I don't know if you remember wen the north hollywood shoot out happen but only two criminals were able to make more than 16 cops run for their lifes and after on a interview the police said that they were willing to let the criminals go if they want it too. After this incident more than two police officers resigned.

Anonymous said...

9:41 PM...Thanks...keep this in mind...The US has a lot of returning soldiers from Iran and Afghanistan. They are young and impressionable. Some honestly believe that the war they participated in can be won. Other see problems in Mexico and want to fix it the only way they know how. Others are want to be soldiers that try to impress others with talk. They are young and not main stream US. Deep down, we "know" we cannot afford another war. This is why we are trying to put band aids on Mexico and hope for the best.

The US is in deep turmoil because it bought so deeply into the "war on drugs" criminal justice philosophy and our politicians got elected on get tougher on crime policy. Currently it is still taboo for a politician to even mention another direction but as our economy continues to fail, we will have to get radical with ideas for change. We can no longer afford to lock up crack addict and small time dealers supporting habits. We can no longer afford federal state and local agencies that layer and duplicate each other. Our legal system should not cost us 40% of what it does, this is a crime too.

Anonymous said...

I walked in an auto parts store in Juarez Mexico in 2007 3 days after 3 police officers were killed in the parking lot and there commander taken hostage. It was unbelievable. I counted 120+ large caliber bullet holes just in the cinder block face of the building and the 6 large glass front windows had been replaced. There is no way of knowing how many bullets went through them but I would guess 200 more. The metal frames and the door frame were gnarled with bullet holes and the metal holes radiated how helpless all those innocent people and police officers must have felt when 3 suburbans full of men with AK 47 from the Sinaloa Cartel opened fire on everyone. It was a breathe taking and humbling reality to what these people know could happen everyday. An officer stood guard, and smiled sheepishly at me as to say if they come back, I am running. The clerks showed me where they hid. These cops in this small town did what they were suppose to do.

Hell DFL, take your 38 and go get them, not me. These cops in this small town did the only thing they could do, run.

Anonymous said...

Mis Amigos Mexicanos its useless trying to convince gringo gabacho know-it-alls whether they are liberal Hillary Clinton ball lickers or right wing I-bend-over-for-GWBush-anytime closet homo sapien wannabees. Just read their comments and realize that nothing you try to make them understand will penetrate that think numbskull egomaniacal selfrighteous shell of a true human being of theirs. Just go back to blogdelnarco and get your kicks mentando madres y la chingada and leave the pseudo-quasi almost-is-but-never-will-actually-be smart talk to these self centered vicarious internet bloggers.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:10 it's not the legal system that's sinking the economy it's the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the reckless spending of the past 2 administrations. These simpleminded idiots that want to invade every country they think needs fixing don't know shit. BTW your clever words are not clever - listen to yourself.

The US needs to get out of these wars NOW. Bin Laden is dead, Iraq is hopeless and Pakistan and Afghanistan should be fixed by their neighbors. The US should help Mexico in ways Mexico requests - NOT with boots on the ground but with resources, intel, money and a fucking understanding of the problem from the Mexicans point of view.

Anonymous said...

And what are you 137 if not full of shit? What do you stand for as you sound like you got everybody all figured out? You seem to be so good at pigeon-holing everyone with an opinion, come now preytell what are you all about? All you showed us in that little rant of yours was that you're a douchebag. And for all you talking shit in spanish don't forget we MexicanAmericans posting here are not all gringos so fuck off with your generalizations.

Anonymous said...

"The US should help Mexico in ways Mexico requests - NOT with boots on the ground but with resources, intel, money and a fucking understanding of the problem from the Mexicans point of view."

YOU must be smoking that new kind of crack. The mexicans don't want our help. According to them they got it all under control. What makes you think they want our help? Resources - I think those rich mexicans got plenty of that so no, uh-uh. Intel - Uh, wrong again, they know exactly who's who and what's what. Money - Hell no, since when has Mexico given me any money? A Fucking Understanding - According to them we will never understand it because we don't live over there. See the problem with most people is that when they see a homeless bum they automatically feel sorry for him or her to the point of feeling they have to give out a hand-out or help. What they fail to see is that that bum has gotten used to recieving hand-outs from everybody and will never resort to helping him or herself except to another hit of the pipe. The people down south need to open their eyes to the fact that they're destroying themselves. All that finger pointing is gonna get them nowhere.

Anonymous said...

1:37 PM...Last I heard Borderland Beat was based in the US. The drug problem is international and lots of people are very interested in it. The cartel war is merely a sideshow circus for the real players involved in the trade. Your El Chapo is merely a puppet for the real players. I'm willing to bet if Mexico was taken out of the picture, and it could be fairly easily, the drug business wouldn't miss a beat. The reason, Mexico is the middle man. Their actual production quality is very very poor. The heroin is low grade and the marijuana is bunk. Trust this, just as the DEA and CIA stopped trafficking from Columbia, they could do the same with Mexico.

Your arrogant comment struck a nerve with me. Some tend to lean toward legalization on this site and that is just fine. I personally think this is the true answer. Others express the need for US intervention to stop the crime and violence on the innocent of Mexico. It would be nice to see those things stop. Just because you can articulate that you can label people as GW Bush or Hillary Clinton supporter doesn't mean you know your ass from a hole in the ground about who is really commenting on this site.

That is my only complaint about this site. Their is always some jerk lurking and waiting to crawl up someones ass about their post. Rather than doing it respectfully, they like you do it through personal attack. You sir are a jack-ass and bring nothing positive to this forum. Go, go to blogdelnarco and chat about the putos, punks, balls, and asses. Their info is good, the chat is horrible. You won't be missed. See you in the funny papers.

'lito'brito said...

@ August 7, 2011 8:20 PM AMEN ..

Anonymous said...

8:20 the comment wasnt meant for you but you obviously like other "americanos" will jump at the chance to vicariously "hit" on anyone that posts a sensicle-popsicle comment

Anonymous said...


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