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Vehicle Stopped by the Military with Bodies in the Trunk

Friday, July 22, 2011 |

In the community is Santa Monica, in the town of Juarez, Nuevo Leon, the military detected a suspicious vehicle, that accelerated when they saw the troops. The vehicle was intercepted and the three occupants were questioned. One of the occupants was a former police officer.

The military conducted a search of the vehicle and in the trunk they found two men that had sings of being tortured. The victims had their hands tied behind their back with duck tape. One man was dead but the other man was still alive, however, despite the effort of the military in rendering aid, the man also died at the scene.

The three suspects said they were looking for a place to dump the bodies and were just following orders from their bosses. The suspects apprehended were identified as former police officer Martín Arriaga Chavarría 46, as well as Jesús Emmanuel Cárdenas Duelos 25, and Hilario Francisco Rodríguez Rodríguez 38.

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6 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Just following orders from their bosses. Great. Next thing they will say is the devil made them do it.

Anonymous said...

Shit, if I was in mexico I'd say I had no idea they were back there...for realz, what would they do to me? Release me in two weeks instead of one?

Anonymous said...

The boss , the devil it's all the same, humm a former cop nice trade off I bet he wished he had his old job back now.

Anonymous said...

how come suspects often talk so willingly? are they tortured first?

Anonymous said...

here is what i think...maybe the deal went bad, the military took the money from the drivers, the victim in the trunk could've survived, but the military finished him off in the trunk, just to avoid having any witnesses...because with the men in the trunk dead, it is the military's word against the word of a "former" police officer and the other "thugs"

Anonymous said...

Should had shot them on site. Murdering scum.

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