Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Zetas Fall in Hidalgo

Monday, April 11, 2011 |

Law enforcement of the Public Security Ministry of Hidalgo apprehended 10 members of the criminal organization known as Los Zetas, as confirmed by the authorities.

Thanks to an operation implemented during the weekend in the town of Tulancingo, security forces came upon a safe house belonging to Los Zetas, where they were able to arrest Juana Angélica Guerrero Torres, aka; Seidi, 33, her boy friend El Comandante Molo, Who is drug chief of the plaza.

In this action they also managed to arrest Shaolin Sobrado Villegas, aka El Coreano, 34, who was the driver and bodyguard of Angelica. He also was responsible for hiring prostitutes to service his boss, El Comandante Molo.

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16 Borderland Beat Comments:

GrandeGoatHorn said...

Arresting them is a complete waste of time, Mexico doesnt have the resources to manage all of these criminals in prison so what do they think they are going to do with them all?

I still say until they start killing or capturing the "big fish" in my opinion they are just playing footsies with the cartels...For the four years since Calderon has declared war on the cartels Chapo has just been laughing at him... Why havent they taken him down? Until then I look at everything that is being down with an eye of suspicion...-Grande Goat Horn

Anonymous said...

shoot on sight, all of them.. anyone that kills kids does not deserve life

Anonymous said...

Me too, I'm tired of hearing they arrested people. You never hear that they get convicted. Where are those stories? All you ever hear is how dozens are later released for "lack of evidence".

Anonymous said...

These cartels are more powerful than the Mexican Government. I can't remember which one it was but one of the founding kingpins of the Guadalajara Cartel got busted many years ago and he offered to pay Mexico's national debt for his freedom. That is strong! Does anyone remember who that was?

Look at it like this. In any given neighborhood in Juarez, how many people there are hawks, sicarios, gang members, dealers, or actual cartel members in a neighborhood of 2000? (85)? This is their means of employment. Now, how many police officers or military personnel do you see in that neighborhood? (0-2)? And then is the cop or military part of the cartel? Probably. Most everyone in Mexico is connected in one form or another even if it is just a family member. So, "do you just shoot on sight"? A neighborhood of 2000 people, do you kill 150 of them? Next, do you kill their brother to keep him from retaliating? What about his wife? Uncle?How many people do you want their military to kill if they could really pull it off outnumbered and out gunned? There is too many arm chair warriors here with very little knowledge of what is really going on.

The violence and wars between cartels is not a sign that Calderon is winning this war. It is evidence that he is losing control and he is desperate. PAN and Calderon are in bed with the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels. They are the chosen currently. Mexico has supported a chosen major cartel for years. PAN is out in 2012 across the board. The PRI will take over in 2012 and the PRI will take it all back. I do look for Calderon to sell his partner out (El Chapo) near the end of his term in an attempt to "win the war." That is how dirty politics happen. The cartels and PRI will negotiate a peace.

When a truce is agreed on, things will change. Mexico will go back to something like it was. But this war has damaged 2 generations of people and there are a lot of people with lots of anger, and many more with severe trauma. I'm getting the feeling that some of this battling between cartel is to purge themselves of employees they will no longer need when peace does come. I also believe that cartel leaders are fingering people in their own cartels to purge costs too.

There is no way a "war on Drugs" will ever be won in Mexico or for that matter the US. I am ready for the PRI to take over in 2012, thumb their nose at the US and their bullshit financial assistance and get back to business and negotiate peace in what is Mexico's number 1 and number 2 businesses(drugs and tourism).


Anonymous said...

@April 11, 2011 10:50 PM

Thats the problem with Mexico so many Mexicans are OK with having the cartels running free like they always have, that attitude is total insanity... YES they ALL need to be killed, sister, brother, mother, uncle if they are a member of a criminal drug cartel spreading cancer throughout Mexico as well as the rest of the world they need to be exterminated like the vermin that they are... Its like and deadly cancer virus and to say that Mexico will just go back to the way things were before Calderon took office and for anyone to actually support that notion is ludicrous and insane! Thousands and thousands of lives have been lost are you saying that you support that being all for nothing? If what you say does happen I the U.S. I am sure will have to finish the job, its pathetic that the Mexican military can not take care of the cartels on their own...

Anonymous said...

April 11, 2011 10:50 PM

Its people like you that bring shame on Mexico and its people, I cant wait until you thumb your nose at the U.S. and the Marines come into Mexico, then we will see then how it all plays

Anonymous said...

That was rafael caro quintero

Anonymous said...

The woman looks cute but if she's a Zeta then she's no doubt crazy.

Anonymous said...

I have a question? Why is it that we never hear about any Trials or prosecution in the courts in Mexico of all these people that have been arrested? Are they confined or just fined and let go? There never seems to be any follow up on the arrests.

Matanzas said...

@ TRC,

you are right, this the way -the only way- a newly elected PRI government can retake control over this civil war. Repartir las plazas.

But your point on the damage made to 2 generations is the one that will require the most attention, there are tens of thousands of kids now in street gangs, preying on their neighbors. What will happen with them? A reconciliation and amnesty in the African way? Eradication by the chosen remaining cartels?

The problem is that MX lacks an appropriate judicial system to process and detain criminals and has no work opportunities for those who chose to leave the gang life style.

Now that they have tasted easy money, drugs and power, predation on the weaker will continue. I don't believe they will accept to go back carrying 60 lbs cement bags, 10 hours a day, seven days a week for a lousy 50 bucks a week. Probably more blood will bleed from more narcofosas. A lost generation.

Anonymous said...

I say arrest every member of the immediate family - wives, kids, brothers, sisters, parents. Every one of them benefits from the proceeds of crime and there is no way they are unaware of it with all the guns and guards involved.

And go after the money. Every questionable dime making it into US banks from Mexico should be treated as if it is part of laundering.

Get their families and their money and you cut them off at the knees.

If we just arrest the drug lords, they live a cushy life in prison and usually get freed.

Anonymous said...

@ April 12, 2011 12:05 AM
"Thousands and thousands of lives have been lost are you saying that you support that being all for nothing?"


Anonymous said...

The problem in Mexico is that they are not protected by the 2nd we are in the US. Until you legally arm the citizens of Mexico this will never end. Our founding fathers knew better...IMO

Anonymous said...

No prosecution ,because very few Mexican lawyers will work they are lazy and incompitent,the judiciary leaves too much discretion in the hands of the judges ,who are influnced by criminals(they want to live),. Unless Mexico elects a new pro reform president,the whole rotten mess will quickly revert right back to what many Mexicans want ,a corrupt paracite of the US sucking off the US,no shame, no dignity, feeding off of the weak citizens of Mexico and anybody else stupid enough to set foot in the country. The people of Mexico have a choice, BUT I see them taking the easy one.

Anonymous said...

@ April 11 10:50 pm
im pretty sure yur talkin about the Sinaloa cartel..Miguel Gallardo Felix and Caro Quintero

Anonymous said...

What has me in shock is why doesn't the U.S get involved!!?? Instead of being in Afghanistan or wherever they are at they should be taking care of this! The only reason U.S doesn't get involved is because its not convenient for them without the drugs and shit there would be no ICE, DEA, AND ATF agents all that violence and drugs created jobs after all thats what the U.S wants. Its a shame that the U.S CAN do something about it but chooses not to. Shame on our government!!

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