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Acapulco Professor decapitated in front of wife

Friday, April 8, 2011 |

Wednesday afternoon, 42 year old Roberto Abarca Serna, a Social Science professor at the University Autonomous of Guerrerro and the founder of Carrizo Theater Company, was kidnapped outside his home in Acapulco by a group of armed gunmen.

The kidnappers called Abarco Serna's wife and demanded a $40,000 pesos ransom for his release. When his wife, Citlalli Delgado Galdino, took the money to her husband's kidnappers, she too was taken by force.

The kidnappers tied Ms Delgado to a chair and forced her to watch as they beheaded her husband.

According to State Public Secirity reports, just a few meters from Las Cruces Prison, the decapitated body of Professor Abarco was found in a blue and white Volkswagen Taxi. His wife was found sitting on a curb next the vehicle: bound, gagged and blindfolded, but physically unharmed.

Official sources stated a total 7 narco messages were found inside the vehicle and next to the body. Although the content of these messages has not been revealed, they were allegedly signed "El Chapo Guzman".

Roberto Abarca Serna was the son of the local business/trade leader Dalia Serna Tabares.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree, this is some sicko group trying to "HEAT UP" Chapos name just like they do plazas, after much thought and consideration on how to really cure this problem of psycho cartel killers, the only solution that would work (even though easier said than done) is for the mexican people to unite and protect themselves by any means neccesary, too many stories and daths prove this government cannot and will not help the innocents..

J said...

somethings wrong in Acapuloc, besides the obvious, I don't think these narco messages are legit. Someone trying to throw (more ) dirt on Chapo's name, and disguise their own activities. I have had a suspicion about a handful of these narco messages, since that first massacre in January.

DFL said...

El Chapo is a mud sucking , pig shit eater and a coward and a true Traitor to Mexico and this for sure is the way he operates, like a filthy common criminal that he is. A worthless animal who kills innocents and rapes children. This is indeed the work of that midget, dwarf!!!

Buela said...

You know "J " I agree..I have thought this for a while..I said as much in January...

This lady was "not physically" harmed...but brain fried for life

Anonymous said...

Here was my first thought on this though. El Chapo's ego is so over inflated that he thinks he can take on every cartel at the same time and beat them. Needless to say, he is losing in each of them. But this over inflated ego combined with 15 years of extreme cocaine consumption could lead to unpredictable acts.

A sociology professor is going to challenge students with controversial topic to make them think out of the box. Knowing this,and that the cartels and their effects on society, are going to be something that sparks creative thinking.

What if the professor said some derogatory statements about El Chapo and the information was filtered to one of his cells, then to him. Could someone with his ego be so cynical as to have a cell behead this professor in front of his wife. This sounded like a baited trap as low as the ransom demand was.

When it was predicted that he had the Juarez Plaza as soon as he cleaned up back in early 2010, There were a few professors and outspoken students killed. I'm just saying.

If someone else is doing this in his plaza, turn about is fair play as he has been shitting in everyone else's backyard for years. He could have ordered it done just as easy.

Anonymous said...

That poor wife to have to go through this. Freaking sucks...I was supposed to go to Aca again as I go many times per year and I'm really not going this time. Too much work going on here, but honestly the place is a ghost town these days and now the cartels just don't really seem to care who anyone is. I'd hate to be in the wrong bar, go for a walk after a few drinks and get grabbed....I've literally seen thugs cruising around in SUV's down there and you can smell the danger is time has gone by.

Does anyone think it will ever get better there?

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you,the life of this woman ended up at the moment they met these devilish people..

Anonymous said...

Piece of fat shit narcos. I would pay to be locked in a room with any two unarmed narcos.

Anonymous said...

Would BorderlandBeat readers be willing to organize a hispanic million-man-march against organized crime? This would be a chance to bring to light to the media the human right violations cartels inflict upon our people every time a child or a woman, even men are trafficked against their will. We need to show our solidarity with the people of mexico and let them know that we too, although perhaps not as severe, are suffering under similar threats to our livelihood. We need to attract the media' attention to the complexity of the issues; from drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, sex-trade, to murder. Like the people in Mexico, we too need to show our anger at how this affects people on both sides of the border and how up to know, none of the tactics seem to be working, how not just police in mexico is suspect but even their military and their political leaders have been found complicit. We cannot save face anymore and must admit to ourselves how deep corruption infests our law enforcement and political circles here in the U.S. Think about it, we could start with a regional march, say, one from McAllen to Brownsville and perhaps maybe one day one all the way to California. This is not a march for more military intervention in mexico, or for more money in corrupted hands, but a call to wake up our people that this cannot go on any longer.

Buela said...

Anon @ 8:18

Where so I sign up? I am serious. I say forget Texas and even Cali we know about the violence, I say you march where you want your voice heard most and nearest to those that need to listen....Washington DC

Anonymous said...

the government and cartels eat off the same plate. Quit wasting tax payers money for a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Its true, we've been giving Mexico millions of dollars for years and don't see improvements. Presidente Calderon has done more than previous presidents to fight the cartels, give him credit for that, but he can't do it alone. He needs to clean house within the government.

ajulio said...

Man, I would rather be brain fried than decapitated alive. I've seen my share of decapitations and I will say this, getting your neck sliced with a big dirty machete while still alive and tied up has got to be one of the most horrific ways to go out. Plus judging by his face, looks like they beat him real bad too. Poor guy. Dead Men don't get any respect in Mexico anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Would BorderlandBeat readers be willing to organize a hispanic million-man-march against organized crime?"

Yea sure, i'm on. Just let me bring all friends and let us be armed and wear kevlar wests and expand that walk across and around the border. And with that we need full permission to engage every target. Going in a rally unarmed with a flag in USA when it happens in Mexico is like the tree huggers that walks around screaming for "The pollution" in central america, gives ZERO! And is a big waste of time.

I know alot of people that would be willing to walk for days if it would be a REAL thing that GIVES something. Not some made up political correct BS liberal "Peace rally". Cartels wont care about peace rallys, neither will politicians. But keep dreamin.

Anonymous said...

everyone thinks it's about drugs and drugs only. The social structure and institutions in Mexico are broken. Extortion and kidnapping will continue and probably increase if there was no such thing as drugs. Until crime prevention, job creation and security is improved, Mexico will continue to have these issues regardless of our stance on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. And you all belive this utter ludicrous garbage. Lol. When will you people learn. This just DO NOT happen. It's just media made up to put fear in the public. And you all belive it. Haha. So gullible

Anonymous said...

Have you witnessed a death? No. Is All bullshit

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