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12 murders in bloody weekend for Acapulco

Monday, February 14, 2011 |

by: Ezequiel Flores Contreras

At least five men were executed this Sunday in different areas across Acapulco, among them three prison guards, indicate reports from the Secretary of Civilian Protection and Public Security (SSPyPC).

With these deaths, a total of 12 people were assassinated last weekend in Acapulco, where violence against state penitentiary authorities seems indicative of ties between them and organized crime.

Around 3:26 on Sunday, two executed youth were reportedly found outside the bar Velvet, located between Universidad and Fransisco Pizarro street, in the Magallanes district.

One of the victims had three gunshot wounds in the head from 9mm bullets, including one in the forehead, indicated official reports.

The other body was found in an abandoned pick up truck and had four gunshot wounds from an AR-15 rifle.

Earlier, around 11:57, three men were found executed and one seriously wounded in the trunk and interior of a car left in the Las Cruces penitentiary parking lot, in the metropolitan area of Acapulco.

In the vehicle, a Nissan model Tsuru, were three messages written on cards, one of them reading:


The official report of the SSPyPC indicated that the three executed men and the wounded victim found in the vehicle were working as prison guards in Acapulco.

Violence on Saturday left seven dead, among them another prison guard, with who the killers left a similar note.


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6 Borderland Beat Comments:

Buela said...

2011 will be by far the bloodiest year.
the top police commander has been killed. this was pretty brazen, hiw body and car found smoldering in downtown mty

BUELA said...

and we can now add this to bloody sunday:
Padilla Tamps

The gunmen attacked an intercity bus, killing one person and five members of a family traveling in a vehicle. At least seven people were killed in the town’s central plaza. The attackers also shot at the local courthouse and the city hall

Anonymous said...

These guys are killing one of the coolest resorts in the world. I know where the Bar Velvet is and I may have been there in the past. It's not directly in the tourist zone though. They also dumped some bodies off the main tourist avenue last week and my friend's son saw the bodies as he walked to go fishing that morning. Of course by 8am, this was cleaned up and the old Gringos sipping Margaritas haven't a clue. I also saw the forensics truck and ministreal police trucks in front of the mains strip of bars one evening. Not sure what that was about. This was all last week. The wealthy from DF stopped coming to Aca compared to previous years. That's their bread and butter. The locals rarely go out either because of economic suffering, violence and/or their fathers don't permit it anymore. This city is getting slammed big time.

Anonymous said...

Problem? there is no problem in is all fiction, remember???

That's what every idiot in MX says until it happens to them...

WAKE UP MEXICO!!!! This isn't going to end by itself, DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!!

Anonymous said...

First the locals would say oh this is just the cartels and it always existed, then it was they only looking for bad guys, then it was they attack the police, but not the tourists..The tourists are safe, then you have a bunch of morons that still think the 20 innocent Michachanos were all unarmed narcos...I mean common..20 guys without guns allow themselves to be abducted in broad day light w/o a fight...Now it's we never think this could happen to our city.....and now even some locals when asked is it safe for tourists, the reply is it's not safe for anyone even us.....Luckily tourists have not really been affected...It's surprising actually, but then again most US tourists are 70yrs or older.

3 guys got kidnapped from Alebrije (a popular disco on the main ave) 2 weeks back and one gunned down in the Palladium and world known club...that story did not make borderland beat or international, but it happened.

Ernest1 said...

'Luckily tourists have not really been affected...It's surprising actually, but then again most US tourists (in Acapulco) are 70yrs or older.'

Actually, that's not really 'tourism' there but the US government's dysfunctional and meager (shall we call it stingy?) retirement funding for its citizens. I believe they call it Social Insecurity? Of course most 70 year olders from the US have died are fallen before they are ever able to actually drag themselves as far South as dem birds have. I bet those codgers all are now sitting in Sanborns talking among themselves in English about how fugged up Mexico is! Gotta love it!

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