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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Video of El Ponchis Executing 2 Victims

Blog del Narco has released 2 videos that allegedly shows El Ponchis and his crew executing two of their victims. The first shows the same kid who appears in this photo:

In the first clip there is a young wan who is hanging from the ceiling by his hands and he tormented and beaten to death. The second is equally graphic and shows another youth being hanged. The people standing around insult him right before they kick the stand out from under his feet.

Assuming this is the same person who was caught a few days ago, this shows all his crimes in their most awful details. These videos are particularly brutal but are they are also an important piece of evidence in this case.

Viewer Discretion is Advised


  1. Give this little bastard the death penalty, fuck prison. Prison is too good for these kind of people.

  2. wow you just gave another blog credit for something.. not that you don't always, but you lead with it...I am very impressed and glad I read your blog. I live in the Dallas area with relatives in Jalisco, we travel there ALOT, so its good to know whats going on.

  3. I have no problem giving Blog del Narco credit IF they are the original source of a video or other information.

    95% of what they or BDT or puronarco (or whomever you chose to read) release in the form of articles is directly ripped off from Milenio, El Universal or other journalists without giving them any credit whatsoever.... That is totally wrong in my opinion.

    However, in this case it appears they are the original source.

  4. roast the kid. death penalty. don't need these people walking earth.

  5. What is he whipping him with? Is it just a belt? It seems like something else from the welts. F'ing brutal! I can't imagine how people in the drug business in Mexico must fear getting snatched in broad daylight one day and ending up at the end of a video camera like this. Especially the lower level people, as they are more disposable.

  6. How does one completely lose their humanity like this?

    In the first video at the 3:59 mark, a woman can be heard egging on the torturers and making fun of the victim. As hard as it is to believe there are such boys/men in the world, its simply shocking to think a girl can be so involved in such a horrific crime

  7. You insensitive folks giving up on a sweet child like that. Don't you believe with a couple of months or years of therapy he can be saved? no?

    what you want can never happen. He will never be executed or tried as an adult because, A) No capital punishment in Mx
    B) NO law provision that he can be tried as an
    adult in Mexico.
    US embassy went to check on the little sweetheart and to make sure he has a good atty. I'm cool with that, thats fair, anything less makes us like "them". BUT I sure a shit wish that the US would verify his citizenship before they go and talk sweet nothings to this cold blooded murderer.

    They cannot verify it, so why go? Beats me.

    Oh exucse me coldblooded murderer that has already confessed and just so happened to have the dirty little proof in pic and videos on his cell phone...
    Dang this techo generation all those cell phones snapping photos anywhere anytime, comes in handy when your down with a few beheadings, good to show the family at Christmas perhaps...In this family for sure...Feliz Navidad

  8. if they get 3,000 dollers per head the least they cud of got was a hd megapixel cam at the tienda Electra for better recording, jees i guess alot of mexicanos are really codos.
    el ponchis makes his short camio in min 4:22 , you can hear them say ponchis. lol

  9. FUCK YOU SATAN! you will never get to me the way you got to these evil lil' hoodrats. that is sick how they are laughing at what they're doing, like it's hilarious. i just cant believe that this is a-day-in-the-life-of a young group of teenagers in mexico. something is very wrong here. oh well, thats just the way it is. not my problem. if that's how mexico's government wants it, then goodluck to them. thank god i don't live there.

  10. I have read this forum for months. It's all becoming beyond disgusting and depressing. To hear humans laughing at this is beyond disgusting and mind boggling. How the rest of the universe does not see the atrocious behavior happening is beyond me and even more depressing. Mexico has become THE dead zone. I wish I could say we could pray. I fear for all of humanity every day.

  11. No manchen nunca vuelvo a México, esto no pude seguir pasando! Nosotros como humanos somos nuestros peores enemigos, que lastima.

  12. i volunteer to cut the heads off of those who took pleasure in doing this. that child is no longer one. his actions deserve death as he has dealt the same to others so shall it be re inflicted through the same measure, what was given so shall be returned. forced into it or not, he made the choice to be apart of it so he also accepts the ending.

  13. murders that are captured on video by chance are considered documentary. but when a murder is deliberately conducted for a film, it's a snuff film. these viral videos are snuff films.

    since these are snuff films, should'nt it be illegal to watch these videos? in the past, it was considered illegal to make and show these types of videos. just becuase they are'nt sold, makes them legal to show? in reality, these videos are both snuff and documentary but once they get stuck inside the web vortex, they are accepted as realism and the computer becomes a private peephole to these violent acts.

    there is something really scary about all of this. and yet i myself, cannot look away. they are the evil part of life that you cannot avoid.

    the saddest part of it all, is that some other young boy will look at these videos and will be desensitized and will find these videos as entertainment. he will look at the photo of el ponchis and will want to emulate him. and then the process continues.

  14. what the fuck is he hitting them with? God's Wrath is not far away!!!!!!

  15. What is the Glorious state of Mexico going to do with this little monster,It will be telling to see!!

  16. This videos are doing what the movie Colors did for the good Ol' United States in the late 80's and early 90's. Where it glamourized Bloods/Crips. This a cancer that needs to be stopped, but it wont anytime soon. Mexico will suffer for all it's corruption and sin, just like New Orleans did w/ Hurricane Katrina. God Bless Mexico!

  17. I really don't think that you should post these videos. It's different than a picture. It's just to much.

  18. 10:15

    We've had a lot of discussion here on BB whether or not to post these types of videos. All I can say is this: when there is something newsworthy to report, we will include subject matter like this no matter how graphic it is.

    This isn't an effort to put out "snuff" (which btw/ good observation Ajulio, I wouldn't classify THESE murder videos as snuff because they don't serve the prurient interest, at least that isn't the intention of the people filming these crimes).

    For that matter you should see what we DON'T publish! There are some REALLY fucked up videos circulating around blogs like BDN that have no purpose: Such as the sexual humiliation of rateros they recently posted: no reason to post that crap! Or how about the one of Zetas playing with dead CDG bodies? They literally stand around and poke corpses with a stick. No infor, no names dates or places, doesn't give insight to a previous story: not worth posting

    However this gives context to a story that usually fills 40+ comments with people passionately arguing for or against harsh punishment of this kid.

    Besides the warning on the home page I make an effort to make so you literally have to go out of your way to see this stuff. Even extra warnings with bright red letters.

    Its worth posting IMO. But I totally get where your coming from.

  19. Dios Mio!!! And just to think that this man could have very well been innocent since el ponchis admitted that they even killed and tortured innocents just to get paid.......there is a place waiting for him in hell

  20. @ smurf

    I understand your point of view. I was not addressing this to the borderland beat staff. I was just explaining how times have changed with the computer age and the relationship it has with violence and the consequences this relationship produces.

    Your job is to report the political world of mexico including the drug war itself. For me, i view BB as a political blogsite first. I have seen much worse than these two videos. You guys know how to draw the line and yet some of these videos remain provocative to me because they come from a lifestyle that i find hard to comprehend. When i see these videos, they make me feel more human because they show the devil in other human beings. They make me want to do the opposite. Of course that's not the case with other younger people who see these things. I can see how the photo of el ponchis holding the ak-47 can appeal to a naive teenager living in poverty in mexico.

    On a positive note, these videos can actually persuade a teenage boy to stay clear away from the drug lifestyle. These videos can actually scare people away or maybe even keep some people from visiting mexico at the moment.

    Im satisfied with the way BB displays their videos and watching these videos have helped me see an intriguing dangerous lifestyle without actually having to put my own life in danger.

  21. I hear ya Ajulio, I was really directing my comments more at anon 10:15. You are always on target when posting your comments.

    But I made reference to your point on snuff films and the like because I have often asked myself when I see this material: what is the point of posting this?

    Have we as a society gotten comfortable with watching Faces OF Death online on a daily basis? It raises a LOT of moral questions!

    "Your job is to report the political world of mexico including the drug war itself.

    "these videos can actually persuade a teenage boy to stay clear away from the drug lifestyle."

    Couldn't have put it any better.

    Young kids are always impressionable, if anything this type of video shows the reality of being in the gangster lifestyle; my guess is that the people who died in those videos were probably at one point very into the narco lifestyle, thought it was cool to carry guns or sell drugs.

    Fact is this business is rife with bad MFer's who will do fucked up shit for their money or noteriety; any kid who is into a shitty lifestyle should see this as a warning of what can happen when you roll with the big dogs. Its not just "G's up hoe's down, lets party till the wheel s fall of this Mofo"

    Sometimes it just gets real Fucking serious! And by then its too late to take a step back, you're past the point of no return.

    This kid Ponchis may have come from a tough background...But so have a WHOLE lot of people on planet earth, and I would argue the majority of them wouldn't find torturing and murdering fellow human beings as a way to make money or relieve boredom (no matter how much weed they smoke!)

  22. As I asked before and another poster did as well: has anyone figured out what they are whipping him with?

  23. Oh my...I just read an article saying El Ponchis' mother was picked up in San Diego in Barrio Logan. The Tijuana Cartel has been recruiting from Logan Heights gang members for decades now. The hit on Cardinal Ocampo was conducted by mostly Logan Heights gang members, 2 were indicted in US for charges related to it.

    It's crazy they are recruiting so young.

  24. when it is his turn he should get to watch these...

  25. @john

    seems like at first they are whipping him with an extension cord. then a guy starts to punch the dangling body as if it were a heavy punching bag and then they use like a long stick.


    yeah, these mexican narcos are much more vicious than the american gangs. american gangs don't really decapitate their victims and film it. mexican gangs are more sophisticated and more dirty. i think it's partly becuase mexico has a weak judicial system and a weak authority department. the cartels just don't respect or fear anyone or anything. they are more brash. and if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

    but damn, right now, mexico is a big toilet bowl of narco shit!

  26. CAF doesn't have much to do with Logan anymore, that's all ancient history.

  27. caf is watching this isnt our product

  28. Can't they just set up something with a rival cartel who want El Ponchis dead? they could be transporting him through a rival cartels territory and somehow let him escape on purpose. Then pretend he escaped totally and could not find him. After that, some rival cartel could come find the little turd and kill his evil little ass! I am sure an enemy cartel would not think twice of killin the little fucka when he has probably killed dozens of their gunmen and would continue to do so after he gets away with it from the law for being too young.

    Wish they would just do something like that.

  29. The one with the mask in the video makes his debut in another video where he was apprehended by a rival group, he most likely now sleeps with the fishes, and as for el ponchis we all know.

  30. Here's the proof that's the same fartknocker with the mask in the video.

  31. @J: Since when did CAF no longer work with Logan?

  32. Most of the CAF/Logan connection came about in the late 80's/early nineties, with some Logan/Del Sol/ bangers who had risen in La Eme, and began to work with the Arellano's in Tijuana, then Ramon, and the La Eme guys recruited gangmembers to train as gunmen and low level killers. Some of these guys were involved in the Guadeljara incident in 1993. Also, one of the Logan guys allegedly saved the life of Javier Francisco and Ramon? at a nighclub in Puerto Vallerta. That guy, David Baron was given a house, and a rank, and him and a few other guys continued to run around Tijuana until they were captured or killed.

    CAF, I'm assuming, like any other DTO works with gangs from various neighborhoods in San Diego, so, yes, they still do work with Logan in a sense, but it's not like before, that generation is long gone.

  33. I dont know spanish, anyone care to translate ?

  34. Now they have his sisters and mother in custody. She will be sent back to Mex if his litte bitch ass doesn't start talking!

  35. The sad thing is that he would kill innocent people just to get paid!! I think "kill him & all his so called friends"!! Pull the trigger on all them fuckers (drug cartels)!!

  36. RE: Ponchis parents & the family history...

    Since the parents had a date in san Diego federal criminal court Friday, I have searching for the arrest video, pics or mug shots, which the mug shots are public by law.

    weird, I can't find anywhere not even on legal search websites.

    BUT while cruising the web I found 3 interesting reports. Remember when I said I heard the woman was the stepmom? I found a report on the family that said that....but then many that said not so..

    here is the take on this..
    in his perp video I recall he said he had 6 siblings, correct? well....not so fast, the "mother" that was arrested had two little girls like 8 & 10 or so. but the other 6
    were from her previous marriage to Ponchis bio dad., in one report they say Gabriel is the father, it is incorrect,

    This is factual;

    the father/mother married had 6 kids ponchis being one. two of the children were born in SD. the parents split when ponchis is a toddler...and get this...a woman named
    solis adopted them and became their mother. But she was also the paternal grandmother living in Cuernavaca. Ponchis adored her always clinging to her and hugging her he adored her.
    and he was well taken care of...until she died then the sisters took over the caretaking. Teachers and school directors say he always was aggressive and hard to handle and was expelled for physically attacking a girl.

    They say he was always neglected...

    The mother has a conviction, actually a plea down, san Diego court case #SCD 130106 in 08/04/1997. However the Step father was not the co defendant, it was a man names Raymond Vasquez Hernandez born in the year of 1947. Her YOB 1967. The charges she pled guilty to were possession of cocaine with the intent to sell. Probably plead down from trafficking, depending on the amt. Got 60 days and 3 yrs probation.

    ICE, arguably the most inept agency in the US, made a decision to not have her deported after her sentence concluded. Thereby giving her an administration amnesty. I have no clue what the hell it takes in this country to get deported. THESE are the scumbags that need be deported and fast, and no plea bargains.

    Neighbors say she is the neighborhood Avon lady, and that she is religious (?) always speaking of God and the world ending soon.


  37. @ 1:36 AM

    WHo better start talking? The mother?

    She is here illegally she should be sent back after her court case concludes and sentence completed.


  38. A couple readers have asked what they are being hit
    with, well it's a 6' length of copper gas line that
    they twist into a long "U" shape they also use
    the same device for electric shock torture by making
    a handle out of rubber and wood,then they take a piece of 110 volt frayed wire from an old lamp and stick it into a wall outlet. They call it a Nimble
    Stick. The Para's use them in Colunbia

  39. patriot high....puro culiacan sinaloa el gente del chapo aqui manda y controla


  41. There's no death penalty in Our Mexico. We don't believe in the death penalty were not savages like the U.S. most of the guns used here come from the U.S. we put these animals in prison for life but don't share the same death penalty views as you do. I don't know why always see a lady in the U.S. happy that her relative's killer was given the death penalty, do you think God is going to accept you with those views you're just as guilty as sin

  42. Antonio,

    Someone close to me suggested that perhaps it is better that Mexico DOESN'T use a death penalty without assuring the proper rights of the accused.

    If torture is still a common practice in police interrogation, than Mexico is TOO CORRUPT to properly institute capitol punishment.

    The U.S. may have its ups and downs, but at least the justice system is A LOT more transparent!

  43. He is not human, he's a savage ! There's nothing left in him worth saving ! He's just stealing our good oxygen and should be made to leave this planet immediately !

  44. Gods law, says 'kill the murders, kill the drug dealers, kill the rapists, and others will see and be afraid. The problem today with these perverse people is that they don't care, and they think because of the Laws, in The United States, and Mexico, or because they commit their evil in the dark, they stupidily think that they get away with what There are no un-solved crimes with GOD. When someones murders someone, they are required by GODS LAW to face the person they murdered, and that person has to also forgive them besides GOD. So, all you people that have murdered, and think that you can pray to GOD, and He says, 'oh it's okay mi hito', you got ANOTHER THING COMING.

  45. OK.. what i dont understand is that some of these comments stateing he is a little sweetheart?? believe me when I say this, but he is 12yrs old he is not a baby or 2yrs old.. by the time these kids become ages of 7 and older you have pressures of put up or shut up, so they choose, there is no type of councelling that could help these kids they KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING with no remorse.. point of no return to say.. but realize this is normal in a country that is filled with coruption, and a government that really doesnt have the proper resources to take on a cartell that not only has fingers that reach not just children, but the police,army, and higher, everything is driven by money, and leverage which usually is the safety of your family, business and life.. How is it that its ok for a 12yr old or anyone who commits this type of crime to get only 3 yrs in jail ? he should follow the order of juvinille then to adult prison, non of the so called enemies deserve to die or loose their lives at such a young age, nor is it fair for a community, town or people deserve to loose their livelyhood or businesses they have worked so hard to be proud of and make the the town or city something to be proud of? and you wonder drugs and money can make a city or town crumble to the ground? how CAN the people be proud of that? how can they feel pride? when greed and crime rob them and the country of that? lets not forget the hundreds of innocent women that lost their live in hanis crimes, brutal crimes, and raped and torchured?? how can they feel free or feel safe instead of feeling ultimate fear for their lives.. MEXICO used to be a beautiful country I loved it there my roots are there but I can tell you honestly when I say it ripes my heart knowiing that you have to be in super safety of tourist areas to be ok? you can never experience it as you once did 20 years ago or more, the people are beautiful, warm and inviting now that has been ripped to shreds to the point of where now there is a cape covering the country and cannot ever unvail the beauty it once was.. I feel for the innocent and loath the predators that prey apon them... I hope some day there will be an end to the violence and end to the torchure.. they deserve not to feel the fear that has been placed apon them.. in a country they are a part of..

  46. Like I said if the people of the 'WORLD' were to execute the 'LAW of GOD'. we wouldn't have the injustices we see today. The RAT RACE OF the EVIL of POWER,CONTROL AND MONEY would desolve if enough good people in large groups rose to the ocassion and courageously make a stand and courageous rid ouselves of the 'bad apples'. It's proves over and over again that MAN in general doesn't have the capacity to govern us because of the individuals who usually rise to power instantly abuse the power that being bestoyed upom them. If we honesty take a look deep upon our souls, we see how wretched we can really be. The LOVE of many is far beyond reaason, and the lying answer, is some 'justication' to convince ourselves that the evil we do in these world is okay. People in general aren't stupid, so we decide every day whether today I choose to do good, or I chose to be bad. Selfishness seems to always take precedence. It's easy to love your family or friends, to love a enemy or stranger takes strenth and courage. In the ultimate, in the end, we all will give account to our actions. Whether we were in authority in the governments, narco kingpin, murderer, or whatever category and positions of life we are in. Many people say that we don't take anything when we die. But, that's not true. We take the good we have in our lives, and we also take the bad things. The righteous act we do "TODAY' AND YESTERDAY', are said by the Bible, are the clothing we were in heaven. So if you your were 'a good-for-nothing all your life, you will be 'spiritualy naked' in heaven. And everybody will see. So, if it's in your nature to look good, among our fellow man, maybe it be a good idea to do something good in your life.

  47. To all who read this..... If you are a believer pf christ read the second book of timothy... All the things stated in this book that the apostle Paul wrote about the last days are what is happening NOW!It is scary but christ said he will come as a theif in the night and take his people.He also says vengence belongs to him these people will pay in a way they do not believe exists and it is sad... I am a former non believer but christ came and revieled himself to me ive prayed for a spiritual awakening for the people in mexico.

  48. Those little bastards deserve the same kind of treatment inclunding laughing and singing when they´ll die painfully and mortified.

  49. Bible also says that if your a murderer, continue being one, if your whatever, continue doing it. The little boy Ponchis is down right evil. He envited it in, and actually enjoys what he does. If you read down to history about serial killers, one thing that stands out about them that they are a bunch of cry-babies and another thing about them is that they enjoy the idea that they are 'like little'gods', they decide when the life that they are about to take is their form of 'EMPOWERMENT", they actually get high by doing what they do. A normal person would be disgusted, and would vomit at the idea of doing such a thing. I remember also reading about a boy from Guatemala that was kidnapped along with a large group of people, and he said something that stayed stuck in my head, and it was that he was in 'ahha so to speak as to how evil his captors wore, and how he witness everyday someone taken away, and presumed they were dead. The sad thing about this behavior, the pictures and stories, is that the people that are commiting these crimes, actually enjoy it, and on top of that, they also get paid. These people can not be reformed because they actually love what they do. I too hate this world, and what's going on. The reason I started looking at Borderland Beat, is because I'm looking for signs to the end, and if you look around, the signs are everywhere, The economy in general, the hateful way people are, good example, people no longer interact one to one, it's too much work, theirs no respect anywhere, men againist women, no respect with young people vs. older, and it goes on and on. The thing is for us to hold on to our own self respect and act accordinly, and try to maintain respect among ourselfves, If you live long enough in this world, a p[erson becomes jaded, we become contaiminated by others and in general the world around. I see it in myself. I used to believe in the best in people, always wanted to believe in the good in people, but when you get treated bad by people that you love or so-called friends, you finally start seeing the world thru different eyes. I don't consider myself stupid by any means, but I wonder where I went wrong, and the truth is, it's in my nature to treat people well, therefore, I believe that people are good, so I excuse bad behavior, because 'I don;t want to be judgemental. So know instead of seeing good, I went left and just the bad, and am surprised when I actually see someone that's normal, someone with intrigity, or sincere, or does something nice, just for the sake of being nice, instead of having a hiddend agenda. The bible says the 'human heart is very decitful'. who could understand it'. People are becoming more and more corrupt everyday. And considering what's going on with the economy, it's not going to get better. Yes we are in the end of time, and I acutually look forward to it. Crazy Ha.

  50. Update-New Info on PONCHIS..January 2, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Pochis cocaine addicted at birth, taken from parents..tough life

    I read this article yesterday and it gives much more detail to Ponchis life from birth....not an excuse for his choices, but clearly a reason.
    His mother/father should be locked up with him.


  51. These little devils should be treated the same way with a slow death so they know how it is to torture a soul. The reason these people are such is beacuse of a "narco-culture" of violence where their minds are programmed to think that violence is a part of living. A similar way of thinking among religious extremists who are willing to die for a supposed 'holy' cause. Mexico should go for an intensified info drive and emphasis o educating the public of the ills of drugs and it's effects. The mind is still the most powerful tool, what the mind thinks the body does therefore taking up arms is not the ultimate answer to the problem, it may for a short while but ultimately it will have to be eradicating the cause at it's root....the narco-macho-sadistic culture which in reality is nothing but trash with simply the aim of making the cartel bosses even richer and these poor kids acting as sicarios not knowingly are simply bait,sacrificial lambs, dispensable at any time. In fact they shouldn't be called organizations because they lack the ideals of an independently functioning organization which gains at the same time helps others with the right intentions. But yeah it's a crazy world and the fight is indeed between order and chaos, good and bad, the yin and the yang.

  52. it's so cruel.........

  53. @smurf && ajulio

    our government is not the one to blame for man kinds indicences! the one's to blame for these actions are the U.S government!
    we actually work for our money through the murders and killing we work to make money thanhave some 11-20yrs old kids come and snatch what little we have? so man hispanics fight to be in the "free" world! or to say united states! why is it that we have no justice to the harm of the kids and children of mexico? why is it that this has happened to our land? because of U.S. govvernment! so much other gangs in the so called "cartel" you speak of are trying to fight for the safety of the people! like el cartel del golfo confrunting these so called "zeta's" is hard. the CDG take much responsibility into their hands as to fight for the safety of the people! or are yall just talking out of you're ass on a country u havent even lived in? i for one know that this counrty has gone and faced alot, for one i say this land of mine i call my roots is gorgeous in so many way unlike the united states were we are free but nothing well ever compare to the loyalty of the people, and greeting in the morning! some of the these kids do not have a choice, these 10 year kids are forced or will be killed, if not joining to the clan! this is a place of greatness, but the acts of only ONE gang is doing wrong to the people of mexico! where my family live's, having to be hidden from a place we once could walk the streets till 5 in the morning is injustice! so have u not heard of all the other so called "gang's" that are trying to stop the michoncan family from harming the people of the country! we do have rights in the USA, everyone is illegal! but they can not deport us all! we will keep walking the brutal walk to cross these dumb-struck borders! we do what we can for the better of our country and roots, and to have some people like you talk down on this beautiful land u know nothing of just blows my mind! I for one will put in end to people and communist like you! we dont need judgmental folks like you, when mexican governmant does and trys their hardest to fight for the saftey of the people....this is not a game its the reality and most of these people in the videos have no right or choice to get out of the gang, just to deal with what is thrown at them. we fight for money and for the safety of our family! just to have what little food, or supplies taken from us we have enough to deal with and don't need ignorant oblivious folks like you!

    1. Man u need to quit smoking the product and keep your ass down there if u dont like us

  54. These animales play music, laugh an joke while they hang a guy upside down and cut off his genitals with a dull knife? Then they hack him up with another bigger, but still dull knife, you could hear the blade striking the bones? If they can do something like that to another human being, an enemy yes, but still another human being then what can't they do? These types must be eliminated from the gene pool so they don't contaminate it further with their faulty wiring which enables them to commit atrocity after atrocity!

  55. This just in, today, "El Ponchis" (The 14 year old) was sentenced to 3 years on the account of four murders and torture. Why is this? Because he is a minor, and the justice system in Mexico is fucking shit.

  56. instead of putting these fuckers in jail they shud be executed

  57. These kids should have probably been aborted.

  58. Me dan verguensa narcos pocos hombres, sueltelos aber como les va..

  59. Ill beat the shit out of that punk with my hands only

  60. If it was up to me i would wait till this fuckin punkass bitch gets out of jail and unload a hole clip in his head and get it on film... And send it to his boss and say look at your lil ponchis now!! From America!!!!

  61. U all think. The. Videos r made grainy on purpose. Cuz they. All look. The same.think about it.

  62. All. I can. Say is god forgiving this people they don't no what they doing

  63. We live in a world where there's no respect what so ever! It's a FUCKED UP WORLD!!!! Get with it or get lost simple as that. There's no such thing as a God , if there was why would he allow this type of shit to happen to the innocent! It's CREAM Cash.Rules.Everything.Around.Me

  64. all becuse they dont make damnn cannabise legal it would be as simple as grabbing a galon of milk from wal ...but oh well with out the killings in mexico u guys wouldnt have a trade or such bs as border idknw what or cops wouldnt have a job and that means we will more likely die of starvation becuse their taxes is mylonestar fuck it dont make it legal let em die if they choose 2 its all in a order &it would b such a depresion in the united states of america


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