Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They Accused "La Barbie" of Hunting Zetas

According to his friends and foes, there are a number of them who are collaborating with the PGR as witnesses that Edgar Valdez Villareal "La Barbie" was one of the most efficient hunters of Zetas, he is described as a criminal master mind who had full control of airports and was also good in counterintelligence from within his group to help him discredit public officials.

Those who knew him and later ended up sitting on a bench facing prosecutors of SIEDO gave information that sicarios under the leadership of Babrie conducted routine executions of innocent people without hesitation and some of which included the 24 farmers and masons from La Marquesa.

Mateo Díaz López, or "Comandante Mateo," a former military and a commander for Los Zetas that was arrested on July 2006 told SIEDO that "La Barbie" was responsible for filming the execution of four sicarios in Tamaulipas. This video was sent to The Dallas Morning News on December 1, 2005.

"I know that on that occasion the Preventive Police and the AFIs abducted nine members of my group (Zetas) in a nightclub in Zihuatanejo, these men were in that city in order to fight for control of the plaza.

"Once abducted they took them to the city of Acapulco and there, they delivered the men to "La Barbie," who later released a video in which four of the men are seen being interviewed. Among them were "El Peterete," Vizcarra, his cousin and another man that I don't remember his alias. On the video these men said many things about Los Zetas," said Mateo Díaz on July 17, 2006.

According to Mateo during the interrogation "La Barbie" forced the gunmen to say that Osiel was receiving protection from Santiago Vasconcelos, then head of SIEDO, with full intention to discredit him.

After unseen interrogators (one is alleged to be "La Barbie") question the men, the video ends when a pistol enters the frame and shoots this man believed to be Vizcarra in the head.

"In the video itself one can hear the voice of "La Barbie" directing the men on what to say and one of the persons shown is executed and turns out to be Vizcarra. Later on I learned that they had also executed all of the rest of the men and their bodies disappeared. Also in this video my companions say that the attorney Vasconcelos was involved with us (Zetas), which is not true, as this was only a strategy of "La Barbie"' to force the PGR to go after us," said Mateo Díaz.

In another investigation, the "PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/217/2009" mentions that Valdez Villarreal took control of illegal operations in the airports of Cancun and Toluca, through a partnership with federal agents José Antonio Rosales and Edgar Octavio Ramos Cervantes "El Chuta".

To gain their cooperation, "La Barbie" gave Rosales a BMW, $65,000 (dollars) and he also gave him the nickname ""El buen hombre" "The good man," because since 2008, he had provided access to them for landing cocaine in Cancun, this was revealed in an investigation by the protected witness "Jennifer."

"Rosales, apart from being in charge of operations at the Cancun airport, made sure that when we arrived, we were not inspected in the terminal," said "Jennifer" before the PGR.

Tamaulipas on his sights

Gerardo Reyes Uresti confessed to executions that they conducted by order of "La Barbie" according to his interrogation in 2005:

April 13
Victim: Juan Antonio Santos Salazar (Coordinator of the municipal Preventive Police in Nuevo Laredo)

April 19
Victim: Rubén Vera Treviño

May 4
Victim: Cesar Solis Montenegro, "El Topo"

May 5
Victim: Juan Sergio Montes Borjas (Commander of the municipal Preventive Police in Nuevo Laredo)

August 5
Victim: Leopoldo Ramos Ortega (Alderman of the City of Nuevo Laredo)

August 5
Victim: Federico Ocampo Godinez (Commander of the municipal Preventive Police in Nuevo Laredo)

September 20
Victim: Mario Vega Gamboa

September 20
Victim: Gerardo David Sosa Martinez

October 1
Victim: Rabindranath Quimba Arreola

October 7
Victim: Julio Cesar Medina Riojas

October 7
Victim: Enrique Vega Martínez

November 16
Victim: Pablo Beltran Arellano

So he said on September 1:

"(Yes the Zetas are a danger) they do not respect anyone, because the truth is they are filth, for me not even their mother wants them."
Edgar Valdez Villarreal, 'Barbie'


  1. well godammit let him return to work exterminating the fukn Z

  2. Long live LA BARBIE... 4ever Laredo Texas.. fuck all the zetas

    1. Fuck La Barbie I can't wait till he burns in hell

  3. Yo, people all over the blogs are on some homo shit for real. Everybody's on his jock like a bunch of queers. This faggot killed innocent people and poisoned the community with drugs and everybody's acting like he had great accomplishments. The dude is a fuckin loser. Get his dick outta your mouth. He deserves to rot in jail if not hanged for his crimes. Too bad the military didn't push back his wig. Just another leech to real hard working members of society. May he burn in hell.

  4. barbie will find a way out .... chinga los zeta's

  5. I don't think Edgar is leaving Mexico anytime soon. He thought he was so smart, smirking and laughing for the cameras. This guy killed a lot of people In Mexico,all the US has on him is conspiracy and drug traffic charges.
    Pres. Calderon, you got him, you keep him !

  6. anybody who agrees and celebrates what this piece of fecal matter did, deserves to die just as horrible as the people that this guy killed.

  7. @12:57

    How eloquent.

    There's no Barbie goober-smooching goin on here ...its just that the guy was the captain of the hometown team; and he's been displaced by dirt-bags (Z) that are one step below dog shit. You see...what people really want is the olden days of the [relatively speaking] peaceful underworld that used to be. For Laredo, that was Edgar.

    For every town, the home team will always be the favorites; its our uncles, our brothers, our fathers, our sons. This is why we'll never warm up to the Z's; ¿Esos bueyes, quienes son? Like Edgar said: a esos perros ni sus perras madres los conocenn.

    They're better off dead; it can't happen soon enough.

  8. La Barbie is the shit, Sorry but its true... He may be a killer but he will go down in infamy like Billy the Kid or Jesse James.

  9. Zetas suck! Barbie was born to be the very best, like no one ever was...

    He makes us Texans proud.

  10. they should ask him if that guy from the behading video. "manuel mendez leyva" was realy from his cartel or just some innocent made up guy from the contras to bluff and intimidate. and they should also ask if he ever beheaded any body.

  11. hey la barbie atleast has the balls to do what the mexican army or police can do just let him go and he will get rid of the zetas and south texas 4life and hail "LA BARBIE" PURO TEXAS

  12. @7:42; @9:04; @9:57; @10:59,

    You like the life, go on down there and join up and get a taste. It'll be special.

  13. Long live barbie puro south tx his my idol for life he will go down in history as the biggest narco king.long live edgar i admire what u do,i pray u get out soon.ur the best jefe.

  14. @ anon 9:57

    I have often wondered what kind of person Manuel Mendez Leyva was, whether or not he was completely innocent never crossed my mind, I spent some time trying to find info on him and all I remember digging up was that he was something of a leader in La Barbie's organization. Besides providing Ephredrine tablets he also allegedly ordered the execution of several people before being abducted by the Z himself. but overall info is scarce

    From my understanding; not a nice guy and prob deserved it.

  15. The good or bad this man did only God can judge. The constant corruption in the mexican government for years is no fault of La Barbie. Had it not been him it would have been someone else, during a time corruption was quite till greed, ego and power came to play. For what ever reason he chose that path at least he tried to restore some law and order in his town.

  16. Well here is something to throw a monkey wrench in all the conspiracy theories: According to BDN La Barbie turned himself in during a routine traffic stop. He literally didn't try to pretend to be someone else or fight; he just said "I'm La Barbie and I'm a narco-trafficker."

    To make it stranger, The SSP lies about the way they captured him, saying they had been on him for months...

    I don't trust any of these MFker's in the Gov. Rosas Rosas seems to be just as dirty as everyone else.

  17. Barbie is where he belongs for what he has done...where he deserves recoginition is that in this conflict you have the balls, the smarts, the connections, and some luck to attain what he did.......Like it or not he will go down as a legend.... He did something that was never done and may never be done again in an chaotic and vicious drug war...

  18. Im proud of him. Hes a national hero no matter what you assholes say.

  19. @ 10:36

    I am not seeking engaging in an argument..
    however, please help me understand what, in your mind, makes him a national hero. I am serious with that Q. Give me 3 reasons, 5 is better. Ok...I will begin..
    He is responsible for Zeta "cleansing"
    now your turn

    and of course you are speaking of the Nation of Mexico? Clearly not the US. and perhaps if this is how Mexicans feel, that he is a national hero, then just perhaps they deserve to be in the position they find themselves in. but of course I know that is not how good, moral, Mexicans think.

  20. barbie was beginning to have his own cartel because he didnt liked to follow orders. i dont think he'll be locked up for long, he has money which is one way that could help him escape.

  21. @ 12:43

    Here are your five reasons
    1) He wanna be the very best like no one ever was
    2) To catch Zetas was his test
    3) To shoot them was his cause
    4) He would travel across the land, searching far and wide
    5) Forcing each Zeta to understand, the meaning of family!

    The Mexican government doesn't have the pants to exterminate the rotten weeds called Zetas. It takes a hero (a vigilante) like Barbie to rise and take the challenge. By beating them to the pulp, he could show the Z organization as a whole that disrespect for innocent family members is intolerable.

  22. It's a case of who do you want running your illegal drugs trade. The local Corleones or the klu klux klan.

  23. viva la barbie ..el cazadore de los mas grande

  24. fuck jail give him a medal

  25. La Barbie is the scum of the earth...a hero to an equally idiotic men wishing to somehow be worshiped the way they worship this asshole.

  26. @12:43

    That's the biggest load of shit I ever heard. If he killed one innocent person he's dogshit and he killed a lot more than one. He wants everybody to play by his rules and those darned zetas won't go along. They should kill his family and then hang him from the fucking Angel de la Independencia.

  27. I knew it!!! That's why he was arrested by the "government"! ! Because the government sides and is ZETAS!!! They couldn't allow anybody to try to dismantle the Zetas control...

  28. What the hell is wrong with you people. They are evil criminals ALL OF THEM Have you no soul
    Incorporate the Death Penelty and put all the corrupt to sleep like rabid dogs that they are.

  29. Yes lets all be idiots and release La barbie so he can continue to kill not only the filth that we do not want but innocent people aswell Its time for the a REAL military force to come in and get this situation in check before we have these terrorist escalate their power overhear in the US to

  30. viva la barbie, i hope they let him out so he can kill all the zetas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pinches zetas no valen madre viva la edgar la barbie

  31. all you people that do not have family living under this condition dont understand a f;;; all these parasites dont care if the inocent get cought in the cross fire to them its all about money and control if obama hade any balls he should at least legaleize pot and then other drugs so it will at least quell some of this shit and hit them were it really counts the us should legalize and tax all or some af the drugs after all a junkie is a gunkie fore those of you that praise theese asholes why dont yall go to mexico and join them mabee when you get caught by a rival cartel youll know how it feels to be cut into pices will your alive and watching

  32. Zetas are evil, egg-sucking sons of a snake.
    All La Barbie wanted to do was help and rid of that abomination that pretty much rules Mexico. So Calderon and friends want to spare the rod and spoil those rats! La Barbie was the only one with the courage, the spark, the cunning to beat those Z to death. He's a champion in my book, 'cause for the sake of many he would become a drug lord himself instead of a savvy businessman. Who else will deal the coup de grace to that Zeta garbage?

  33. "All La Barbie wanted to do was help and rid of that abomination that pretty much rules Mexico."

    The only thing La Barbie wanted to do was make money. The Zetas were simply another rival who was trying to take his market share.

    These guys aren't folk hero's. There is nothing courageous or honorable about what they do. We shouldn't be singing corridos praising them, these people are murderers and rapists and they deserve to burn in hell.

    La Barbie is no different from the rest of the narco scum that is tearing Mexico apart.

  34. @ Smurf

    Do you even have the slightest idea of how the Zetas operate? They hurt innocent people not as an after thought in battle, but with severe premeditation. So many Americans can't even go to Mexico comfortably anymore without getting threats of kidnapping or attempts on their lives. This is soley carried out by Zeta filth and their wannabe followers. Talk about tearing Mexico apart, as it all starts with Mexicans from abroad bringing in the flow of cash to their families in MX.

    Also it wouldn't hurt to read up a little on La Barbie. His goal wasn't to just make money or protect his market share. He's always been a radical, a man who's pushed for positive change his entire career. Rather than tear Mexico apart, he would have torn the Z down. From his childhood he wanted to the very best like no one ever was. He wanted to target his ideas of building and maintaining a good relationship with family members and the locals. But the Z is too stubborn, and has too much power within the government.

  35. I know plenty about La Barbie, The guy is a murderer and he's about his money. I know about the Z. All cartels do horrible things to each other and innocent people. All cartels including La Barbie's have kidnapped people for money.

    Stop believing Narco-propaganda.

  36. @ "Papa" Smurf

    What propaganda may I ask? If La Barbie was all about the money he would have joined the Z from the get go. In terms of leadership skills, he's second only to El Chapo, so he could have thrown ethics out the window and gone for the real gold. But he preferred to side with the "losers" rather than to give up on his values. That's admirable enough for me. Oh and the fact that he's from Texas? You know that can never be emphasized enough.

    While not all cartels are the same, the majority find some way of contributing help of some kind to the poor and forlorn. Still, no one takes cheap shots like Zetas, that ruthless and toxic breed that is a pure leech on the common man's resources. A man nicknamed La Barbie, all his flaws and defects aside, dealt them the most damage. He deserves a little recognition at least.

  37. Its just very ugly whats happening in mexico...the mexican police should just kill all those drug cartel gangs they are monsters from hell.... why lock them up just kill them thats what they do to other inocent people dont have mercy for them.

  38. the barbie its just like the zetas but with a different alias they are all shit bags they dont deserve to live if you got somehting against some one kill him/her face2face dont fuk with the family they all deserve to die i wish i could have killed all of them he is so stupid he turned himself in he made a deal with the dea to be arrested and come in as protective custody what an idiot i hope he gets killed in prison


  39. La Barbie is a legend. If only they would have let him continue to dragon rush those Zeta freaks, and slit their throats or snipe them one by one. He was more effective at getting rid of that vermin than fake President Calderon will ever be. Man,if good ol' Obrador hadn't been cheated out of the presidency, Mexico wouldn't be in shambles as it is today.

  40. he is NOT like the rest. What drug lord would never harm a woman or children?? Many other RAPED there enemies children or grandchildren just to punish the one they were after. Instead, La Barbie kills an assassin sent to kill him, but the assassin decided to bring his family to this lil "vacation". Both the assassin and his wife n child were kidnapped by La Barbie's men on his order. Once the assassin was killed by Barbie, he gave the woman and child 1,000 peso's to go back home n gave them a message "your husband said he loves you." Really?? Like all the rest?? Um no. Not saying he's a great guy or anything, but he killed many BAD people, not innocent ones.

  41. This dude killed all kinds of scum, not to say he was much better, but at least he had some standards as far as getting rid of those Zetas.

  42. I knew edgar we worked together before the zetas came to nuevo laredo. The zetas came in and went after all our families cause we wouldnt work with them. They came after our kids and friends .many of my friends died at the hands of the z . We moved dope we didnt go after anyone and we spent our money in our town. We respected our street vendors stores and town. The z destroyed all of that. With the help of chacho garcias people who went with the z. Edgar fought back. You people dont know our life you watch and comment like you think you know something wait till someone innocent in your family is stuffed in a 55gal drum and set on fire by the z. Edgar did what alot of people wish they could do. Arriba el doble V de parte tu camarada viejo 07 de Ortiz

  43. @ anon - may 15th 2012 @ 8.04 am it don't change anything no one forced you into that life you chose it , and you knew full well it's dangers ... he may have has some moral ground but really its about POWER and power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


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