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Police Investigator Executed in Ciudad Juarez

Sunday, June 6, 2010 |

Cuando mueren los hombres de bien. ¡Han matado a nuestro amigo Saúl¡

Gunmen belonging to the criminal group "La Linea” claimed responsibility for the killing of Saul Chavez Sandoval, head of forensic science and crime scene investigation for the Ministerial Investigative Police in Ciudad Juarez, Chuhuahua. Chavez Sandoval was executed on Thursday, June 3rd.

A graffiti message was left on the wall of a home close to the scene of the crime. The message threatened with death all police officers that “la Linea” accuses of supporting the drug cartel of “el Chapo” Guzman. The message called the “artfully executed” death of Saul Chavez an example to all other members of the security forces in Juarez.

The “narcopinta” was immediately made illegible by officers of the municipal police force who painted over the graffiti.

Police forces at all levels were put on high alert after this new threat by “La Linea”.

“La Linea” is associated with Carrillo Fuentes Organization that has traditionally controlled the “plaza” (drug trafficking corridor) of Ciudad Juarez.

Saul Chavez Sandoval, a lawyer and graphic artist, was universally respected by all the law enforcement departments in Ciudad Juarez. He had contributed to the development and advancement of criminology and forensic science in Mexico

Chavez Sandoval was responsible making valuable contributions in the implementation of new techniques that have been incorporated into the protocols of scientific evidence that are part of the judicial reforms towards criminal trials by oral arguments. These reforms are a valuable tool in the fight against the power of drug cartels.

Chavez Sandoval’s skills in graphic design allowed him to advance the science of planimetry forensics (the preparation of multi-dimensional computerized forensic plans) and the science of ballistic trajectories in open and enclosed spaces. He was also responsible for the training of specialists in forensic photography and the “luminol test” that allows the tracking of biological evidence through the use of fluorescent light.

Saul Chavez Sandoval, the policeman, lawyer, scientist, educator and artist will be sorely missed by his family, colleagues and the entire country of Mexico.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

compitas, ahi empazar a matar ZETAS. nos estan matando y nosotros somos mas que ellos, por aca ya van mas de 60 desaparecidos. Amimense antes de que sea muy tarde,nos estan matando nuestros jovenes con sus drogas y desaparecidas, ahi muchos de nosotros k tenemos mas de 4 o 5 parientes desaparecidos, y todos eran trabajadores honrados, el govierno necesita mas de nuestra ayuda, como les digo aca ya van mas de 60, comensando con los alcones y todos los que les lamben los huevos y les dicen todo, y ustedes no tienen k hacer ruido, unos picones o un alambriton en el cuellito

Anonymous said...

May Saul Chavez R.I.P. a great contributor to this on going and very costly in lives drug war. Far from being scare, his friends at the force must have made him a martir and set him as an example to bring down all cartel members. This will be over,one day.

Anonymous said...

Celebrate the accomplishements of Saul Chavez, in believing in the truth and liberation that his work brought. The good will never be forgotten for their legacies transend all evil.

Anonymous said...

Sad day to hear of another fine officer killed by lawless ones. May the killer burn in hell.

Anonymous said...


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