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Calderon Ordered the Release of the Wife of "El Chapo" - New York Times

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 |

If President Felipe Calderón looks a little preoccupied during the state dinner with President Obama in Washington today, it would not be hard to understand why. A plethora of gory attacks that are presumed to be drug related have appeared daily on the front pages of Mexican newspapers.

Lately, Mexico’s heavily armed traffickers appear to be taking aim at politicians and political hopefuls.

The murder of Mario Guajardo Varela, candidate of his National Action Party in a municipality of Tamaulipas, and especially by the disappearance of former PAN presidential candidate Diego Fernandez de Cevallos.

"President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa keeps a close eye on the drug war, holding regular strategy sessions with his national security staff and even personally intervening on law enforcement matters," said the U.S. daily "The New York Times."

"Felipe Calderón played a role last week in the quick release of the wife (Griselda López Pérez or Karla Pérez Rojo) of one of Mexico’s top traffickers (Joaquin El Chapo Guzman) because of concern that her detention would prompt a round of reprisal attacks, said officials briefed on the matter," wrote Marc Lacey of the New York Times.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Felipe blinked- not good.

RiseMakaveli said...

Not arrogance, but 95% of the things i've previously said here are finally coming to light.

Anonymous said...

wow how can the mexico rely on thier leader when he can not back up what he starts many people have died because of his uprising

Anonymous said...

RiseMakaveli so what happened????????????

RiseMakaveli said...

Anonymous said...

scarry looks

Anonymous said...

RiseMakaveli why you are not posting information anymore?

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