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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Taxco, Guerrero: FGE Locates Missing Journalists

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) informs that, as a result of the reinforcement of search operations and the deployment of federal and state security authorities in the northern region of the state, journalists Nayssa "N", Alberto "N", and Marcos Antonio "N", as well as Guadalupe "N"were released.

This was confirmed after this institution of justice obtained proof of life and the appearance of the victims before the corresponding Public Prosecutor's Office, in accordance with the standard protocol for the search of missing persons.

In this context, as part of the actions to find the whereabouts of Alberto "N", Ministerial Agents, personnel from the Mexican Army, the National Guard, State Police and the State Commission for the Search of Persons, continue with the search operations by conducting tours and deploying troops in the area.

Likewise, the FGE through the Special Prosecutor's Office for Crimes Committed against Journalists and Human Rights Defenders, as well as the Special Prosecutor's Office for Forced Disappearance and Search for Disappeared Persons will continue with the investigation, emphasizing that the acts of which these people were victims will not go unpunished.

The State Attorney General's Office reaffirms its commitment to the people of Guerrero, through the strengthening of actions in the search for missing persons, combating crime, prosecution and punishment of crimes.

Taxco, Guerrero

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  1. Some good news for a change!
    Taxco is gorgeous, truly un pueblo mágico..

    1. Has Obrador s cabinet members restored water and electricity in Alcapolco?

    2. 6:26 over half of the city has it restored

    3. 6:33
      Yeah, the half where rich folks have an interest..
      This isn't Bangladesh, i was hoping for a better response from a country with such a big economy..
      The biggest city in the world is a couple hunnert miles away, you'd think they'ed have some garbage trucks to lend..
      Its all stink, flies, and zancudas in this hellhole..
      Locals dreaming of salvaging something out of the 3 kings holidays coming up in january..

    4. Come on bro. You know damn well the chilangos don't give a fuck about anyone else other than themselves. Lol. That'll be the day those fuckers come through for anything. It would be nice though if they actually pitched in.

  2. Absolutely good news.

  3. Looks like the criminals are starting to get the point. Don't fuck with the GN or they'll come after you sooner or later.

  4. Hey some good news between all that carnage.

  5. Were these the journalists who wrote articles about the paving of a road with one house on it for a PRI-ista at a cost of 13 million pesos approved by a corrupt Morena-ista municipal president?

  6. he did not had so much luck,


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