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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Estado de Mexico: Caravan Of Armed Men Roams Through Streets

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

A video disseminated on social networks shows a caravan of 8 vehicles with armed men who are allegedly traveling through the streets in the southern end of Estado of Mexico.

The video was captured by security cameras from a private residence which reveals that the events occurred on January 6 at midday. 

While the exact street and the neighborhood where these 8 vehicles, 7 trucks and 1 motorcycle, circulated was not revealed. Citizens assured on social networks that they saw the same caravan on different streets of the municipalities of Villa Guerrero and Coatepec Harinas.

According to the inhabitants this act of intimidation is subsequent to flyers that were distributed in the southern municipalities of the State of Mexico. In which citizens are invited to denounce members of organized crime who belong to the Familia Michoacána, mainly those who operate as spies.

So far no municipal, state, or federal authority has made a formal announcement. For this reason locals hold a great concern of possible violent clashes in their streets.

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  1. All those trucks flying by! I think they heard JC Penny is having a big sale

  2. Imagine if the whiteman hadn't shared their invention of guns and ICE vehicles to Mexicans and blacks. They would riding burros and throwing stones at each other. Would a lot less shooting in Mexico AND cHICAGO!

    1. Little butts that's not the truth.

    2. @5:59. Imagine if the Chinese hadn't shared their invention of gunpowder with the white man. Imagine if the Arabs hadn't shared their invention of algebra with the white man.
      White people didn't invent one god-damn thing. White people did appropriate the inventions of others that they then repackaged, repurposed or extended functionality.
      The white man tends to out-shout and out-write everybody else, giving the false impression that they invented everything.

    3. @9:48. Absolutely. Imagine where we’d be if your ancestors hadn’t invented the airplane, the automobile, the telephone, etc. All the white folks would still be living in mud huts and hunting prey with sticks and clubs. Wait a minute… I think I got that backwards.

    4. @10:58 All that shit you're talking about wouldn't be possible without the discoveries of ancient Arab, Persian and Indian scientists and mathematicians. They laid the groundwork.
      White people love the image of the lone white genius burning the midnight oil until the "eureka!" moment arrives.
      He shouted it to the world first with Gutenberg printing press then with television then sucked all gullible nonwhites into believing he did it alone.

    5. For once I have to agree with James Brown..
      I also heard that Thomas Edison was a mexican from zacatecas. He went to the United States as a kid and never went back to Mexico.
      I tried looking for that information but of course its all gone now.
      They dont want us to know thomas Edison was REALLY mexican.
      He ofcorse never said he was mexican because he would lose his connections so he took it t his grave. He didnt even speak English fluently, he had an accent.
      He was asked what languages he could speak and he said he leaned spanish so he could comunicate with brazilians because he was going on vacation there. Lol
      I guess he didnt know Brazilians spoke portuguese..
      There are many lies and hidden truths. Aztecs were way more advanced than Europeans but ofcourse they will forever say they were savages. Along with the Incas and Mayas..

    6. The Chinese were the first ones to shoot projectiles with gun powder.

  3. James Brown invented Old English.
    Brown what's the secret you're on section 8 and really you only vpay 130 on a 2,000 apt.????


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