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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Iguala, Guerrero: Los de La Sierra Interrogation And Mass Execution of La Bandera Operatives

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new video from the Mexican underworld has just surfaced online. For this broadcast the interrogation and mass execution of captured enemies takes place outside in an undisclosed location somewhere in the state of Guerrero. 

The following films are extensive in length. Just as well the discovery of what lead to their demise is narrated by every captive who is questioned. 

In addition the final video concludes with 2 hitmen on the ground being dismembered. The right leg of the first captive is removed at the knee with a 12 inch blade scythe. When he speaks he sounds like he’s sedated. There’s no indication that he’s feeling what’s happening to him. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: To all the citizens of Iguala. Here are all the cowards who were extorting and murdering innocent civilians and women. This is the trash that had this beautiful city terrorized. We warned everyone and now the time has come. This drug corridor already has an owner. Every operative from La Bandera hung their narco messages. 

And now look at where you sons of bitches are at now. Cachetes, you faggot. We have all of your piece of shit gunmen here. Chucho Brito, the same goes for you traitor. You son of a bitch. You already had your position at the table made beforehand. So that you could suck off Gama. As you’ve done so for most of your life. 

We extended a hand to you. And you bite the hand you piece of shit jerk off. Just as you’ve done so with others who’ve helped. You son of a bitch. Here before you are La Gente de La Sierra you cowards. And La Sierra doesn’t forgive. You will fall into formation with us. Otherwise, we will kill you off you pieces of shit. 

Sicario #2: Whats your name?

Captive #1: Juan Manuel aka El Marin.

Captive #2: Simon.

Sicario #2: Whats your name?

Captive #3: Omar Beltran Alvarez aka Mostró. 

Captive #4: Guillermo Serecen Navarro. 

Sicario #2: Speak louder!

Captive #4: Guillermo Serecen Navarro. 

Sicario #2: Who’s your boss?

Captive#4: Chucho Brito. 

Sicario #2: Whats your name?

Captive #5: Julio González Moreno aka El Camaleón sir. 

Sicario #2: Here’s that son of a bitch Randy!

Captive #6: Ignacio Jose Cerrano aka El Rafi. 

Sicario #2: And who’s your boss?

Captive #6: Chucho Brito. 

Captive #7: Sergio Ramirez Carreto aka El Tarro. My boss is Chucho Brito. 

Captive #8: Giovani Ravaran Ramirez. My boss is Chucho Brito. 

Captive #9: Luis Adan aka El W. 

Captive #10: Aldo Lopez aka Casarubias. I belong to the Garrafos. My boss is Chucho Brito. 

Captive #11: Uval Tavares Perez aka Bubalin. 

Captive #12: Andres Rodriguez Sanchez. My boss is Chucho Brito. 

Sicario #2: You just all fucked yourselves you sons of bitches. 

(Sicario #2 moves back towards the beginning of line to continue his interrogation. The actual questioning begins several males away from first captive)

Sicario #2: What does your boss Chucho Brito specialize in?

Captive #3: He has a direct connect with City Hall. 

Sicario #2: Speak louder!

Captive #3 He has a direct connect with City Hall. 

Sicario #2: What does he specialize in?

Captive #3: He’s the one who takes the money out of the construction sites. 

Sicario #2: What does Chucho Brito specialize in?

Captive #5: He works with City Hall to collect as much money as he can. 

Sicario #2 What does your boss specialize in?

Captive #6: He would take all the money he could from City Hall. 

Sicario #2: And just what position did you guys hold?

Captive #3: I would prepare drugs

Sicario #2: And you?

Captive #1: I would also prepare drugs. 

Sicario #2: And you?

Captive #2: I was a hitman. 

Sicario #2: Speak louder!

Captive #2: I was a hitman. 

Sicario #2: And you?

Captive #4: I was a sica (hitman). 

Sicario #2: Speak louder!

Captive #4: I was a sica sir. 

Sicario #2: And you what did you specialize in?

Captive #5: Hitman. 

Captive #6: Hitman. 

Sicario #2: And you?

Captive #7: I would sneak things into the Cereso prison. 

Sicario #2:Speak louder!

Captive #7: I would sneak things into the Cereso prison. 

Sicario #2: Which things exactly would you sneak in?

Captive #7: Marijuana, cocaine, and beer. 

Sicario #2: And you?

Captive #8: Hitman. 

Sicario #2: Speak louder!

Captive #8 Hitman. 

Captive #9: I collected protection fees. 

Sicario #2: And you?

Captive #10: I would clean for them?

Sicario #2: Speak louder!

Captive #10: I would clean for them. 

Sicario #2: And just what would you clean for them?

Captive #10: I would service their aircrafts. 

Captive #11: I would prepare cocaine for them. 

Sicario #2: Wicho, where exactly were you in charge of?

Wicho: In the towns of Tepecua (Tepecuacuilco de Trujano) and Huitzico. 

Sicario #2: Where else?

Wicho: (Unintelligible). 

Sicario #2: How many men do you have there?

Wicho: 19. 

Sicario #2: And you Fersi. Lift up your face bro. 

Fersi: I was in charge in Iguala. I was the boss for the hitmen. 

Sicario #2: Which homicides did you participate in?

Fersi: I was involved in homicides. And more as well. 

Sicario #2: Which ones exactly?

Fersi: I was involved in…in every one that has ever taken place. 

Sicario #2: Who did you hand over those women to have killed?

Fersi: I handed them over to Wicho. 

Sicario #2: Where did this take place.

Fersi: It happened at La Morenita. 

Sicario #2: On whose orders?

Fersi: On Colin’s and Chucho Brito’s orders. 

Sicario #2: And why did this take place?

Fersi: Because they were ratting us out. 

Sicario #2: How many women have been killed?

Fersi: Just one. 

Sicario #2: And what happened to the rest?

Fersi: I handed them over to Colin and La Beba. 

Sicario #1: Citizens of Iguala. Here’s all the trashy individuals who were extorting, thieving, and killing innocent civilians. They all fucked themselves in the end. Long live the Gente de La Sierra you sons of bitches. This plaza already has an owner. 

Sicarios in unison scream: Long live!


Video #4 concludes with:

Captive #1:  Cousin. Cousin please forgive me. For real please forgive me. 

Captive # 2 is screaming away in horrible pain. The broadcast closes with the rest of the captives on their knees watching and waiting in the background for their turn. 

Guerrero, México 

Muerte X Glorious Dead 69


  1. Damn they captured and killed a whole cell of rivals..

  2. Good grief. Dudes in Guerrero just as brutal as the northern Mexican scicarios but without the lids + camouflage gear.

    Canadian girl💋

    1. Yeah good point. Glad to see the transcripts of the video too!

  3. Nice job AMLO voters.

    Your guy is all about hugs and “chanclasos” while satanic barbarians run wild.

    1. Well thank you sir, my country is going down, down.

    2. Who understands you Queso? Isn't this what you want? The bad guys are dead. You want balazos instead of machetazos? What needs to be done to make you happy?

    3. Someone in here said he had brain surgery, I am starting to believe it's true.

  4. They butchered a whole lot of dudes... but the screams of that last dude are brutal... unfortunately life is cheap in many parts of the world...

    -Holden D. Cash

  5. Capture, rough them up, a quick trial with confessions and then executions!

  6. Jesus fking christ. What the actual fuck

    1. Why are you saying FU TOO? Do you grasp language and sentences? Doesn't seem like you do. Because he's because letting off how this whole video makes most of us feel. Makes us want to say "WTF", Among other things. What is this blood lust .....

      This bloodlust is very bad.
      There is a lot of evil in Mexico right now. It's sad.

    2. rubio calm down or I will call your mom.

    3. Lol.
      I know that moderators from this site are Mexicans or have Mexican relatives, etc.
      Im sure this must bother them a lot.

      I am calm. I just think that this is pretty bad. And for the people on here who are "cheerleading" for one group or the other. And this is what is being done. Is pretty gruesome.
      No other way to see it.

  7. These dudes have no soul. Put a bullet in them and move on.


    1. You supply their income from the skante and chiva you buy in Chinatown.

  9. Did they killed all of them with this brutality?

    1. The captives who said they were sicarios were probably chopped up like the first 2, while the captives who said they prepared the drugs or cleaned for them most probably got a more 'faster' death.

    2. A todos les dieron trámite

  10. I'm sure the guys killed here were no angels but imagine being last in line waiting for your demise after all of your guys have been mercilessly butchered alive in front of you.

    I like how each cartel claims to be better than the other saying the same scripted shit like; "this is what happens to those who kidnap and extort innocent people blah blah blah..." when in reality all they want to do is kidnap and extort the same innocent people themselves.

    Mexico will be a narco state for a loooooooong time to come.

    1. The war on terror and the drone strikes need moved to Mexico

    2. 444 you been watching to many movies, we all know Almo would not go for that, then his bribe money while in office would dry out. Also he is using only 10% of the military to help out, the others stay at the barracks playing cards, smoking joints.

  11. I think in many cases they are arrested by the regular police so they probably think they have a chance to bribe and get set free, only to be turned over to a rival cartel.

    1. to what !
      are the
      to what.
      and then this.
      they have no
      for their
      they are the reason for
      EVERYTHING:. (bad.everything.bad)
      AND :.
      ALL the muerte of.acupolco
      (and Baja)
      they have no belongings in

  12. Mexican cartels makes other crime groups around the globe looks like kids from the hood

  13. Exactly. Just like Cholo CNP. He was arrested at a ranch on the outskirts of Tlacepaque and he turned himself in to State police thinking hed go to jail or maybe bribe his way out and he was wrong. Boy was he wrong. Mencho has Jalisco on lock, he just recently kicked out modt of the Corona cells, and the only places rivals are seen is outskirts bordering some states but not even there how you think. Of course mouney launderers in the big city of GDL but im sure CJNG has money laundering going on in places where CDS rules king. Just how it works. Those money men are usually just lowkey money men who also have legit businesses

  14. 4 dead found in car in Mexico city plagued by gang violence
    Published Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021 | 3:10 p.m.
    Updated 3 hours, 39 minutes ago

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Prosecutors say four dead men have been found in a stolen car in the city of Iguala, in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero.

    The state prosecutors said late Wednesday that the victims were linked to a local criminal gang known as “The Flag.” One of the dead men was wanted for the murder of two other men.

    Local media reported the car was left near what had once been the campaign headquarters of the city’s incoming mayor, but authorities did not confirm that.

    Iguala has long been plagued by drug gang violence. In 2014, police working for one of the gangs kidnapped 43 students from a local teachers’ college and turned them over to the gang, which apparently killed them.

    On Thursday, prosecutors also said that the most famous disco in Guerrero state’s biggest resort, Acapulco, had been damaged by fire.

    Local media said unidentified men intentionally set the fire, but authorities said they were still waiting for lawyers for the Baby O disco to turn over surveillance camera recordings so they could investigate the blaze.

    Guerrero has seen a decrease in killings in recent years, in large part due to the decline of opium trafficking. Many farmers in the state grow opium poppies, but drug cartels have taken to trafficking fentanyl more than opium, thus decreasing violence associated with collecting opium paste.

    However, new state and local governments are due to take office this year in Guerrero, and such transitions have traditionally been marked by violence.

  15. The Flag Cartel, La Banderos, the executed

  16. Is that what happened? Cholo was arrested and was turned over to a rival cartel by the cops which is what caused his slow death?

    1. nope Cholo wasn't arrested and handed over. There's a video he was kidnapped outside one of his houses

  17. Los Tlacos, of Guerrero Unidos the executioners

  18. 12:52 or he was betrayed by someone he trusts. That's how it works in this world.

  19. I will go out on a limb here and say that the guys in the video are starting to regret their life choices.

    1. Yes, I agree with you,, they are. I always wonder tho, what choices they started out with that led them to this.

    2. Unfortunately, Mexico has a lot of deep, deep poverty. There will never be a shortage of unlucky souls looking for the easier path. Then there are the ones who are kidnapped and forced to fight, kill, and sell drugs. Those ones I feel sorry for.

    3. Yes, this is a machine made of corruption that eats its way through all levels of society and government(s). It is sadly warped survival for many. The war and money machine bangs on, no end in sight

  20. If you zoom in on the pic it looks like the last 4 on the left came straight out of The Walking Dead set.... their evil souls are shining through before they are about to meet their papi satanas

  21. Coming to BB and reading their articles humbles me every time. My petty concerns compared to this speaks volumes. How unfortunate the roll of the dice was to all of these individuals to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time and this was/is your life and hellish deaths

  22. 1:50, great point about being captured by police thinking you can simply bribe out, only to unknowingly be taken to rivals. I have often wondered why more guys just don't shoot themselves when picked up by rival group, knowing your brutal fate. This is a perspective that I know about, but overlooked

  23. Are los de La Sierra a new cartel or do they belong to a known cartel already Sol?. Thank you for all the top news.

  24. If i was born in Mexico and poverty forced me to join cartel, i would definitely carry suicide pills.

  25. Is this the real hell...?
    But, if you think for a second about the victims... you realize that you can't have a lot of empathy.

    1. I know I mean on one hand this is fucked up. But all those guys on there knees have prolly done the same exact thing video and all to their rivals.

  26. wtf they killed the janitor too.


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