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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Leaks From National Guard Database Expose Gulf Cartel Kingpins

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat (formerly "MX")
Map of the state of Tamaulipas above; Four drug kingpins from the Gulf Cartel were exposed over the Internet earlier this week when someone within the National Guard leaked their information. Below is the breakdown of each of these figures.

Citizen journalists in Tamaulipas published several leaks from a National Guard (GN) database that include sensitive information about multiple fugitive Gulf Cartel kingpins.

The information released includes pictures, full names, addresses, family trees, DOBs and POBs, work and/or criminal history, and other general information about them. Some of these criminals are only wanted by federal authorities while others are fugitives at both state and federal level.

To comply with our privacy guidelines, Borderland Beat omitted the exact addresses of these suspected drug kingpins. We removed the streets and house numbers but kept the city and state. We have also removed the names of the suspects' children as many of them are minors.

Cesar Morfin Morfin, alias "El Primito"

This first display shows the information about El Primito, the Gulf Cartel plaza boss in La Frontera Chica (also known as La Ribereña), a border region along Tamaulipas. The municipalities of Guerrero, Mier, Miguel Aleman, Camargo and Diaz Ordaz make up La Frontera Chica.

According to the data presented, El Primito was born in 1987 in Colima, Colima, Mexico, and does not have previous criminal history.

The GN confirms that El Primito has up to 10 known addresses under his name.

Location of properties

  1. Reynosa, Tamaulipas
  2. Colima, Colima
  3. Villa de Alvarez, Colima
  4. El Palomar, Jalisco
  5. Mexico City
  6. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
  7. Pihuamo, Jalisco
  8. Pihuamo, Jalisco (different address)
  9. Pihuamo, Jalisco (different address)
  10. Pihuamo, Jalisco (different address)
Family members
  • Father - Remigio Morfin Moreno
  • Mother - Maria De Jesus Morfin Galvan
  • Wife - Alma Rosa Magaña De La Mora
  • Brother - Alvaro Noe Morfin Morfin (1978)
  • Brother - Alejandro Morfin Morfin (1981)
  • Sister - Blanca Trinidad Morfin Morfin (1984)
  • Brother - Remigio Morfin Morfin (1991)

Carlos Humerto Acuña de los Santos, alias "Comandante Mono", "M-36", and "Metro 36"
This second display shows the information of El Mono, the Gulf Cartel plaza boss in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, the bastion of Los Metros faction. He is the successor of both Juan Manuel Loza Salinas ("El Toro") and Petronilo Moreno Flores ("Panilo"), who were killed and arrested in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

GN information shows that El Mono is close to El Primito. According to the data presented, El Mono was born in 1989 in Llera, Tamaulipas, and does not have previous criminal history.

One of the observation notes in the display says that El Mono was in the Mexican Army from 1 August 2007 to 19 May 2014. He was stationed in Ciudad Victoria, the state capital of Tamaulipas, as an infantry soldier. 

Location of properties

  1. Llera, Tamaulipas
  2. Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas
Family members
  • Fathers - Humberto Heisy Acuña Cantu
  • Mother - Maria Epifanias de los Santos
  • Spouse - Ana Keren Vargas Sanchez
  • Former Partner - Cindy Natali Cedillo Sanchez

Hector de Leon Fonseca, alias "Mario Gonzalez Martinez", "R3", "Teto", and/or "Chenco"
This third display shows the information of R-3, the Gulf Cartel plaza boss in the Tampico metropolitan area. This conurbation includes the municipalities of Tampico, Altamira, Ciudad Madero, Pueblo Viejo, and Pánuco.

As reported by Borderland Beat, R-3 worked closely with Silvestre Haro Rodríguez, alias "R-1" and/or "El Chive", and his brother Marco Antonio Haro Rodriguez, alias "R-2" and/or "Toñin". The Tampico faction reportedly has an alliance with the one in Matamoros.

The information revealed shows that R-3 was born in 1977 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Location of properties

  1. Reynosa, Tamaulipas
Family members
  • Father - Jose Humberto de Leon Hernandez
  • Mother - Guadalupe Fonseca
  • Brother - Jesus de Leon Fonseca
  • Sister - Gabriela Nohemi de Leon Fonseca
  • Spouse - Erika Daniela Murillo Dominguez

R-3's directs and plaza structure

Leaked map of southern Tamaulipas. The plaza boss of Gonzalez municipality is Jose Maria Duran Chavez ("Comandante Duran"). The plaza boss of Aldama municipality is Servando Peña Martinez ("Peña").

There are three operators under R-3: Eder Rodolfo Guzman Cruz ("R-48"); Francisco Guevara Gomez ("El Negro" and/or "R-94"); and Juan Manuel Plaza Lopez ("R-11").

Odilon Hernandez Valdivia, alias "Tango Uno" and/or "Tango 1"

This fourth display shows Tango Uno, the Gulf Cartel plaza boss in Ciudad Victoria, the state capital of Tamaulipas. The leaked information reveals that Tango Uno was a Supervisor in the Reynosa Transit Police from 2005 to 2007, when Governor of Tamaulipas Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca was mayor.

Data shows that Tango Uno was born in 1979 in Tamaulipas (the exact municipality was not provided).

Location of properties

  1. Matamoros Tamaulipas
Family members
  • N/A - None listed

Sources: Valor por Tamaulipas (1); (2); (3); (4); Guardia Nacional


  1. I thought Primito was born in Jalisco? Even has a corrido by tucanes where the opening line says so. Weird

    1. Primito dad is from Jalisco and primito was born in colima.
      They have family in Texas and several of their US family are former or current military members.

    2. 3:09 - on primito mother's side they live in the mcallen, Texas area. also from Colima/Jalisco

    3. They have distant family in michoacan. But his direct family are in manzanillo Colima.

    4. 🎶Benz truck

  2. Is primito aligned with cjng? Pihuamo is deep in cjng area of control, plus his birth place is also colima another cjng plaza 🤔

    1. yes, rumors say he's been with the CJNG for a while. BB has talked about it in some of the Frontera Chica posts. the houses he has in Jalisco ar revealing...

    2. I figured, now i also wonder if he is connected to the morfins in teca, a long time ago they got hunted down in teca, dont think it was because of the drugs but more of a personal beef, maybe thats when they fled to colima and thats where he was born, he is my age and that happened before i was born so it could of happened, how in the fuck did he ended up north in tamaulipas and a boss?

    3. @6:05 if I'm not mistaken his name started to be mentioned when the CDG ZETAS went to war in 2010ish and LFM sent a lot of sicarios to reinforce CDG. Unless the Zetas mantas were referring to Bartolo aka "El Primo" than that's around the time que se empezó hacer famoso. As I previously mentioned, Michoacán traffickers have been using Tamaulipas as a crossing point for some decades as they have also been a source of supply to the CDG traffickers and why they allied themselves with M3.

    4. @6:05

      I think he wanted to cross the river and live the American dream. But decided to work for CDG.
      Primo was kissing el toros/m42 azz in frontera chica

    5. Cjng in guerrero had 2 comandantes that where close to the guys from la ribereña that's where the cjng rumor comes there's a plaza boss name el americano in guerrero working for cjng but once worked with the cdg in camargo as a sicario & another guy name chico jaramillo also cjng who's compadre with leno a cdg boss in camargo but I guess all that came to an end when leno was staying in his hometown in guerrero and was having loud party's, shooting into the sky and intimidating the people of the town el americano (cjng) didn't like that so there was problems between them & then chico jaramillo step in to stop the beef and they decided to meet and when they met shit got heated and a shootout broke out and leno's younger brother died & GN was called and the chico jaramillo guy was injured from the shooting and he got arrested

    6. The americano guy worked for m103 if I'm not mistaking & in his songs he shoutouts camargo alot he has songs by lirik dog a reynosa rapper now he's cleaning plazas for cjng en guerrero & chico jaramillo is more of a drug trafficker and compadre with leno I'm sure he was using the frontera chica to smuggle drugs. El jardinero is also familiar with tamaulipas in his songs he mentions how he started off in tamaulipas el 010 idk if he's the same guy but he also mentions when he started working in tamaulipas I'm sure alot of cjng guys are familiar with tamaulipas or have connections with people over here

  3. So they got the info but can never catch them? Sounds like the payments are always on time

    1. Of course it is! Their biggest expense are bribes. That's why government officials dont want organized crime to disappear.

      You know what a politician or DA or judge or military/police commander in Mexico has as official salary?

      Bribes will up that salary X10 at least.

    2. That's why I see suitcases coming in through courthouses in Mexico.
      Not that some one is moving in, they are full of money. Talk about the justice system at work.

    3. By now, the cartels do not give tips or kickbacks to anybody, governors and judges and cuicos own the whole shebangs, cartels have to make doo with the table scraps and left overs they steal from the colleagues they whack.

  4. Though primito was from michocan or Jalisco?

    Was el Tango 1 was under el karis years ago ?

    The GN didn’t give any information on the Matamoros faction?

    1. I wish they had given info on Matamoros, but they didn't. I also thought Primito was from Jalisco, and I'm not sure about Tango 1 and Karis. From my understanding the Tangos faction was originally under Víctor Manuel Vázquez Mireles AKA Meme Loco.

    2. Tango 1 era gente de Tomas Sauceda Tango 80, hermado de Gregorio Sauceda Metro 2 y/o Don Goyo.

      Y los Tangos estaban bajo las ordenes de Tormenta.

      Primito es de Jalisco y desde hace mucho cuando Juanito Carrizales M98 estaba en guerra con Treviños y Matamoros el ya tenia nexos con CJNG, puesto que R1 los enlazó y los sigue enlazando, irónicamente quie lidera a gran parte de los Metros es justamente R1, claro tras bambalinas

    3. Mx in teca theres a lot of morfines, pihuamo is like a 40 minutes drive and colima is like another 30 minutes so most likely his family is from jalisco and he was born in colima

    4. Toon world - de cual R1 hablas ? Juan Mejía o estos weyes de Tampico?

    5. Toon_World: Great insight as always. So was Tango 80 the head of the Tangos? I have Karím Sauceda Gamboa AKA Tangos 64 under Memeloco.

      I have a theory that Memeloco was way more important than what he’s given credit. He was around since before the 1999 standoff with US agents and Osiel always had his back. A guy with no police or military experience yet extremely trusted by Osiel. I was told they were childhood friends and worked in the same mechanic shop.

    6. Toon

      All brothers ?

    7. Había otro que según era Pedro que no era Sauceda, recuerdan las gruas GOPE.

      Si R1 Juan Reyes Mejía, aunque todos lo dan por muerto Hamburguesa, Choco y otros Metros de peso lo protegieron cuando lo de Samuel.

      Memeloco sabia ser bandido y siempre tuvo gente muy leal, el problemas del Cartel de Osiel siempre fue Don Goyo, Coss y Tormenta no se llevaban bien, se caían mal entre ellos, por eso Lazcano se apoderó de la Compañia porque de los 3 no se hacía un lider.

      Cuando el pleito en 2010 les salieron huevos pero porque no les quedaba de otra, puro pendejo que no supo mantener el Cartel y trataron de correr y hacer multiples alianzas para mantenerse pero no les funcionó, salieron mas cabrones los Jefes de las facciones que poco a poco han limado asperezas y forjar pactos de no agresión o bien alianzas de beneficio mutuo, pero nunca falta el pendejo que sale a gritar a los 4 vientos: Mi apa el Metro 3 y traigo su escuela
      Pinche escuela pedorra que ni se defendió cuando lo cacheteo la Ardilla, chingon el Contador que teniendo todo en su contra hasta su familia le sale al toro y se planta macizo.
      De los Metros pues el Toro fue el ultimo lider que tenia a todos en cintura, no habra otro lider así.

      Y bueno la Facción del Sur siemore ha sido muy ordenada y también los ZVE.

      Solo los Norestes estan mal guiados y no agarran linea.

    8. Toon_World - Que significa agarrar linea? Estar en paz? Es que esos vatos son bien agresivos.

      Si se la llevaran tranquilo Nuevo Laredo seria como en los viejos tiempos.

    9. @Toon_World que no JRM/R1 es el mentado Rey de Reyes que se alineó con JJEM después de que le achacaron lo del M3?

    10. @6:08 el apellido Morfín es muy regional de esa parte del sur, todos los que yo conozco son de Michoacán

    11. Google translation of @Toon_World (discord is hard to follow, but insightful none the less):

      There was another that according to Pedro was not Sauceda, remember the GOPE cranes.

      Yes R1 Juan Reyes Mejía, although everyone considers him dead, Hamburger, Choco and other Metros de peso protected him when Samuel happened.

      Memeloco knew how to be a bandit and always had very loyal people, the problems of the Osiel Cartel were always Don Goyo, Coss and Tormenta did not get along, they liked each other, that is why Lazcano took over the Company because of the 3 they did not know made a leader.

      When the lawsuit in 2010 they got eggs but because they had no other choice, pure asshole who did not know how to maintain the Cartel and tried to run and make multiple alliances to maintain themselves but it did not work for them, the Heads of the factions came out more bastards than little by little. Little have they smoothed out rough edges and forged non-aggression pacts or alliances of mutual benefit, but the asshole who goes out to shout from the 4 winds never fails: My apa the Metro 3 and I bring his school
      Fucking farting school that didn't even defend itself when the Squirrel slapped it, the Accountant, having everything against him, even his family, goes out to the bull and stands solid.
      Of the Metros because the Bull was the last leader who had everyone in his waist, there will be no other leader like that.

      Well, the Southern Faction has always been very orderly and so have the ZVE.

      Only the Northeast are misguided and do not take a line.

    12. El "rey de reyes" dicen que era el Chapo porque el diablo (Hugo Alberto Banderas Pandilla) trabajaba para el y no para el Golfo.

    13. @3:48 no creo que sea JAGL. "Y tu Rey de Reyes vamos pa delante, gracias Matamoros un día me salvaste" Relatos de JJEM

    14. El que se "murió" de un infarto y su hijo se "murió" de corona@6:49

    15. 6:45 Eso no cambia nada.

  5. My guess is that the green-shaded municipios in the southern Tamaulipas map are ZVE territory. Guemez and Padilla were run by El Arqui who had ties to police and politicos in Cd Victoria. I wonder who the orange territory is run by, because Absolo and Soto La Marina used to be under the control of the CDG-Tampico faction.

  6. I think GN is really corrupt

  7. Who is in your opinions are the most low profile crime groups/bosses?

  8. Both Primo & Mono were under El Toro, kissing ass

    1. Everyone has kissed ass before. Toro sold tacos and was a bum washing cars for free just to be recognized. Be humble

  9. Primitos younger brother Remigio Morfin goes by Remy and r8 in Miguel Aleman

  10. I think primito code name is M300

  11. Aver para que hechos cuentas , toons lo de jardinero y de michoacan todo esta bien , hay alianzas por gente como muñe también que es cjng y golfo y ya se que hablan de camargo y relaciones con morfin, pero recuerda que las 4 letras todos tienen que estar ala línea, osea que todos son iguales , los que eran parte de un cartel y por azares del destino cambiaron de organización y después de eso hay alianza por lazos de ellos mismo , y lo del rey de los metros sin mamadas ah sido el mejor comandante de todo reynosa y camargo y lo que le paso fue traición pero no fue el R1 el que lo mando a matar por eso choco ,Hamburguesa y te falto mencionar a uno muy importante 75 quien todos le dieron la espalda y tacharon R


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