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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mexico A.G. reveals plan for the El Chapo extradition, indictments from 8 U.S. cities

Lucio R. Borderland Beat

The extradition chart popped up on the PGR twitter page a few hours after the news of the Rolling Stone, Sean Penn interview with El Chapo in October, while he was in hiding.  This is a another huge embarrassment for the Mexican Government and President Pena.  This may go against Chapo and hasten the extradition request approval for the United States.

Former Attorney General of the Republic, Jesús Murillo Karam, had rejected any thought of an El Chapo extradition; with a smirk he emphatically precluded any notion of that happening. 

In a January 27, 2015, interview with the AP press, Murillo Karam, then Attorney General, said he had no intention to extradite to the United States the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, who had been captured on 22 February 2014 truth be known, the U.S. had not filed for a request of extradition for Chapo at that time, or anytime near then, not until just prior to his second prison escape via  a “Chapo tunnel” in July of 2015.

Prior to Chapo’s escape, statements by president Enrique Peña and his AG both said there was no reason to extradite Chapo as “there was no danger of escape”.  

In a foolhardy statement, Murillo Karam said, "I can accept the extradition, but 'El Chapo' has to stay here to serve his sentence and then he can be extradited. So maybe in 300, 400 from now.”

Five months or so later Chapo would take a motorcycle ride through his tunnel to freedom.

At the end of last July, twenty days after the July escape of Joaquin Guzman Loera , an order for extradition to the United States was issued.

The order was requested by a Federal Court Southern District of California to the Mexican government, only two and a half weeks before the escape.

The Attorney General tweeted the chart below titled, “The procedure of extradition of Joaquin Guzman Loera”
Click on image to enlarge

The following is the breakdown expressed on the PGR chart

In June and August of 2015, the U.S. presented formal petitions for Chapo’s  extradition, the Mexican Attorney General's office said. By the 3rd of September Mexico’s Foreign Ministry determined the requests met the requirements.

The next step shifted the application to the office of the PGR.

PGR presents the formal petitions to a federal judge panel on 7/29 and 9/18

The federal judge panel ordered a “formal arrest warrant for the purpose of extradition” on July 29 and September 21st

SRE (Secretary of Foreign Affairs, requests the opinion of the judge and the record count 20 days to issue agreement granting or denying extradition of the person sought

Federal Judges issues an opinion on the admissibility of the extradition, or not, on the record, then refers the case opinion to SRE

Notifies the person sought, formal extradition request is granted

After completion of the orders, after the arrest ,  the SRE informs U.S

The office of Mexico’s attorney general issued a statement stating The Mexican government approved the petitions, and with the recapture, "both extradition requests presented by the U.S. will initiate".

This initiates a round of injunction, appeals, amparo filings by Chapo’s attorney’s to block the extradition.

First step is a filing within 3 days, to “pose exceptions”, which is what his attorneys said they would be filing today. This will be granted.  He will then have another 20 days to prove the objections.

Guzman, who is now back in custody after months on the run, has three days to "pose exceptions" and 20 additional days to "prove them," the Mexican Attorney General's office said.

When the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel was arrested in February 2014, the first action of his legal team was establishing a remedy to avoid extradition.

Chapo extradited? "Not for 3-400 years"
After the escape of July 2015, his lawyers continued their strategy of seeking injunctions against US extraditions requests and were successful in obtaining an injunction in October 2015.  But by then a fugitive from the authorities, there was no action to ratify the injunction (amparo), so on  December 18th , the judge Sobresello Thirteenth District cancelled the action.

Consequently, for the moment, the capo of the Sinaloa Cartel is unprotected against extradition to the United States. 

To avoid it, his attorneys were required to file a new appeal requesting a provisional suspension.

Defense attorneys were expected to file for an injunction this weekend, on the basis previous injunctions had been granted against extradition.  Time estimates are in the six month range before extradition.

These are the eight open indictments in the US against 'El Chapo':

  1. District of Arizona.  In 1993, Guzman Loera was charged with drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime.
  2. Southern District of California in San Diego.  It was presented in 1995 with four counts of conspiracy to import up to eight tons of cocaine and possession of that drug distribution.
  3. Western District of Texas in Del Rio.  This 2001 demand is for import and possession of narcotics.
  4. Northern Illinois. District  Eastern Division.  In February 2008 a process against Guzman Loera, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and other trafficking activities by large quantities of cocaine, "generally shipments of hundreds of kilograms in one time as well as large amounts of heroin from Mexico and across the US border. "
  5. East New York district .  nine counts against 'Chapo' for being leader of a criminal group, that smuggled 130 000 kilos of cocaine into the United States, were presented in July 2009.
  6. South Florida, in Miami. District  in November 2010, was sued in this Court Guzman Loera money laundering, conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine.
  7. District of New Hampshire The region was sued in 2011 for conspiracy to distribute and possession of  cocaine for sale. The document indicates that the crime began in 2009 and that the intention was to distribute 1,000 kilograms or more of the drug.
  8. Western District of Texas.  A lawsuit was fourteen charges filed in April 2012 against "the company Sinaloa Cartel" led by Guzman Loera and Ismael Zambada. According to the legal text, the two capos run a company that seeks  "the growth of its members and associate members through activities of conspiracy to import and distribution of illegal substances; money laundering, arms trafficking and commit murder ", which violates  The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act


  1. DD is working on the Sean Penn Chapo interview story.

    1. ... "Thank You" ^^ As Always ... Please Get Some Rest Now ...

  2. Thank you bb. We appreciate your time and effort

  3. Thank you BB, we appreciate your time and efforts

  4. Why do an interview, knowing full well high profile actors would be followed, this is beyond comprehensible. Why didn't his confidants or his sons dissuade him from doing an interview? No wonder Mayo hasn't been caught, he keeps a low profile, Chapo let the hoopla get to him, he's not as smart as some say, Mayo is more astute.

    1. The interview isn't why Chapo was captured for the 3rd All the media outlets are using the same title but it dates back to October when they raided the area and Chapo was injured, he confirmed it and said it wasn't as bad as they said it was. Mayo also did an exclusive interview with Processo in 2013 and that was a big deal as well. Mayo has lost sons to the US so I'm sure he's more of aware of what can happen if he gets caught and that is why he's still hiding.

    2. What are you talking about? Mayo Zamabda did an interview for Proceso in 2010 with the founder of the news magazine Julio Scherer.

  5. I always follow dd. Thanks for the info

  6. hey nobody believed popeye and he proved all of you wrong including me!

  7. What is really going on.?This looks like a big joke.Sean Penn can locate the most wanted man in the world.?also,the Mexican government said that they almost caught him on a hill and he feld and injured himself.the video of him talking and answering Sean Penn question s was after that incident.he clearly doesn't look injured.also in the rolling stone interview chapos son was the one that drove Sean through military check points!!!the Mexican government is a complete joke.also why would chapo brag on video about being the world's number 1 drug supplier and having a fleet of submarines,boats and cars?

  8. As said in the Sean Penn article, Chapo named a number of major corporations in Mexico and in other countries that are corrupt and have taken his money. If he is extradited I guess the USA will only let him list a few of those companies. Only the ones that are not assets of the USA. Also, there's a lot of powerful officials that don't want him extradited. I must say though, the Sean Penn interview was mind-blowingly brilliant. He said what needed to be said, that Chapo and all the rest were raised into this life, US demand fuels everything and war on drugs in failed. Sorry for long comment

    1. Bottom line is there is no point of arresting el chapo. Whether he is behind bars or not it will not Change the amount of drugs entering or violence in Mexico. Sinaloa cartel is to organized I think so everything will continue the same. Therefore I think he should have never been captured because Beltrans and Cjng and other cartels will try to step up and can maybe trigger violence. Just my opinion though

  9. Well done lucio! and thank you for translating the chart for us

  10. SEA should thank el Chapo he has been putting food in their mouth for a long time.

  11. Fry el chapo, but do not protect those we all know are associated with him and with other dirty and corrupt people, mexican and american generals, police, government officers and businessmen, it is not like nobody knows about them...

  12. Viva El Chapo and mainly Dr Jose Manuel Mirales

  13. Well when they raided Chapo's (un)safe house they took some of the Fast and Furious artillery off the Mexican streets!
    Hilarious fact!

  14. There is a point in arresting him. What does one say to the families of loved ones that suffered from his rampage? This guy is no different than any other criminal, other than the fact he escaped twice from an obvious incompetent country's prison system. He doesn't want to come to the US. Eventually he will be forgotten once everything is said and done. Then the focus will be on someone else. He is as popular as any celebrity. Once they die or go to jail everyone forgets about them. His next headline will be he died. Hooray join the average person.

  15. I am writing a book on this monster and he will be exposed for what he and his moles do. And I'm only writing the truth. I have plenty of people who have been victimized by this so called man?????

    1. Tell us when can we buy it for 99cents in amazon

  16. Tell Johnny Depp he needs to come and interview me I work with 5-16 yr old sex trafficked children that are terrified their families are going to be slaughtered along with the innocent children the cartel smuggles in daily forced to sell their virginity to the highest bidder then left in a stinkin hotel room to make money by sleeping with dirty old men/women and scummy cartel members and scaring an innocent child barely out of their mothers womb. If you don't publish this you are hiding the truth. I know I was a victim!!!!!

    1. Why put Johnny depp in this? Who did he ever interview

    2. 3:19, Stay strong. If, we take Depp's name out of the comments, eveything else you've written is valid, horribly true and shreds the heart. Lo siento del alma, 3:19. Many times, the same routes used for transporting drugs are used for human smuggling and sex trafficking, this is not spoken about as much as it needs to be and a reality the world has to face to change. You're a courageous person, my respects.

  17. It couldn't have ended any better.
    For the Record; please begin referring to the Man by his name of Record.


    Do this for his Trial Dates and Court Proceedings sake. We all know he is Alias " El Chapo". But this Epic deseves for its characters to mentioned in a professional manner.

    ~ Spectator

    1. Joaquin archivaldo Guzman loera

    2. Anybody know what his prison id # might be? am sick of all his names, a number'd be a welcomed change and really easy to forget, ha! Any bets on how many more years a living JAGL will commandeer headlines? How long before he is extradited?? Bye-Bye,Chapo!

  18. I guess is a start of a new eara ivan archivaldo el chapito takes control as the leader of cds

  19. Pena nieto is the real mexican criminal put him inn jail along with his compadres

    1. @10:44, Hear! Hear! It's true. Narco prez EPN and his government are war criminals guilty of crimes against humanity.

  20. You guys either changed the picture because how awful it looks, or its too distracting for the readers... Hilarous.... but maybe not a fact.

  21. Send Chapo to El Paso TX to face justice. The Aztecas will be waiting for him! Without bodyguards he's a fuckin punk!

  22. When The U.S. Marshall Service takes Custody of Guzman, he will be delivered to the U.S. Penitentiary at Marion, Ill.
    This was once the "Supermax". He will be held there until his arraignment which will take place in Chicago Federal Courthouse.
    He will be denied bail.
    Then the Parade of The Flores twins, and Mayo's Sons (Vincente) will begin to testify against Guzman.
    This is where it will get interesting.
    After he is found guilty on all counts - he will placed in custody of The US Dept of Justice B.O.P.
    Where he will then be transported to the US. Penitentiary Florence ADMAX.

    There he will given a pick axe, and a 1000+ years head start to attempt tunneling out of the Rocky Mountains.



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