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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mexican Marines Reconstruct the Death of Don Alejo Garza


When Mexican Marines arrived at the San Jose Ranch, 15 kilometers from Victoria, Tamaulipas, the scene was bleak: The austere main house was practically destroyed by grenades and heavy gunfire.

Outside of the home, they found four bodies. Cautiously, and with their weapons drawn, the troops continued inspecting the exterior and found two more gunmen, wounded and unconscious, but alive.

Inside the house only one body was found, riddled with bullets and with two weapons by it's side. The body was identified as Don Alejo Garza Tamez, the owner of the ranch and a highly respected businessman in Nuevo Leon.

Upon further inspection of the interior, marines found weapons and ammunition at every window and door. This allowed them to reconstruct how, just hours prior, the battle had played out.

Marines searched for more bodies inside the house, but none were to be found. It seemed hard to believe that one person, armed only with hunting rifles, had caused so many casualties on the attackers.

Dozens of spent shells and the smell of gunpowder gave proof of the tenacity of the man who fought to the end in defense, of not only his ranch, but his dignity.

In the end, it was deduced the man had created his own defense strategy to fight alone, placing weapons at every door and window.

The story began in the morning of Saturday November 13, when a group of armed gunmen went to deliver an ultimatum to Don Alejo Garza Tamez: He had 24 hours to turn over his property or suffer the consequences.

Using the diplomacy he had acquired over nearly eight decades of life, Don Alejo flatly announced that not only would he not be surrendering his property, but that he'd be waiting for them.

When the men had left, Don Alejo gathered his workers and ordered them to take Sunday off, he wanted to be alone.

He dedicated the rest of Saturday to taking stock of his weapons and ammunition and creating a military fortress style defense strategy for his home.

The night of Saturday the thirteenth was long and restless, much like his past hunting adventures; Don Alejo woke early. Shortly after 4 a.m. the motors of various trucks could be heard entering the property from a distance.

Marines who investigated the scene could only imagine how it was that morning: armed men, their impunity secured, confident they'd soon be owners of yet another property. Nobody, or almost no one, could hold out against a group of heavily armed gunmen. Only Don Alejo.

The trucks entered the ranch and took up positions surrounding the house. The gunmen got out of their trucks, fired shots in the air, and announced they came to take possession of the ranch. They were expecting the terrified occupants to run out, begging for mercy with their hands in the air.

But things didn't go as expected. Don Alejo welcomed them with bullets; the entire army of gunmen returned fire. Don Alejo seemed to multiply, he seemed to be everywhere. The minutes would have seemed endless to those who had seen him as easy prey. Various gunmen were killed on sight. The others, in rage and frustration, intensified the attack by swapping out their assault rifles for grenades.

When everything finally fell silent, the air was left heavy with gunpowder. The holes left in the walls and the windows attested to the violence of the attack. When they went in search of what they had assumed was a large contingent, they were surprised to find only one man, Don Alejo.

The surviving gunmen did not take over the ranch. Thinking the military would arrive at any moment, they decided to run. They left behind what they thought were six corpses, but two of their gunmen had survived.

Shortly after, the Marines arrived and methodically reconstructed the events. A lone rancher, a man who worked a lifetime to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor such as his ranch, had defended it to his death.

In the last hunt of his life, Don Alejo surprised the group of assassins who wanted to impose the same law on his ranch that they had on the State, the law of the jungle.

The marines who were present will never forget the scene: a 77 year old man, who before death, took out four gunmen, fighting the same as the best soldiers: with dignity, courage, and honor.

Rest in Peace Don Alejo Garza Tamez

A Man of His Word

- Don Alejo Garza was a proud Norteño. He was born in Allende, Nuevo leon in 1933. He childhood was spent in the most wooded areas of the state.

-Allende, located 50 miles south of Monterrey, is crossed by National Highway 85 that leads to Ciudad Victoria, Tampico and Veracruz. This community is located at the base of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

-His father owned a sawmill, and he learned early in his youth, along with his older brothers, how to work, saw, and sell wood. Driven by this activity he eventually founded the timber supply store El Salto in Monterrey, taking the name from the place where they bought the product.

- As a young man he had to travel constantly to Parral, Chihuahua, and El Salto, Durango, to buy the wood which would then be sold in Monterrey. His family was successful in this field and opened branches in Allende, his hometown, and Montemorelos.

- Don Alejo began fishing and hunting as a child. As a young man he began to collect weapons. Among his friends and associates he was known as an excellent shooter who, in the company of his friends, hunted deer, geese and pigeons.

- Don Alejo Garza Tamez was one of the founding members of the "Dr. Maria Manuel Silva" Hunting, Shooting and Fishing Club, located in Allende, Nuevo León.

- He and his brother, Rodolfo, bought the San Jose Ranch in Tamaulipas and divided it between them. Don Alejo's half bordered with the Padilla Lake and Rodolfo's with the Coronoa river.

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- Don Alejo was known for keeping his word. To all those who knew him, his word was as good as any legal contract.


  1. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman former West Point psychology professor has a “wolf, sheep and sheepdog” theory that relates directly to predators, victims and protectors.

    The wolves, the predators that prey on us and our children, are despicable. There is nothing morally superior in them. Do you believe there are wolves out there who will feed on the flock without mercy? You better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not so, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial.

    The wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. By al characteristics, the cartels thugs and sicarios are wolves.

    Most people are sheep, content to live their lives knowing that there are others who will protect them. Sheep are mostly gentle creatures that do not have the propensity for violence and depend on others to protect them when necessary. This is not mean to disparage the general population in any way by using this analogy. It's just a fact of life. Most of the people in our society and Mexico is no different, are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident. Most Mexican people that live the terror of the wave of violence from the cartels become victims in so many ways, they are in essence sheep, gentle people who opt for peace and non-violence

    Then there are sheepdogs. The sheepdogs are the bastions of safety. The sheepdog lives solely to protect the flock and confront the wolf. They live for the opportunity to be called to duty to protect the innocent. The sheepdog has fangs and the propensity for violence but hopes that he will not have to resort to it. However, he lives for that day when he will be able to use his warrior skills and mindset to keep the wolf from harming the sheep.

    If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath--a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? Then you are a sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the hero’s path. Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed.

    I submit to you, Don Alejo was a sheepdog, defended the sheep against the wolf to the death. That is why we must always honor and give our total respect for the sheepdog, Don Alejo, now and always!

  2. Wow!!!!
    Tonight tears came out of my eyes as a read this.

    Mr, Buggs!
    I like it, thank you, Don Alejo was indeed a sheepdog, because I, a sheep, do not possess the courage, skill and bravery to do what Don Alejo did! That is to stare evil in the eye, the piercing cold blooded stare of the wolf.

    A salute you, and thank you for being you, Don Alejo our "Sheepdog."

  3. That man is a true Mexican here. He stood up and defended what was his. This man should be an example to all Mexican citizens. I think it is time for the citizens to make a stand against the drug dealing scum that infest their country like a sickness that can't be cured. Go with God Don Alejo...............

    1. t is difficult, weapons are ilegal here, has been other cases in rural areas when a man make a stand ,but just a few, cause narcos are many, and the ones that have fight against them cant get good automatic rifles, only 22 and they get killed by ak47 and other weapons this pieces of shit have

  4. Rest in Peace. I WILL TELL EVERY PERSON I MEET ABOUT THE COURAGE BY THIS ONE man, you will not be forgotten, hooraah

  5. I meant to say " Hero". I made a typo please excuse my error............

  6. Another great example of the validity of an armed citizenry ( ).

    Unfortunately, Mexico has extremely strict gun laws and appalling levels of violence.

  7. I want to die a slave to principles, not to men. ~ Emiliano Zapata

  8. Don Alejo, One Brave,Fearless,Respectful, Mexican Eagle!! He had the courage to fight and stand his ground for what he believed. He killed 4 cowardly snakes and left 2 wounded!

    He did this himself, dam it, what a guy!!!, these are the man mexico should be admiring not that trash of narcos. He would have killed more or even all of them if he would've been younger i bet!!! His brave act has touched many and you will never be forgotten. Don Alejo, The True Mexican who stood fighting then live on his kness!!Que dios te tenga en su reino viejo...

  9. This man deserves a medal of honor after going out like this. Hopefully this will inspire other people to stand up for their beliefs.

  10. AQUI mi corrido para Don Alejo Garza Tamez que en GLORIA este. RT si les late:


    Hombre bragado y valiente,
    No le importo su dolor,
    Nació norteño hasta el tope,
    Como tal defendió su honor…

    Salvo primero a sus hombres,
    Por los matones guardo,
    Llegaron a amedrentarlo,
    a balazos les contesto

    desde su noble trinchera,
    4 adelante se echo,
    Era su vida y su rancho, era
    Cuestión de su honor
    Por eso murió a balazos,
    por eso nunca se incó

    En la gloria esta Don Alejo,
    El solito a su rancho salvo,
    Y los guachos están sorprendidos,
    Pues a ninguno necesito.

  11. Corrido a Don ALejo (Usuario El_Freson):

    A ver gente que les parece el corrido que le compusimos con mucho respeto al Don.
    Compositores; EL FRESON-ELMONJE5427 Y EL LOCO.

    Un domingo 14 de Noviembre,
    Don Alejo con rifle y pistola en la mano
    al comando armado espero
    cuando de las trocas se bajaron
    a plomasos los recibio.

    Ya el gallo canta
    anunciando el sol y su calor
    Cuatro lacras menos
    son testigos de su valor

    Que vivan los heroes
    los que viven con valor
    y mueren en la raya sin importar el dolor

    Eran muchos los cobardes
    que su rancho querian tomar
    y Don Alejo valiente como siempre
    prefirio en la raya quedar.

    El mato a cuatro sicarios
    Y dejo a dos lisiados
    Pero como eran muchos los cobardes
    Con la vida de Don Alejo acabaron

    A si matan los cobardes,
    en bola y por monton,
    pero no se imaginaban
    que ese viejito era CABRON!

    Que descanse en paz!

  12. There is a simple lesson here.
    Got character?
    Got guts?
    Got guns?

    To you who live in Mexico, how many of your brothers, lovers and friends can say yes to those three questions? Most of them I believe.
    How many of your brothers, lovers and friends suffered because of these terrorists?

    Join your local Hunting, Shooting and Fishing Club. Go visit them and they will welcome you.

    En mass join the local police. "Every citizen a policeman". If they do not want your help they must be a problem.

    Don Alejo, died as he lived an upright man.
    He also left the legacy and example for all free men to follow.

    Viva Mexico


    1. que se los done ahora al sr AMLO

  14. this guy is a true martyr. im glad that he took out four cockroaches with him. i only hope that god forgives him. he was a good man becuase he didnt involve anyone else. he wasnt fighting just for his home. he was fighting for his rights and for his dignity. that is the coolest way to go out. as an old man at the end of his life, in a blaze of glory. becuase in the end...we all know that in order to be forgiven, we must face our own mortality.

  15. Don Alejo was a fine man. I will honor his name. If only there were more men like him in this world. Rest in peace Mr. Alejo, you have earned it.

  16. He would have likely killed them all if he was allowed to keep semiautomatic weapons in his home. A bolt action is fine if you have time and cover and your enemy isn't as well equipped as the cartel. A semiautomatic rifle has the capability to suppress with errant fire while detachable high capacity magazines would have ultimately leveled it depending on how many cartel were there to begin with. Being defensively minded kept this man alive long enough take out four assailants and incapacitate two others. Imagine how many more cartel he could have taken down with a little help and a few semiautomatic rifles.

    Great job, Don Alego, may you rest in peace while your murderers are tortured in the least humane ways. Stand up, people of Mexico and take your country back. If this 77 year old man was able to take out 4 and incapacitate 2 more while defending his home and driving off the insurgents, how many more can be fought off by the younger men in your country?

  17. as a human being I am very proud of this brave man. He is a true hero in every way

  18. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. - Emiliano Zapata

  19. My heart is enlarged with pride and emotion upon reading this story. What a courageous man, to defend and die for his principles! This man is a true warrior and one to respect and admire. Que Dios Lo Tenga En Su Gloria..

  20. THAT IS ONE BADAZZ MAN!!! My he rest in peace and he made me proud of Mexico today. From and American citizen.

  21. I wonder how many more of the scum he wounded that got back to the trucks? I salute you Don Alejo Garza Tamez, may you serve as an inspiration to more real men.

  22. Bravery and iron are forged in fire.

  23. Wow a true warrior, defender of freedom and hero. As a soldier my self he has my respects. I hope this servers as an example and motivation to other people of Mexico. The cartels and criminals are not unbeatable. This man shows you how it can be done. People of Mexico stand up and rise against this thugs. Take back our beautiful Mexico. This man makes me proud to be of Mexican.

  24. The reason Mexican citizens need GUNS!!!

  25. Until Mexicans get the courage to do what Don Alejo did, your country will be run by the scum that commit such crimes. Personally you should start all over...shit can your government and form a new Democracy, but along the way kill all drug dealers.

  26. Don Alejo le saludo en el reino de Dios en donde esta, por haber defendido su honor encontra esos cobardes, montoneros de criminales. Que cada hombre mejicano, honesto, y trabajador tuvieran los cojones que tuvo este hombre de la tercera edad, acabarian con todos
    esos criminales. Estos ciminales mammones no tienen la dignidad de tener el nombre como se quieren llamar. Son puros padilleros, cholos,hijos de sus putas madres. While some of you son-of-bitches are in Texas already,make sure you don't run into the citizens with the concealed hand gun.


  28. “Among individuals, as among nations, peace is the respect of others' rights. Benito Juarez....People, Mexico is in war!! I go with Bugss theory, the majority of Mexicans are sheep, only few have the guts to stand up and fight!! but they will die. ex. Maquio Cloutier, he stoop up to fight democracy and change in a peaceful way, google him and listen to his speaches, I heard him in 1985 when I was 14. The Mexican government intentionally took the rights to bear guns to their citizens for one reason: control, and we now see the consecuences. Only criminals have guns and they know that. Don Garza lived the values that few have in Mexico, and old men defended his property, while thousend of young ones run and cross the border to scape. I hope that many will save their "aguinaldo" (end of the year earnings) and try to buy a gun, which is forbiden in Mexico, I hope that many get trained in local hunting organizations which at least are alouded. Sorry, but another Revolution is needed since Mexico had a Sociatist/Dictatorship system for 60 years where corruption got so rooted....let's see how many Don Garzas will stand up.... atte.Lioness.

  29. A Rifleman's prayer:

    "Oh Lord, I would live my life in freedom, peace and happiness, enjoying the simple pleasures of hearth and home. I would die an old, old man in my own bed, preferably of sexual overexertion.

    But if that is not to be, Lord, if monsters such as this should find their way to my little corner of the world on my watch, then help me to sweep those bastards from the ramparts, because doing that is good, and right, and just.

    And if in this I should fall, let me be found atop a pile of brass, behind the wall I made of their corpses.”

    Rest in peace, brother.


  30. La muerte de esta persona nos inspira a todos loe mexicanos que vemos dia con dia como nuestra soberania y libertad es arrebatada por un monton de cobardes malnacidos. Esos cobardes delincuentes, zetas, narcos, sicarios, familia michoacana, golfos, etc, etc, ha y tambien muchos politicos en contubernio con estos hijos de perra merecen bala y plomo. Las autoridades estan totalmente rebasadas en este problema que aqueja el pais. Don Alejo es el primero de muchos mexicanos que recuperan al pais de esta bola de alimanas. Mi mas sincero pesame para toda su famila y para Don Alejo con todo respeto mi mas profunda admiracion.

  31. La peor ofensa del gobierno Mexicano es forzar al pueblo Mexicano a una guerra donde el defenderse es un crimen.

  32. May you rest in peace Don Alejo. What you did will never be forgotten. You are a true RAMBO!!!

  33. A majority OF AMERICAN and CANADIAN are sheep!!!!Marc,montréal Canada

  34. Out-freaking-standing!!! Don you were one hell of a man and deserve a place in Valhalla for a showing like that. I wish all of Mexico would stand up and fight back. 1 man just stopped 6 with a little planning and a lot of balls, what could 10,000 of you do if you were as well prepared?

  35. Had he survived, he'd probably be in jail for homicide, never mind that he'd be free in a couple of weeks.

    Elected politician should earn minimum wage, then we'd truly see who wants to work for the people. Sure, there's rampant corruption, but that's easier to spot when you don't earn much.


  36. all the good men need is a way to fight back, and in this place an at this time the way is with the gun...too bad he didn't have two or three well armed men by his side ...i notice no gun control nutz have written anything here..if there is a heaven...and warriors can go ..then this man is there with Benito Juarez, because he died on his feet

  37. and as we all know when you die brave in battle those who you kill are your slaves in Valhalla...he has four, and i hope the others die , so he has six

  38. Orgulloso de ser Mexicano me siento que grande es Don Alejo......nunca olvidare ese nombre......Que descanse en la gloria de Dios.....

  39. An American saying "It's time for Mexicans to take a stand against drug dealing scum", when in the U.S., you have the Crips, Bloods, and all the street gangs; the Hell's Angels, Mongols, and the rest of the Biker gangs; and, finally, the crime families such as the Gambino family or Genovese.

  40. There is a quote that I remember ever since I was little.I remember hearing it after watching the movie "The Shootist", with John Wayne. Sure it's Hollywood script, but it really resonated with me and has stuck with me for 30 years.

    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them."

    After reading about what happened to this Gentleman, I realize that, for some, this is not a mere Hollywood scripted sentiment, but that there are honorable men in the world that live this truth.

    Que se lo tenga Dios en su Gloria.

  41. I salute Don Alejo. Long may his memory live.

  42. Gonna name my future son Alejo a really true Mexican heroe! In memory of this great man.


  44. love the corrido ideas..this definitely needs to be turned into a movie or at least a song..RIP Don Alejo..

  45. He's one brave man! His kinds are the ones we need to protect our freedom. We can't afford to be all sheep... we need more sheepdogs. I salute him. Rest in peace Don Alejo Garza!

  46. el corrido de Don Alejo:

  47. Don Alejo was a true hero and an indelible inspiration. Damn those savages, thinking they can take what ever the hell they want!!!! I am glad that those fools got what they deserved. Don Alejo will never be forgotten because he was a 'real' Mexican hero!!! I sure hope this inspires the many to stand for what they believe in and FIGHT!

  48. When I heard about this story one song came to mind...Bon Jovi-Blaze of Glory

    I pray the Lord my soul to keep
    No I ain't looking for forgiveness
    But before I'm six foot deep
    Lord, I got to ask a favor
    And hope you'll understand
    'Cause I've lived life to the fullest
    Let this boy die like a man
    Staring down a bullet
    Let me make my final stand

  49. This guy pwns every homesteader out there. He's someone that the Mexican people should rally around and declare a martyr and national icon.

  50. Don Alejo will be the man that turned around this war single handed. He has given the people the fire to stand up and say it is enough.

    Narcos, your days are counted. Who let the dogs out??

  51. Were more men of his character our world would be a better place.

    With much respect sir, may God look favorably upon your life and family.

  52. "The wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. By al characteristics, the cartels thugs and sicarios are wolves. "

    You cannot be more wrong. Wolves feed on prey animals for survival, which has nothing to do with mercy. Behavior described in the article (murder for profit) is unfortunately only practiced by mankind, so your allegory is false and misleading to say the least...

  53. Pobre Senor, Porque murio lo vemos como un heroe, pero ante la ley tonta que tenemos, si el hubiera sobrevivido el ataque, ahorita estuviera encerrado en prision por haber usado armas contra asesinos en su propiedad. Los politicos deberian de considerar este caso como una prueba de que la ciudadania deberia tener el derecho a poseer armas de fuego, cortas, largas, para defenderse. como es que en estados Unidos si funciona? Mexico copea todo lo malo de E.U.A, pero lo bueno no. alla no estan muriendo miles de personas a causa de que solo delincuentes tienen armas mientras que las personas de bien no se pueden defender. Ya es hora de ver las cosas de otro punto de vista, que no?

  54. Legalize drugs and the drug dealers will have no income to finance their army.

    Rest in Peace Don Alejo Garza Tamez

  55. I always remembered that line from the movie "The Shootist" and as mentioned previously, it fits Don Alejo.

    There must be more men like him in Mexico, standing up for themselves, and demanding change, whether it be with a bullet or a ballot.

    People in the United States need to find ways to support brave, real, TRUE Mexicans like Don Alejo.

  56. A true man among men. I would hope that in the same situation, I would have the resolve and courage that this warrior had. Rest in Peace sir, you have earned it.
    Semper Fi.

  57. As a South African I salute Don Alejo and hope I have similar courage when the govMUNT comes for my property

  58. The american think is the best in the world but you have a lot of mexican cartel in your own soil with ms-13 and a lot of gangs around your country.It`s very easy to talk in front of your computer but in the reality you will piss in your short in front of mexican cartels.

  59. i thought it was from true grit...not the shootist

  60. This a real hero! I hope the peace come soon to Mexico

  61. Don Alejo le saludo. Que descance en paz con El Senor.

    Having lived in northern Mexico, I can assure you that Don Alejo is not alone in his grit and determination. However, he is alone in the ability to defend himself and own a firearm with which to do so. I am honored to have read this story and agree with earlier posts that the Sheepdogs of the world must stand up to the wolves. MS-13 and other gangs are not to be underestimated. If we are to overcome them, we must stand with courage and follow the example of Don Alejo. If we do not, our families and children will be at the mercy of these monsters.

  62. este señor si tenia huevos

  63. Yeah Man
    we can't have people going to court and shit like that.
    Let's just shoot it out, everyday, everywhere.
    That's the way to do it, Man.

  64. Having born in the city of Monterrey in mexico...and being a proud legal gun owner here in Mexico...I will follow your example, Sir!!
    Don Alejo. Your name is now craved on my ruger mini 14 ranch!!!!

  65. Kill them. Kill them all. keep killing them until all are dead. nothing else will work.

  66. esta es el corrido de Don Alejo Garza

  67. Quiero repetir: "Orgulloso de ser Mexicano me siento que grande es Don Alejo......nunca olvidaré ese nombre......Que descanse en la gloria de Dios....."

    ¡Que le vaya con Dios, Don Alejo!

  68. now Mexico has a MODERN hero to rally around






    you have made a new hero and mayrtr for all the good men of Mexico to rally around...this is the stupidest thing you could ever your days are really numbered...




  70. Esto es un verdadero acto heroico,, de un verdadero soldado de dios, espero ke este heroe nos inspire para luchar por justicia y libertad,, hay ke morir peliando y no dejarnos y luchar hasta al final,,VIVA DON ALEJO GARZA!!

  71. My great respects to a man who lived a worthy life and it's an honor just to read and know of him.

  72. eso son hombres de adeveras asi peliaban nuestros abuelos y bisabuelos sus tieras y su mexico lindo y la libertad ahora endonde a quedado nuestra jente defiendan su pais su mexico lindo y querido

  73. These are true heroes, not these fucken cartel fucks who have songs made in their honor. Don Alejo is a hero who will be remembered for a long time. This is only the beginning of his legend, "A man with a hear of steel who stood up for what he believed was right". The legend of Don Alejo is born, may he rest in peace, great warrior.

  74. RIP Don Alejo. I wish all the beaners had balls as big as his, then Mexico wouldn't be a failed state.

  75. Un abrazo de condolencia para toda la Familia de Don Alejo Garza Tamez, aparte de ser un Empresario,Esposo, Padre , Hermano, e Hijo era un gran amigo, quien de sus amigos, y amigos de sus amigos, y amigos de sus hijos no fueron alguna vez a su Rancho a Pescar, A Cazar Venados y Jabalíes o simplemente a pasar un fin de semana en su Gran Rancho, en nombre de los que lo conocimos. Que gran Valor! ojala y el sacrificio de su vida sea un ejemplo para nosotros Los Mexicanos no ser amedrantados por estas nuevas generaciones de Malandrines que no valoran sus vidas ni la de ellos mismos por unos cuantos pesos. La Nueva Historia de Mexico comienza. Héroes de La Revolución. Don Francisco I. Madero Nació Coahuila. Don Emiliano Zapata. Nació en Morelos Mx. Don José Doroteo Arango Arambula. Nació en San Juan del Rió, Durango Mx.
    El Nuevo Héroe Nacional. Don Alejo Garza Tamez. Nació en Allende N.L. Mx
    Saludos desde El Cercado Nuevo León
    R. Martinez

  76. Don Alejo Garza Tamez, I salute you! I hope your death will not go to waste. My prayer is that your sacrifice will give courage to those who have lost hope. Your death will work as a guiding light in the darkness of greed and despair. The great people of a great nation of Mexico will rise up and rid of the greedy scavengers and their vultures and sow a seed of hope and happiness for the future generations.

  77. This man was a real hero and he had the means to protect, his employees first then his property and his dignity. That's why Mexican people should be allowed to own weapons for protection againt drug cartels and other criminals until them we are at their mercy since the police are incapable to stop them.
    R.I.P. DON ALEJO, you are an example to follow.

  78. I believe it is time for Mexico to allow people to defend themselves with guns.I heard a young hunter say its fun shooting rabbits and an older man told him if the rabbits could shoot back would it be fun then.

  79. Don Alejo is a hero, he did what the Mexican government is either unwilling or incapable of doing.

  80. There are very few true heroes these days. I solute Don Alejo Garza!

  81. Inspiring!!! May God have you in his glory Don Alejo.

    Don Alejo, que chulada viejo!! Los hiciste morder polvo a los cobardes desalmados.

    Viva Mexico!!!!

  82. Damn, he was fearless.

  83. RIP Don Alejo
    You won't be forgotten.

  84. Rest in peace Don Alejo, you are truly a great example of what be achieved when the mind is set !!!!

  85. The death penalty must be reinstated on a fast track process when someone commits an atrocious crime, and or commits treason. The killing or attempted murder of any government personal or taking bribes while holding a government position should fall under the categories of treason. When an official and or protectors of the peace commit bribes they are placing the lives of their fellow countrymen at danger, not caring of the widows and children they will no longer provide for. The related death toll is over 32,000 documented and climbing,

  86. Caray, y pensar que ya perdia toda esperanza en mi pueblo mexicano; ojala y hubiera mas gente como este señor, valiente y con verguensa, no que, lo unico que veia antes de el, eran puros cobardes. Cucarachas como les dices aya arriba, esos cobardes que por unos piches pesos matarian ala mas vieja de su casa, pero, gracias señor Alejo por recordarme que en Mexico todavia hay hombres y mujeres que hacen la diferencia, solo espero que mi pueblo se levante y que hayga mas hombres como usted para sostener este pais.

  87. The world has lost a true gentleman and an amazing citizen soldier who died a hero's death in every sense of the word.

    May he rest in peace, in the praise of God

  88. Die you Mexican peddlers of death. May you all suffer tenfold the death and destruction that you sell for money. May your corpses burn atop the pyres made from the dollars you steal from the people of this country.

    Honor and Peace to you, Don Alejo. Godspeed. We will pray for the peace for your family, will you please pray for our redemption.

  89. The showdown between Don Alejo Garza Tamen and an untold number of cowardly street hyenas took place last fall apparently. The news services here took very little if any notice of this heros stand and I wouldn't have known of it except for Dillon Precision's catalogue "The Blue Press" March 2011. The world (not only Mexico) has lost a truely brave and honorable man. Via con Dios Don Alejo. May God grant me one ounce of the courage this great man had.

  90. Mexico needs to arm the populace to rid the country of tyranny.

  91. It was an honor to read about this man.

  92. Mexican gun laws are very very strict, if you have anything above 0.38 you go to jail. There are exceptions for hunters. I can only Imagine the outcome of this if Don Alejo had an M4 instead of only his hunting rifles...



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