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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Expert: Arrest of ‘Tony Montana’ Is Payback For CJNG Attacks On Military

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Expert: Arrest of ‘Tony Montana’ is payback for Jalisco cartel attacks on military

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – The Mexican government is confirming the arrest of the brother of Jalisco New Generation Cartel kingpin Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, a.k.a. “El Mencho.”

Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, a.k.a. “Tony Montana,” was arrested on Tuesday in a suburban Guadalajara, Mexico, home from where he allegedly supervised the cartel’s financial and logistical operations, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement. Mexican officials on Wednesday took Oseguera to the offices of the Federal Prosecutor for Organized Crimes (FEMDO) to make a statement, Mexican media reported.

The arrest of Mencho’s brother represents a “devastating blow” against an international criminal organization that has become one of Mexico’s principal instigators of violence, the minister said.

Oseguera was allegedly caught illegally in possession of a rifle, six guns and ammunition. His arrest follows last Friday’s abduction in Jalisco of Col. Jose Isidro Grimaldo Munoz, an army officer in charge of an organized crime task force. It also comes less than a month after a general serving in Mexico’s National Guard, Jose Urzua Padilla, was killed in a shootout with criminals. the government has linked the Jalisco cartel to both attacks.

The arrest of Oseguera’s brother “has to do with the attacks on military leaders. The assassination of the National Guard coordinator and the abduction of Col. Jose Isidro Grimaldo are an attack against public safety and this is the government’s response,” Eduardo Guerrero Gutierrez, director of Lantia Intelligence in Mexico City, told a Mexican web news portal.

The expert said the arrest could lead to a direct confrontation between the government and the cartel — something Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has tried to avoid during his tenure.

“Tony Montana” becomes the latest close relative of the Jalisco cartel’s top boss to be apprehended in Mexico or the United States.

Nemesio Oseguera’s daughter Jessica Johanna Oseguera Gonzalez, 35, last year pleaded guilty in the willfully violating the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designations Act. In 2020, the Mexican government extradited to the United StatesRuben Oseguera Gonzalez – the son of Nemesio Oseguera – on drug trafficking charges.


  1. Sounds like he was putting in a lot of work. Surprised he was in Guadalajara. You would think he would be in deep hiding.

    1. I am a believer now in the theory that Mencho never gives back everything to those incarcerated. TM would have had a limited role after being released. The same would apply to La Jefa and 85.

      TM was alone, had no security, and appeared to fit in like an office worker.

      If we all agree that this was payback, then the army/national guard located TM very fast based on the dissapreance of the colonel's timeline. It wasn’t difficult to find TM, and it doesn’t appear that he changes his residence like that of someone as “important” as they allege he is.

    2. It's not far-fetched for the Mexican government to exaggerate something like the importance of their latest arrest.
      “Generator of violence” as they say.

    3. He wasn't hiding. Authorities knew where he was but his stay-out-of-jail-mordida didn't cover killing high ranking members of the police!

    4. @1.21, my alter ego- the Colonel was army, not police. And apologies for calling you a reactionary. Happy Christmas.

  2. Do we really need an "expert" to state the obvious.. just sayin

  3. 7:41 Lalo Guerrero should be back to singing chipmunks songs in Tejas instead of messing with 'geniuin' mexican narcos from Jalizko or Michuakan.


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