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Friday, March 25, 2022

Charred Bodies In Celaya Are From The Musical Group Los Chuparrecio, Confirms The Prosecutor's Office

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat

Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, head of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) of Guanajuato, confirmed that the seven charred bodies in the bed of a sheepfold van, located by the authorities on the night of March 22, in the community of San José El Nuevo, south of the municipality of Celaya, correspond to the members of the musical group Los Chuparrecio.

The head of the Guanajuato justice institution pointed out that the FGE Personnel Search Unit confirmed the identities of the bodies and that the families of the victims have already been notified.

"There is already a process of the person identification unit, which has confirmed to me that it has already identified all the lifeless bodies that were found in this unfortunate discovery," said the head of the Guanajuato FGE.

However, Zamarripa Aguirre avoided revealing whether among the bodies is that of a 15-year-old boy named Juan Diego Pérez Maldonado. However, relatives of the minor confirmed to various media that his body was one of the first to be recognized.

"Yes, according to what I have been informed, even yesterday afternoon the relatives of these people were there and it was possible to identify them," said the Guanajuato prosecutor, who was questioned regarding the line of investigation, but declined to reveal further details. In addition, so far there have been no arrests for the multi-homicide.

The musical group, made up of six adults and originally from the community of Juan Martín, in Celaya, made its last presentation starting at 3:00 p.m. on March 22, in Rancho Seco, near Rincón de Tamayo. However, after the event, they disappeared.

According to local media reports, the victims were found at approximately 10:25 p.m. on March 22, on Miguel Hidalgo street, near the gap that leads to Rincón de Tamayo, 13 kilometers from the municipal seat.

Sophia Huett López, executive secretary of the State Public Security System, reported that the van had Michoacán license plates and had a report of theft in that neighboring entity. In addition, she indicated that the victims have not yet been identified.

“The Attorney General's Office [General Justice of Guanajuato] will have to review who these people were and where they came from. For now, there are no indications to determine that they were local people," said the state official.

In an official report, the Guanajuato justice institution detailed, on March 23, the exact number of victims, seven, after preliminary reports specified that there were five.

"There was knowledge of a burning motor vehicle where 7 burned people were reported, events that occurred on the street that leads to San Juan Bautista, in the Community of San José el Nuevo," the FGE indicated.

"Upon arrival at the scene, criminal experts from the Homicide Unit processed the scene and collected various evidence that contributes to clarifying the facts," added the State Prosecutor's Office, after the first authority to report the multi-homicide was the Secretary of Security. Municipal citizen (SSC), but without giving an exact number of victims.

"Elements of the Municipal Police and the Fire Department attended the scene, who controlled the fire of a Ford F-150 truck, model 1987, red, with Michoacán plates, which had a report of theft in that entity ", detailed the FGE.

"When reviewing the place destined for loading, several charred bodies were located that have not been identified so far, and the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) will be in charge of carrying out the pertinent investigations, their identification and where they were from. originating”, the Prosecutor’s Office abounded.



  1. So these would only confirm one thing either it was CJNG or It was SRDL Wich would imply CJNG still has not full control of Guanajuato

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    1. 12" Hotdog it will continue to happen, the enpt president of Mexico, can care less about it's citizens, there's a few people in here especially vthe Obrador lawyer that try to convince us the Obrador is a good one.

  6. I'm a gringo. But my wife is of Mexican lineage (Texas born...extended family from Oaxaca). I find it incredible how the collective world completely overlooks and shrugs at the humanitarian atrocities that take place in Mexico (unless a foreign tourist is a victim).

    Is there violence and murder in the US? Yes, there sure is...but nowhere near the brutal industrial scale butchery that takes place in Mexico. Meanwhile, everyone is cheering for Ukraine and denouncing Putin (including myself!). But we're all mum on Mexico. As the Joker said..."its all part of the plan".

    Have I consumed drugs that contributed to this? I sure have. Few are innocent from the tentacles of contribution or benefit from this "war on drugs". Prison system, legal system, law enforcement system, politicians, recreational users, hardcore addicts, gun manufacturers...the list is endless. Every border guard or DEA agent that says they're fighting the the same time they benefit from its perpetuity. The easiest solution would be to just legalize drugs, of course...duh. Anyone who wants drugs are going to get them anyway. Government manufactured drugs = no more black market, no more warlord kingpins (except the government ones, who we elect anyway), no more mindless slaughter across the gangs battling over the supply chain, no more fentanyl laced ODs (quality control), and no more innocent 15yr old kids who are trying to make a buck being kidnapped and burnt to death in a truck with his bandmates after a party.

    But too many in power benefit from the conflict and the black market. Keep it's a campaign platform and an income source. As I said, I'm not innocent. Few are. Most are hypocrites.

    Regardless, its all so sad. So very, very sad.

    1. Well put points you mentioned, your very aware of the situation. With all corners covered, you left out only one issue.....if they were to legalized drugs...that would not stop cartels from being cartels,if thier drug lines dried up, they would resort to what they already do.....
      Kidnapping for Ransom
      Human trafficking
      Fuel theft
      Home property theft
      Body Organs
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    Chalino Sanchez was a good singer, until he too got killed.

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