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Saturday, September 11, 2021

CJNG Now Manufacturing Their Own Mortars, Some Mortars Seized in Mazamitla, Jalisco

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Four non-professionally manufactured mortars were discovered by Army soldiers at a Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation site they happened upon during a routine patrol.

Army (SEDENA) soldiers reported that they located a Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation site where multiple vehicles and four “homemade” mortars were being stored. This discovery is said to have come during a routine surveillance tour near the town of Mazamitla, in Jalisco. 

The authorities detailed that the four mortars were positioned on the ground and next to them were their associated mortar rounds. A few meters ahead of the mortars they located various ammo of different caliber, tactical equipment and six vehicles. All items were seized and sent to the Federal Attorney General’s Office (FGR). 

Bizarrely, the items seized were later filmed by elements of the military from an overhead drone angle. This style of recording what items were seized from criminals seems a little bizarre. 

Video Source: Ahtziri Cardenas

Considering the recent prevalence of cartel organizations showing off their homemade armored “monstruo” vehicles and arms through a very similar style of overhead drone footage, with armed men posing nearby, the military’s footage strikes a decidedly odd tone.

The modern mortar is a muzzle-loaded weapon which consists of a tube into which the gunners drop a mortar round. When the round reaches the base of the tube it hits a fixed firing pin that then fires the round. Some mortars have a moving firing pin, operated by a lanyard or trigger mechanism. 

One of the available photos shows a pretty decent view of the mortar barrel, but it does not look down inside the barrel which would have given clue as to the firing pin system.  

Most modern mortar systems consist of four main components: a barrel, a base plate, a bipod and a sight. At first glance it appears that the welding work did not create apparatuses in order to adjust deflection or account for windage. The legs of the bipod don’t appear to have any threading system to adjust the mortar’s elevation. The lack of a sight goes without saying.

So, how does the CJNG's improvised mortar compare to recent well known examples of improvised mortars?

In 2014-2015, improvised mortars were heavily discussed due to their prevalent use in the Syrian Civil war. The most commonly seen improvised mortar in the Syrian war was referred to as a “hell cannon”.

Hell cannons were originally built by the Ahrar al-Shamal Brigade, a part of the Free Syrian Army and later developed into multiple different subtypes such as the Bureij, Jahim, or the quad hell cannon. Unexploded artillery was scavenged by soldiers, then cracked open and the contents poured into hand-lathed mortar shells. These shells were then loaded into a hell cannon, whose trajectory, similar to the Howitzer, actually sat somewhere in between that of a traditional artillery gun (flatter trajectory) and a mortar (higher angle trajectory).

In comparison to a Syrian hell cannon, the CJNG mortar can be seen to have a higher intended trajectory and function more like a traditional mortar than a hell cannon, although it should be noted that most mortars have a physical limit on the possible angles the tube can be adjusted to, therefore there is a ranger of trajectories. The CJNG mortar appears to take much smaller caliber ammunition then the average hell cannon, as well. 

Modern mortars normally range in caliber from 60 mm to 120 mm. However, both larger and smaller mortars have been produced. The shells seen in photos of the CJNG seizure appear to be possibly 50mm or 47mm, although it really can’t be determined through the available photographs. But it does make it likely that the CJNG's mortar capacity is smaller than what is traditionally thought for a modern mortar. 

The larger implications of cartel organizations being capable of mortar fire will undoubtedly be discussed by many different people, for many different motives. Whether mortar fire will ever actually be utilized in a cartel conflict (with authorities or rival organizations) when one considers the logistics necessary is unknown at this time.

Source: Quadratin, Infobae, Debate, Noventa Grados, Libertad Bajo Palabra

Background Sources: Bellingcat, 9news, Military History Visualized, New York Times At War, Defense Tech Aluminum Blank Video


  1. Animo Sicarios!
    The Grupo Flechaa Special Forces Tier 1 unit carries RSG60 60mm Commando Mortar provided by a former Colonel of the South African Special Forces Brigade. Portable and lighweight and very accurate
    Pura Gente del Señor del Sombrero cleansing Zacatecas of the enemy combatants.

    Saludos al Señor Azteca el 18 y Al Commandante Flechas el 38 el Frank !

    1. You ever get tired of that BS unfunny repetitive posts?

    2. I never get tired of reading his comments, I'll tell you that.

    3. Wait so 006 your MZ now?? No que no muy gente nueva??


    5. Animo. Animo. Embentales ese pedo del aigre y como se hace realidad. Es que no tokan El Senor compa. Sigele mi rayo y for awhile stay guile es siempre voce de fino gallo.

    6. Animo. Animo. Embentales ese pedo del aigre y como se hace realidad. Es que no tokan El Senor compa. Sigele mi rayo y for awhile stay guile es siempre voce de fino gallo.

  2. Seriously. That shit is played out Siccario006.

  3. The Mexican Gov better start investing in HesCos, T-walls, and Bunkers.

  4. They habe beeeeen used in michoacan recently ask the locals. This is where these wrre probbsly headed. In some arsenals lost when grupo elite sent those 3 monsters but got in a shootout and overpowered the army then the army returned the stiff but sent a boludo and they got some stuff back they found similar mortsr ammunition look
    Look to the right on pic
    This is the article link

  5. This is another article tslking about the mortar rounds and mortars siezed in michoacan. And the surrounding of the army and retaking the stuff back and then how the army sent support and again took most of it back. The secons time M2 was allegedly captured but then they released him after they got surrounded by Maximo Delta. Look they even had M2 famous raptor when it was first sent to him and they so kindly gave it back and only burned the grupo elite truck which csme out 3rd in the viral xaravan video and another truck with sightly different camo.

    Maximo delta also had a song written about this sotuation. Just came out recently

    M2 raptor was never burned and he escaped with it after army gave it bsck because surounded abd outnumbered until backup showed up and only got 2 of the 3 trucks back then burned and part of the arsenal and the crew who was in tjose 2 blindadas. He left with maximos ppl after they saved him. Later that same raptor came out in vice interview and then was burned in a battle with CU

    1. Thank you, Sosa. Its interesting stuff. I see the wrapped up shells that you mean.
      But isn't the claim about CJNG having mortars in those links coming from the "Tepalcatepec Community Police", aka not the real police, but some group associated with Abuelo?

      I dunno. Seems there is evidence of the CJNG having motars and rounds but I still have doubts that mortars can be used by a cartel group in battle, especially when I have yet to see any built with any apparatus to actually range it in.

    2. There are other pages but i chose that one because it talked about Madimo Deltas surrounding the ejercito then getting his shit back and M2 was amongst the men captured. After thy intended to recapture everyone and everything but M2 left in a different direction with maximo and thats when they hurnt both the remaining trucks. A boludo caught them the 2nd time around. Theres a few articles where they show the arsenal captured and the photos are different but the aresnal is the same. And you can clearly see the moetar rounds taped up in most of the photos justcfrom different angles. ..they also lost an RPG7 and multiple rockets for it.

    3. Maximo Delta, is an Ex Special Forces with the mexican marines and trained with Seals and Deltas. 5 years in special forces. Left the military and was approached about a job. Joined the cartel. Then became Menchos go to guy. Created los Deltas along side Montana Menchos brother and his Godson. He is to Deltas what RR is to Elites. Trip out on this. When Mencho was barely coming up as the New plaza boss in Jalisco he had as his right hand men 2 nrother R1 and R2.. both arrested and sentenced to some time.. fits the bodyshape and size or the RR interview and viral video where he calls out Marro.. im starting to believe its not Ricardo Ruiz Velasco and its the RR that is suppose to be in prison.. Rumor was he was sentenced and quietly released just like El 53. Remeber 53 was suppose to be doing 20+ years in prison but was released without reason. When he died no one knew what he was even doing out of prison. I sense a similar situation with RR

    4. Cjng makes cds look like amateurs when it comes to their security..
      Chapo security always got caught sleeping on the job
      Let's not even talk about the weak ANTHRAX sicarios..
      Their corridos were good but they were not good sicarios

  6. 3-D printed ghost guns and mortar rounds are really catching on in certain circles here in the US. Vice did an interesting doc on 3-D printed weapons not long ago.

  7. 3-D printed ghost guns and mortar rounds are really catching on in certain circles here in the US. Vice did an interesting doc on 3-D printed weapons not long ago.

  8. Hell cannons shoot gas tanks! The ones you have for cooking in Mexico!
    No joke!

  9. This is the stuff kids use to make for the fourth of July to play with. Nothing new other than the ammunition carried out

  10. anybody know the sourcing for the pics?

    1. If you want the sources for the photos, they are linked at the bottom under sources.

      If you mean the graphics around the photos? I made them. I make every graphic used in all my stories.

    2. I also color corrected and toned the photos to proper values before putting them into the designs.


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