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Thursday, June 10, 2021

San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.: Cooler With Pigs Head and Narco Message Found

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An ice cooler caused a police mobilization; the events were recorded in the Los Silos neighborhood.

Upon arrival, capital forces found a cooler inside a black bag, of which it transpired had a pig's head inside.

On one side of the cooler there was a narco message.

Municipal, metropolitan and expert services of the State Prosecutor's Office arrived at the place.

Obviously and like all bureaucrats, no official statement has been made about it.

realidad San Luis


  1. Decapitaron al pobre cerdo.

    1. I hope the at least made carnitas and chicharrónes

    2. Cmon its Mexico aint NO body wasting a pig

  2. Just call it a ICE CHEST like the old days , not a COOLER !

  3. What happened they could find a borracho coming out of a bar to pin a Manta? Resorting to animals now.


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