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Monday, March 15, 2021

Judge Stops US Extradition of 'El H3', Former Beltran Leyva Organization Boss

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Jesús Ricardo Patrón Sánchez ('El H3) has other aliases, including: 'El Diabolico', 'El Vela', 'James Bond', 'X Men', 'Rica', and 'El Trence'. 

Rosa María Cervantes Mejía, a federal penal judge in Mexico City, stopped the US extradition of Jesus Ricardo Patron Sanchez ('El H3'), former high-ranking member of the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO).

El H3 has issued several motions to prevent his US extradition. Last October, another motion was granted that delayed his extradition for several months. Mexico's Attorney General's Office (FGR) has challenged every single motion issued by El H3's defense and the decisions by the judges who side with him.

El H3 was arrested in February 2019 in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. The police were able to determine his location after someone called them saying that the house where he was staying was an active drug sale spot. He was imprisoned at Reclusorio Norte penitentiary in Mexico City under a US extradition request from a court in New York.

At the time of his capture, El H3 was the suspected plaza boss of the BLO in Tepic, Nayarit.


El H3 is the brother of Juan Francisco Patron Sanchez ('El H2), a drug kingpin who was killed in a dramatic shootout at his home in Tepic back in February 2017. El H2 was the head of a group that the US refers to as the H2 Cartel, a faction of the BLO.

While he was alive, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) intercepted several phone conversations he had with drug traffickers. These conversations served as evidence against former Mexican Army chief Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, who the US claims was known by the BLO was El Padrino (The Godfather). Cienfuegos was indicted in the US for reportedly helping the BLO's drug trafficking operations. He was arrested in October 2020 in Los Angeles in one of the highest-profile drug trafficking cases in recent decades.

However, his arrest angered the Mexican Army, who claimed that the evidences against Cienfuegos were "fabricated". After months of secret meetings between Mexican and US officials, Cienfuegos' charges were dropped and he was allowed to return to Mexico.

Once in Mexico, a court ruled that Cienfuegos was innocent and his criminal allegations were dismissed. 

Sources: Milenio; Jornada; MVS Noticias; NNC-Mexico


  1. He dont look like gangster

    1. What is “gangster” to you what the novelas and movies portrait? Because that is far from the truth.

    2. 12:35 you personally can call him a gangster?

    3. It dont fukn matter what he looks like.any goofy looking mothrfkr can be a real ass gangsta. should know don't judge a book by its cover

    4. Bro, some of those cats are weird looking and don't the part. That is actually scarier.

    5. Yea some of them looks like students and not gangsters

  2. Who were or are part of this H group of the BLO?

    1. This is what I got so far in my notes. I'm including the 751-page investigation against Cienfuegos too for your reference.

      El H: Hector Beltran Leyva (not to be confused with Juan Pablo Guijarro Fragosa AKA H1 AKA El Monico, who was from La Linea).

      La Señora: Clara Elena Laborín Archuleta

      H2: Juan Francisco Patrón Sánchez

      El Aguila: Yahir Patrón, son of H2

      H3: Jesús Ricardo Patrón Sánchez

      H6: Possibly known as "Burbuja" per his text messages

      H7: Killed with H2 in 2017 (seven people were killed with him and their identified were revealed, but no clear indication who it was).

      H9: Daniel Isaac Silva Gárate

      H10: POSSIBLY Fausto Isidro Meza Flores AKA Chapo Isidro? I have one source that makes this claim.

      H11: Some guy nicknamed "El Profe"

      H18: Juan Martin Rivas

      Valvidia: Luis Antonio Torres Valdivia

    2. H1: Santiago Lizarraga el Chaguin killed in Tepic 2010

      Isidro was never part of the Hs he was from the Mochomera
      All under BLO

    3. 1:30 - Thank you for the clarification.

      This was the source that mentions Chapo Isidro as H10.

    4. 1:30 - BTW, any idea who H7 may be? I got the following names:

      - Francisco Javier Sánchez Osuna

      - Pedro Antonio Sánchez Patrón

      - Jesús Alfredo Zagaste Araujo

      - Benigno García Delgado

      - Miguel Ángel Patrón Sánchez

      - Ismael García Figueroa

    5. Dang MX..751 pages!! You read all that..Cool man

    6. 2:05 - I'd look cooler if I said I did, but I haven't read it all LOL I'm close to half way through.

      I shared it on Reddit a while back and I'm glad AMLO released it since it gives people a chance to form their own opinions about the evidences against Cienfuegos. Mexico thinks they aren't good enough for court yet the US does.

    7. Los H are the people that used to work for Hector “H/H1” Beltran Leyva. All of Nayarit, and especially Tepic, used to be BLO-only territory. In fact, the infamous human pozole incident that was covered by BB took place in Tepic during the BLO-CDS war. Veytia and Sandoval used to support BLO/Los H but then sold the plaza to CJNG and tried to wipe out Los H to cover up their crimes. H3 was the last big leader of Los H; H2 the top boss was killed, then H9/Danny/Senor de las Tanquetas the head of sicarios was killed, then H3 was arrested.

    8. @MX supposedly Juan Martin “H18” Rivas and Luis Antonio “Mudo” Torres Valdivia have joined forces to form a new BLO cell from the remnants of Los H. Luis Antonio “Mudo” Torres Valdivia and Manuel Eduardo “Maldonado” Maldonado Andrade—both former comandantes in the Nayarit State Police and Nayarit Attorney General—formed an organized crime group composed of ex-law enforcement called the “Cartel de las Fiscalias” that controls large parts of Nayarit. Carlos Alberto “Willy” Rodriguez Valdez and “Landeros” are the lieutenants of this Cartel de las Fiscalias (CDF). They primarily control Tepic and its surroundings but also have territory in northern Nayarit. Alejandro “Alfa” Garcia Nunez is CDF’s man in charge of extortion, kidnapping, stolen property, and drug sales in northern Nayarit. Allegedly, the leaders of Cartel de las Fiscalias connected with Juan Martin “H18” Rivas and “Profe” of Los H and decided to join forces.

    9. 700 pages os one case for stealing frozen lollypops.
      Cienpedos graduated from the Heroico Colegio Militar about 68 when the mexican army helped the white Brigade (Batallon Olimpico Paramilitar) the DFS, FEDERAL POLICE, murder students in Tlatelolco, About 50 year career of cienpedos military corruption...
      --AMLO said if the US has more evidence to bring it on...

    10. Could the federation reunite if the chapitos fall. looks that way...

    11. MX el 7 es Francisco Javier Sánchez Osuna.

      Muchos le dicen el Katch, el 7 para su equipo y la gente que lo aprecia también le dicen Panchito.

    12. @Toon_World: Thank you very much! Hearing the song now, too. Saludos. 👌🏽

    13. Is H7 still active?

  3. Animo Sicarios
    H2 was exterminated like a cochroach with the mini guns from the helicopter and H9 was also exterminated! H3 selling cigarettes in el penal.

    They should have stayed with El Señor Guzman

    1. Seis they would have been thrown under the bus sooner or later even under your jefe craig you know this

  4. The transcripts from this are hilarious, sad, and inspiring, H2 seems like a standup and grateful person, he tells Cinefuegos he will never let him down, and die before he betrays him.

    Cinefuegos calls Mencho un escoria/scumbag and says they will help Don H too

    I don't know what went wrong but Conefuegos and Sandoval burned H2 alive, to make a deal with CJNG for the south of Nayarit.

  5. Also H2 says he heard Mencho is in the hills and won't come down, and CJNG took Tijuana from La Rana.

  6. Zepeda is greedy. He was bleeding H2 and H9 for hundreds of thousands.

    1. Zepeda or Cienfuegos? The latter would command millions IF he accepted bribes from criminals, the former I don't know IF he exists or what his puesto/rango is..

    2. They are the same person. He did take millions or a few million, but reading the transcript he was hitting H2 for like 400k to 900k very frequently, like every week or two, and H2 didn't like it, and had problems getting the money together.

    3. Cienfuegos was the top military commander and was worth every penny he could hypothetically charge, perhaps H2 wasn't a bigly trafficker

    4. Salvador cienpedos zepeda, some in the military refer to people and call them by their last name, this crook would be zepeda but cienpedos is more tempting.

  7. DEA locates H3 and makes an anonymous tip.

  8. Awe shit it’s true lol


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