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Saturday, May 2, 2020

“El Rapidito” of CDS Captured in Ensenada, Baja Ca; "El Rastrillo" Argues that he IS indeed a CDS Sicario when Arrested

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y AFNTJ

A member of the Sinaloa Cartel, considered one of the main generators of violence in Ensenada Baja California, was captured this Monday, April 27, by elements of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).
Through a strategic operation, agents of the State Security Guard (GES) managed to arrest Ángel Antonio González Brambila, alias “El Rapidito”, after being located when he was driving on board a Ford pickup with 8V36913 license plates.

According to information from the prosecution during a police intervention, the subject stopped and  after an inspection, around 3.22 kilos of marijuana, as well as 371.3 grams of "glass", ie crystal meth or ice were found in the vehicle.
Intelligence information establishes that the detainee is one of the main generators of violence in Ensenada under the orders of the head of the murderous cell of the Sinaloa Cartel.
He also has a criminal record from a Prior Investigation for the crimes of damage to property of others, defamation and threats.

In 2019 he was also secured by the extinct Preventive State Police, for crimes against health, being in possession of 30 grams of "glass" and 250 grams of marijuana; and it is related in a research folder for drug dealing in that same year.

*He is presumed innocent, as long as its responsibility is not declared by the judicial authority. Art.13, CNPP
           Yesterday May 1, 2020: A Couple was found murdered in Piedras Negras in Ensenada;
The municipality exceeds 100 homicides so far this year; last year 275 murder victims were counted
A man and a woman were shot to death on the afternoon of this Friday, May 1, in the Lomitas neighborhood, bringing Ensenada to over 100 homicides so far this year.

The first report establishes that bullets were heard in Río Bravo and Alameda streets, with two injured people.

When officers arrived, one of the victims was still showing vital signs, but moments later she died.
The crime scene was cordoned off and turned over to the State Attorney General's Office for administration and prosecution.
                Ensenada has registered more than 70 homicides between March and April alone.
 In Another Case:
A few days prior to the arrest of "El Rapido" another alleged hitman from CDS was detained;
An alleged assassin member of the Sinaloa Cartel was arrested in an operation carried out on April 24 in Natura, the offender was found doses of drugs and a firearm that were also secured; In addition, a search was carried out in Villa del Álamo.

The elements of the State Attorney General's Office were those who arrested 26-year-old Mario Alberto "N" during "El Rastrillo" operation led by agents of the Baja California State Security and Investigation Guard.

Reportedly, the person involved was driving a gold-colored Toyota Camry with 4JTF670 plates with California plates, in which he tried to flee when noticing the presence of the uniformed men on Boreal Forest Street.

Mario Alberto was arrested a few meters ahead and upon reviewing him, a Glock P80 brand firearm was found among his clothes, as well as five "glass", ie crystal meth, wrappers, and two cell phones were found inside the vehicle.

Despite the fact that the database did not reveal crimes, Mario argued that "he was a hitman for the Sinaloa Cartel"; he was made available to the competent authorities that will determine his legal situation.

In another event, elements of the Ministry of National Defense, and the Public Ministry of Narcomenudeo, searched a private home in Cosmo, building F in the Villa del Álamo subdivision in Tijuana.

They arrested Ángel “N”, 54 years old, who was found with seven green wrappers containing the drug crystal meth, and a container with marijuana.

In yet another case, Jesús Clemente “N”, in possession, was arrested. 
Two vehicles with a theft report were also recovered: a 2004 Chevrolet Trail Blazer with a theft report dated March 12, 2020, and a Hyundai Sonata vehicle, model 2012, with a theft report dated February 26, 2020.


  1. I hate to laugh during a serious time, but something got to me about “El Rapido” being caught with a bunch of meth..

  2. All you here about now in this blog is SINALOA taking L'S
    No wonder they are so 😠
    Don't worry kids there are no winners in this GAME

  3. cds falling apart, losing plazas everywhere! The end is near, when mayo dies its all over! Aint nobody gonna take orders from Las Fresitas ivan and alfredito. Those punks thank Mencho every morning for letting them live.

    1. Don't worry if los chapitos fall apart and Mayo dies, someone else from up north will take over the drug routes and business as usual.. wether it's Juarez or Tijuana or the Gulf Cartel(highly doubt it) but someone who has tight control of a strategic border crossing will be the boss.. definately not menchita or any other michoacana.. that is a FACT.. they've never been on top and never will be.. how could they? CJNG makes alot of noise mostly because they're fighting for the huachicolero plazas in central and southern mexico, they're not pushing weight at the same scale as CDS.. you think Mayo would stoop down to menchita's level and fight for huachicol.. please.. get real son.

    2. Must be why El Chapos sons are rolling with even more gunmen than when El Chapo was aroundZ
      They got Chapo Isidro under their wing,
      Los Tegoripenos
      Los Ninis,
      El Panu y sus Plebes,
      Los Gueritos.
      Y muchos mas

    3. That's why they just captured 14 tweaker bums from cjng 🤣

    4. @8:09 Chapo Isidro under their wing? Any proof to backup that claim? There's a reason you listed him first, all the others are local irrelevant groups who at best are regional.
      @6:48 laughable, te arde el yoyo con solo pensar que los Michoacános son jefes de sus propios terrenos y otros estados. Just another wannabe Sinaloa who gets told what to do or gets punked!

  4. Another day in Mexico 🇲🇽

  5. Is this the guy from the corrido el rápido from grupo cartel

    1. Jajaja no compa. El rápido del corrido es el nini 09 jefe de pistoleros en culiacan para IAG . Este mentado rapidito de la publicación es un sicario mugroso muerto de hambre.

    2. No puedes leer?
      Es El Rapidito

    3. No that’s el rapido it’s another nickname they gave to el chapo Guzman due to how quick he was moving coke into the USA

    4. That’s to el nini aka el rapido or el chicken little

    5. El rapido is El Niño or el 09

  6. Chapitos want full control of Tijuana like their Dad had after he killed Ramon and had Benjamin arrested.

    1. What you talking about. El tigrillo never let Sinaloa invade the tj plaza

  7. Who controls Ensenada holmes? who is the plaza boss? all those gringos from cali gonna leave bad boy! they get scared from these tines

  8. off topic With car thefts so high
    What is the cost of insurance in Mexico ?
    say for this 2004 chevy ? full coverage ? or do ya have a reguired state insurence like we do
    please this is just for knowledge
    so many thefts I feel for those who work hard just to have a vehicle
    Then to have it stolen

    I know what its like to earn little
    and try to find a affordable used SUV
    20 twenty yrs old and still too much money for them I would see red if my vehicle got stolen

  9. Not so rapidito anymore.

  10. I know this off the subject, Happy May Day for all Coomies and Socialism, u deserve to be recognized. Will all rich socialist turn their wealth to the state and we will manage for u. That includes u Bernie.

    1. Socialism = Commmies
      Socialism is just a different word for it a very fine line crossed back and forth
      Get facts right

    2. 6:59 I regret to inform but May Day was 3 days ago.

  11. always a good day when snitchaloansas get killed or shut down.

  12. A glock p80? Theres no such thing. Polymer 80 makes guns that look like glocks but they're actually homemade. Just saying...


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