Sunday, March 22, 2020

Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero: El Cartel de La Sierra Announces a Purge and Curfew

A new video has surfaced from the Mexican underworld. In this broadcast El Cartel de La Sierra sends out a venomous message for the townspeople of Iguala and it’s surroundings. This film contains a mandatory curfew that has been imposed on everyone. Just as well their message for the masses speaks of the coming purge and threats of violence for all enemies. 

Video translation is as follows:
This communication goes out to everyone in Iguala and it’s surroundings. Starting tomorrow there will be a mandatory curfew beginning at 9 in the evening. This plaza now has an owner. Ownership has recently changed. It’ll no longer be the old scum as before.

There will no longer be anymore murderous abductors of children or women. And for all these individuals: Van Dan, Colin, Machetadas, Guicho, Balia, and Burro. Just as well for those scumbags who aid or keep supporting them. The gang of cowards made up of government personnel, transit police also.

Barbie you’re the Comandante of the (inaudible). Just as well for those you aid you. Your world will go to shit. Marino your world will also go to shit. Your brother Rene works in money laundering. You pair of cowards. Moneda and Abel, you dick face motherfuckers from the Hermès enterprise.

Your world will also go to shit. Keep stealing you fucking cowards. J you son of a bitch you actually thought I wasn’t looking for you. You’re nothing more than an extortionist collector here in Iguala. We have you located Negro and (inaudible). For all those dick face individuals who keep supporting these cowards: El Mundo, (inaudible), and Guayaba you son of a bitch (inaudible).

You’re about to feel this big dick because your fate will come to an end here in Iguala you son of a bitch. The big dick has arrived. We are the mob from the Sierra. And we don’t forgive you son of a bitch. From now on things will be done as we say.

And for all those journalists: Vida, Wendy, Hector Guerrero, Pimpon Papas and for all that gang of cowards. Especially for you Pablo Murugarres you faggot piece of shit son of a bitch. You shit. Van Dan tried to have you killed you dick face bitch. And yet you keep licking his nuts. He killed your compadre Antonio. You dick face fool aren’t you aware of this?

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