Tuesday, February 18, 2020

El Progreso, Honduras: The Violent Rescue and Escape of El Porky

Video translation is as follows:
Cristian Rodriguez: Moments of terror were experienced in this court in Honduras. The security cameras show the armed criminal cell made up of about 20 hitmen who visit in uniforms almost identical to those used by the anti gang agents. They were pretending to escort a phony protected witness who was covered in black. They managed to enter the court without raising the suspicion from guards who were protecting the entrance.

Ramón Flores: The coordination for the rescue of that young man was so exact that we’ve only seen this in movies.

Cristian Rodriguez: Once inside the hitmen immediately distributed the assault rifles that they had hidden in the robes of the phony witness. They broke into the court room where an audience was held with Alexandro Mendoza aka El Porky, the dangerous leader of the MS-13.

Chaos reined in the court. The gunmen held everyone present. They ordered everyone to throw themselves to the ground while they proceeded to free the gang leader. Once in the hallways you can see El Porky’s in a white shirt being escorted by the gunmen who are armed to the teeth. They shot at the officers who confronted them until they reached the exit door.

Here in the Palace of Justice you can see at the main entrance of the building the bullet holes fired by the hitmen in the rescue of El Porky, the leader of the Mara Salvatrucha.

In the following images you can also see an injured policeman crawling and trying to reach his weapon. 4 police officers died and at least 2 were injured in the attack.

Rolando Argueta: These criminals need to be duly punished. A message must be sent for those who are thinking about executing or repeating this type of situation.

Cristian Rodriguez: Hours after the armed criminal cell achieved its goal. Police found several vehicles left behind, assault rifles, and a dead man. The bodies of the assassinated police officers have already been turned over to their relatives in an environment of sadness and deep pain. This is Cristian Rodriguez for Noticias Telemundo reporting from El Progreso, Honduras.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source