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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Former Vice Canada editor gets 9 years for recruiting drug mules to Australia

Mica Borderland Beat  from National Post

TORONTO — A former high-profile Vice Media music editor who recruited young musicians, models and a former Vice intern to smuggle huge loads of cocaine — hidden in their luggage — on flights to Australia was sentenced to nine years in prison, Tuesday.

Yaroslav Pastukhov, 29, best known under his pen name Slava Pastuk or his online alias Slava P, was found not to be the mastermind of the international plot that ended when four Canadians and one American were caught at Sydney airport with more than $20 million worth of pressed cocaine bricks glued into the lining of their suitcases.
He was, however, found to be directing frontline couriers and organizing and facilitating the network’s Toronto end, along with a co-accused, a judge said.

Ontario Court of Justice Judge Heather Pringle said Pastukhov’s actions were more significant because he “exploited his relationship with these couriers,” several of whom he met through his work at Vice.


  1. @El Bala Plata

    Off subject here but my response is not getting published in the appropriate thread.

    There's YouTube videos by ex cops and retired drug enforcement agents describing in detail how Mexican cartels control entire cities, the local government and police agencies in the USA. And they do control entire states.

    1. Suuure... they are all 10000% mexicans... and illegals!! controlling whole counties and cities in the WASP bible belt states!.
      Unlike these fake news blaming innocent first world entrepreneurs . Evil mexicans are killing our innocent and puritan protestant youth forcing their satanic drugs onto their innocent unwilling virginal veins!!
      They are also communists.
      I don't understand why thirldworld commies hate the greatest Nation in the whole world and invented drugs to kill us because they hate our freedoms.

      When is the greatest military in the history of humanity going to nuke the terrorist state of Mexico?
      Enough is enough, no more dead Americans by illegal alien drugs!

    2. Don't believe everything you see on YouTube .lol.

  2. 9:03 It doesn't seem feasible due to the sheer number of people who would have to be on the cartel payroll. Each city has it's own police force and local government. I can't imagine that there isn't a single honest person in a states entire police force or government who wouldn't try to expose such widespread corruption. But I don't claim to know everything. I will definitely hunt down those videos and check them out. I appreciate your response.

    -El Bala Plata

  3. Vice guarantee on some dark money shenanigans

  4. Good for him. Vice is a liberal, fake news network anyway. They do stories on the cartels, drug war, sex trafficking, etc, etc. Then criticize trump for trying to stop all the above. Wander how they'll spin this story....

  5. This retarded was always hanging around Yorkville. Met him many times at the D bar, a wanna B. And always high on blow.


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