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Who is “El Carrete”, leader of “Los Rojos”, who declared war on CJNG?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Radio Formula

Last May, a narcomanta appeared in Atlixco, Puebla, with which the “Los Rojos” cartel, commanded by Santiago Mazari Hernández, aka “El Carrete” or “El Señor de los Caballos”; and the  Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación  ( CJNG ) led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias  “El Mencho” or “El Señor de los Gallos”,  declared war.

On the banner, " Los Rojos" threatened to go after “ El Pitbull "," El Primp "," El Andy "," El Crazy "and" El Felino"; In addition, they announced that “the mere lord of Cuernavaca Morelos and you, Secretary of Public Security José Martín Gustavo Ramírez Romero and the Secretary of Governance José Antonio Montiel Gonzalez, we’re going to show them what it is to control a place”.

Who is "El Carrete"?

He is the leader of the criminal organization “Los Rojos", since 2008 he has been pursued by the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) and the Secretary of the Navy, who have failed to capture him, at least four times.

Santiago Mazari, who was born in San Gabriel Las Palmas, municipality of Amacuzac, south of Morelos, had links with the Beltrán Leyva clan until he became head of Plaza de Morelos.

In 2008 he was arrested, charged with crimes against health by Sedena; however, at the beginning of 2009 he was released, even though  he had been  found criminally responsible and charged with 5 years in prison and a fine.

In September 2009, the Army arrived in the community of San Gabriel Las Palmas in order to apprehend the leader of “Los Rojos”, however,  his 'hawks' had warned him and he fled to the El Progreso neighborhood, where he broke into a house, He changed his clothes and slipped away.

The following year, in 2010, he participated in a ride organized by his Uncle Alfonso Miranda, then mayor of Amacuzac, reveals El Universal.

A witness testified to the Attorney General's Office that “when 'El Carrete' began to grow, he went to Sinaloa and began using  (in Amacuzac) new trucks, fine horses, and from there he stayed to live again in San Gabriel Las Palmas,  breaking the peace of the town, with an uptick in  the town pf  many kidnappings and extortions, and he began to see that Carrete was armed with many people.”

In addition, he revealed that Santiago Mazari bought land where he had horses, although it was only to cover his true activities of kidnapping and drug trafficking, for which he has up to 300 people at his service.


  1. so his cartel is only 300 people?

    1. Not to mention all the ones that are about to flip

    2. But those 300 have 300 and those 300 have 300...el comprende?

    3. He's a small fraction of paleteros who operate independently.

    4. THIS IS SPARTANS!!!!!!

    5. That seems like a low number to you ? Its truly sad that you fail to see the damage 300 people can do. A cartel, a terrorist cell, etc etc can be as few as 3 to 5 people and cause alot of mayhem and make alot of money. You sir/ma am are an idiot and please refrain from reproducing because your kids arent going to be neither drug lords or politicians or doctors with that incredible intelligence displayed by yourself.

    6. Yeah only 300 and they whoop on cjng...what does that tell you about cjng?

    7. Damn, and here I thought a crew of 300 is big.

    8. @2:21 Los Rojos ain't a fragment of el paleteros group. In fact paletero isn't from morelos and never operated there he use to operate out of caborca, Sonora before his death.

      Los Rojos was a armed wing under the Beltran Leyva Brothers. The group was lead by Jesus Nava Romero(a) El Rojo.

    9. It’s like a multilevel company every one of the 300 recruited another 300 like Tupperware

    10. i thought cartels were in the 1,ooo's

    11. 1:20 after the war ON drugs, Cartels became like little unions of specialists, paleteros, windshield washers, grameros, shoe shines, and so on and on and on. Only mules are above them.

    12. guess his 300 people were nowhere to be found lol

  2. "The people of Culiacán stand behind me. I belong to the cartel of Culiacán sons of bitches. "
    Animo Carrete El Señor de Los Caballos !

    ! El Señor Mayo has accepted his apologies and forgiven him for being part of BLO and has accepted his request to join CDS !!!

    Very soon Antrax Ghost Recon units will be arriving riding thoroughbred pedigree horses with bullet proof vest armed with silenced Heckler & Koch HK416 and Sig Sauer P226R 9mm pistols. The Antrax and Ferrari Horse logo will be on their chest .

  3. Thats crazzy .they go to hell thats for sure

  4. I don't think it said exactly that, but you could do alot w 300 people

  5. CARRETE DID NOT DECLARE WAR ON CJNG, cjng took most his plaza in morelos and Guerrero and he as well as mayo teamed up to jump mencho THE CARTEL BULLY.. CARRETE had to go to cds to get help but they can't even help themselves SMH

  6. Los Rojos, Los Viagras, La Familia Michocana of Guerrero, Cartel de Santa Rosa, Los Templarios, El Cholo whith his cell in Gudalajara possibly backed by El Erick Valencia their is still little to no proof of this and the Sinaloas their is also little to no proof of this formed Carteles Unidos 2.0 to prevent CJNG from smashing them all one by one.

    Los Carteles Unidos 2.0 have backing from El Cartel de Los Chilangos who is an institutionalized Cartel who's members are active government employees. The figure head of los Chilangos is Adolfo Eloy Peralta Mora El Yankee.

    Chivis you should do an article on this individual.

    Al you have to do is place his name on google you will realize just how powerfull and well organized Los Chilangos are. Alfredo Castillo is a member of Los Chilangos as well. The Chilangos are mainly PRI operatives just like AMLO who was at one point a PRI member once a PRI member always a PRI member.




  7. So that's where Chapos 300 assassin's were when he got caught. It all makes sense now.

  8. I am tired of the narco Mantas, they say they are going to clean the plaza, but I never see them with trash bags or brooms. Blah blah, then they say will seek revenge against, the baby killer cartel, and again they do nothing, total fake Mantas.

  9. You guys been slacking on this site if you want to know the truth, Carrete has continued to put up narco mantas almost every week or every other week & this is one of the few times BB has posted Carrete all year

  10. amazing how so many cartels have came together to fight CJNG , shows how much power CJNG have


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