Sunday, July 28, 2019

VIDEO: "The Narco Riviera" ,Q Roo: CDS Leader plus 5 Members Detained After Canadian TV News Broadcast

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Aristegui Thanks to an amigo for the W5News Video !

48 Minute Canadian News Documentary at bottom, most incidents mentioned we have covered here at BB, but the Interview is well worth watching.

WHAT were they thinking ?

With Canadian tourists in the Mayan Riviera increasingly caught in the crossfire in a raging drug war, investigative reporter Avery Haines gets rare access to a Mexican drug boss, for a far-reaching and disturbing interview.

Arrested are alleged members of the Sinaloa cartel who appeared in documentary:

The arrest took place after the appearance of an alleged drug trafficker (Jefe del Plaza) in a documentary by a Canadian news program, in which he declared that he sent 300 kilos of cocaine monthly to the US for the Sinaloa Cartel.

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of Quintana Roo reported the arrest of Amid "N", alleged leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in Playa del Carmen , as well as five accomplices, who participated in a drug trafficking documentary for a Canadian television station.

In his Twitter account, the head of the SSP, Alberto Capella , said that “military forces that are part of the Quintana Roo Coordination, together with the State Police, carried out the arrest of six probable members of organized crime, which they are presumed to have participated in the documentary made by a Canadian television station . ”

The detainees were identified as Sergio Iván AL, alias “El Gordo”, 27 years old, originally from Sinaloa; Iván AM, 42, of Chihuahua; Antonio Israel LC, aka "El Chaparro", 45, of Mexico City, and Héctor SC, 37, of Michoacán, and Modesto "N", 38. 

Meanwhile, in a statement, the agency announced the arrest of Amid, who was the protagonist of the Canadian news program CTV News , in which he appears with the alias of "Manuel", and who the television covered his face, where he explained how drug trafficking and organized crime operate in this part of the state.

According to the documentary, Amid was in charge of sending 300 kilos of cocaine monthly to the United States , which generated profits of about 15 million pesos to the Sinaloa Cartel.

The SSP revealed that Amid and five of his accomplices were captured in a joint operation between their elements and the Army at two points in the city when they were carrying weapons.

The apprehension of the alleged criminal leader was held on June 29, in the Lol Ka Tuun subdivision in Playa Del Carmen , after which he was made available to the Attorney General's Office (FGR). Amid also has an arrest warrant for homicide in his native Chihuahua.

At the time of his capture, he had in his possession a 9 mm squad firearm, loaded with 13 useful cartridges and he was traveling in a Ford truck, Lobo type, red, with plates of the state of Quintana Roo.

Before Amid's arrest, five people linked to this crime group had been captured in front of the Encanto Riviera hotel , finding them firearms, useful cartridges, projectiles, and various drugs, which were made available to the MPF of the FGR of Cancun.