Sunday, July 21, 2019

China, Nuevo Leon: 7 People Detained with Arsenal and Drugs

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElHorizante
Six men and one woman were arrested by Civil Force elements after they were caught with weapons and drugs, in the Municipality of China, Nuevo Leon.

Civil Force elements captured seven people ; Six men and one woman with an arsenal , tactical equipment and drugs, in the municipality of China .

According to a report by the Ministry of Public Security, the events occurred this afternoon, in the Santa Monica gap. The convoy of patrols carrying out surveillance tours, came across two trucks, in which  armed civilians traveled.

The policemen assumed shooting positions and surrounded seven people , who were equipped with bulletproof vests and long weapons that came down from their vehicles.

A source reported that there was no exchange of bullets and the criminal cell surrendered when they saw that they were overcome by authorities.

The police carried out a review of a green Escalade truck,  and a white Lobo, , where three kilos of green grass, apparently marijuana , were located .

In addition, 200 skillful cartridges for AK-47, 63 magazines, 5 fittings and 7 AK-47 weapons , known as Cuernas de Chivas or Goat Horn, were secured.

The detainees were identified as Héctor "N", 19; Gabriela "N", of 20; Carlos "N", of 29; Carlos "N", of 37; Luis "N", of 42; Hugo "N", 42, and José "N", 32 years old.

All those apprehended as well as weapons , drugs and vehicles will be made available to the corresponding authority.