Saturday, April 13, 2019

Tijuana: Narcomantas allegedly signed by El Mayo Zambada appear on bridges in Tijuana

stevecpta for Borderland Beat from VXT

Last night two "narcomantas" were located on two bridges in different points of the city; the authorities so far have not issued information about it, however users of social networks managed to capture images of them.

The first was before 23:00 hours on the vehicular bridge of the El Florido neighborhood, between the Boulevard Insurgentes and Boulevard El Refugio, where the message was allegedly signed by "El Mayo Zambada".

According to reports, the text made an invitation to dialogue with the cartels operating in the region, as well as support for the Federal Government to return "to the old school".

Later, on the Rapid West Way in the Urban Zone of the Tijuana River, another blanket with the same content was located; both printed with digital text, similar to those that have appeared in recent cases.