Monday, April 22, 2019

Osiel Cardenas transferred within ADX Florence Colorado affording more privileges

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

BB forum user “MX” reports that Osiel Cardenas has been transferred within the Florence Prison, from the ultra-strict ADX Florence to USP Florence High.

From “MX”; “He will now be able to interact other inmates. I'm not entirely sure when this happened, but if it was recent, it may have been done because El Chapo may be taking his place soon. Cárdenas will be out in about six years and before the age of 60. I think we can expect for his conditions inside the prison to improve as the years progress and the government prepares for his reinstatement into society. “

In 2009, after pleading guilty in U.S. Federal court, Cardenas, Gulf Cartel top boss, was sent to Florida prison where he enjoyed an array of privileges while in U.S. custody. 

Less than a year later he was transferred to Super Max prison ADX Florence, where the most notorious convicted criminals land.

At the time when asked why the move, Edward Ross US BOP spokesman simply said;
"This is the highest security level," Ed Ross, no further explanation given.

A prison official said at the time, most inmates sent to Supermax from other penitentiaries had been deemed too violent and disruptive,  or had tried to escape.

Cardenas was convicted for a number of crimes including holding a gold plated AK47 to the heads of a DEA and DBI agent in Tamaulipas.

It was Cardenas who created Los Zetas to be his enforcer team.  Zetas were loyal to Cardenas, but when he was arrested, they became disgruntled causing infighting and the eventual split.