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Veracruz: The war against cartels; CJNG taking the most hits

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Xalapa, Ver. - Of seven organized crime groups that fight "the plaza" in Veracruz, the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) has been the most battered in the first three months of the Cuitláhuac García Jiménez administration.

According to the analysis of 597 official communications, the group founded by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias "El Mencho", has suffered major arrests, property assurances and abatment in 12 municipalities where this cell was based from the government of the PRI, Javier Duarte.

The state leader Cuitláhuac García has recognized before senators and media the presence of at least six cartels in the entity: CJNG, Los Zetas, Zetas Old School, Sangre Nueva Zeta, 35 Z, Cartel del Golfo and Grupo Sombra.

Against these groupings the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) registers 23 actions from December 1 to date; 19 correspond to the CJNG, two to the Zetas, two to Sangre Nueva Zeta and one to the Grupo Sombra. On the remaining two cells, Zetas Vieja Escuela and 35 Z, there are no reports.

Click to enlarge. Chart depicts number of hits each cartel sustained-revealing it is the major target

The 19 "blows" to the CJNG were distributed in Boca del Rio, Tlalixcoyan, Tierra Blanca, Misantla, Acayucan, Manlio Fabio Altamirano, Playa Vicente, Cordoba, Fortín, Río Blanco, Cotaxtla and Coatzacoalcos. Most of these municipalities were dominated by the CJNG as of its arrival in 2011, which was marked with one of the bloodiest scenes in the immediate history of Veracruz.

On September 20, 2011, 35 bodies were thrown in front of the monument of the Voladores de Papantla, in Boca del Río. The act was awarded to him by the group called the "Mata Zetas" (Zeta Assassins), who would later reveal his true identity in various crimes signed as the CJNG.

From that mass crime, "El Mencho" group displaced Los Zetas as the most powerful cartel and expanded by the entity of the Gulf of Mexico that has 700 meters of coastline, three airports, three high-altitude ports, and highways that connect to the south with the north of the country.

7 cartels fight Veracruz; Government focuses on one

It was from 2019 when the administration of Cuitláhuac García undertook an affront to this organization that in the government of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares (2016-2018), responded to similar measures with the murder of Juan Camilo Castagné Velasco, former State Coordinator of the Police Federal.

The first "coup" of the SSP, in charge of the Monterrey-born Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado, occurred on January 5 in Hueyapan de Ocampo, a municipality located to the south of the entity besieged by the theft of fuels.

Three young people linked to the Jalisco Cartel were arrested in flagrante delicto in the town of Cuatotolapan, while they were traveling aboard a Volkswagen vehicle, type Jetta, model 2018, which had a theft report dated December 27, 2018.

Those arrested in the operation were Kevin "N", 18; Julio César "N" of 22 and Moisés "N" of 25; In addition, two long weapons without marks or license plates were confiscated and each one with a magazine supplied with 27 cartridges, caliber 2.23; a long gun brand Intratec, model tec-9, caliber 9 mm, with license plate 06299 and with a magazine supplied with 21 cartridges, caliber 9 mm.

From that action, the communiques highlighted with black letters frontal attacks on the criminal cell of the "Mencho" became more constant. This triggered a series of clashes that lasted 72 hours and left five people dead: four civilians linked to the CJNG and a state policeman.

The second most affected group is the Los Zetas cartel. The most important event happened on March 4, 2019, with the arrest of Alain López Sánchez, alias "La Liebre", on the Malecón de Coatzacoalcos. He is one of the leaders within that criminal structure.

La Liebre was two years away from justice and his arrest offered one million pesos as a reward, since in addition to the arms and drug trade is indicated as the alleged mastermind and material of the murder of a family in June 2017, in Coatzacoalcos, where four children lost their lives.

To this action is added the capture of Luis "N", 18 years old, supposed member of Los Zetas. The SSP pointed to this subject of the deprivation of liberty of two people, committed on February 17 in the municipality of Álamo Temapache.

On December 31, 2018, elements of the Institute of Auxiliary Police and Patrimonial Protection for the State of Veracruz (IPAX), repelled the aggression of individuals who attempted to commit a robbery on the railways of the municipality of Acultzingo.

The incident occurred in the section known as La Pera, at Kilometer 271, where criminals on board a motorcycle taxi began a verbal aggression, to later shoot at elements of an IPAX patrol.

These robberies to trains have been attributed to the group Zeta Sangre Nueva, composed of alleged lieutenants of Roberto de los Santos de Jesus alias "El Bukanas", leader huachicolero and municipal ex-municipal for whom the government of Veracruz offers 5 million pesos for news about his whereabouts.

On February 19, state and federal forces rescued a person deprived of their liberty in the municipality of Pánuco, north of Veracruz, and captured one of the plagiarists, Isaías "N", 55 years old. A security house was also secured, where two AK-47s were seized, with six loaders and 115 ammunition; in addition to seven ammunition for R-15 and tactical equipment.

In the north of the state, the cartel with the greatest dominance is the so-called Grupo Sombra, with a presence in the municipalities of Tuxpan, Poza Rica, Papantla, Coatzintla and Tihuatlán, who, on Christmas Eve, distributed dinners and drinks in colonies in the north of the country. state. "These dinners were sponsored by Special Forces Grupo Sombra, Felices Fiestas" was read on cardboards.

1. Hueyapan de Ocampo: detention of three youths with weapons and vehicles: On January 5, 2019, the arrest of Kevin "N" of 18 years is recorded; Julio César "N" of 22 and Moisés "N" of 25 in the town of Cuatotolapan; they were confiscated two long guns without marks or license plates and each one with a magazine supplied with 27 cartridges, caliber 2.23; a long gun brand Intratec, model tec-9, caliber 9 mm, with license plate 06299 and with a magazine supplied with 21 cartridges, caliber 9 mm.

2.-Tlalixcoyan: Dismantle SSP property of the CJNG: On March 16, 2019 a ranch is insured, in addition to tactical equipment and seven vehicles: three Volkswagen, Passat, Gol and Jetta Classic, YAN-912A, YED- 576A and YKL-88-75, respectively; two RAM trucks, type 4000 and 2500, plates XH9-342A and VP-66-003; a Ford Super Duty, XT-36-543, and a Mazda CX-7, WPN-76-07.

3.-Boca del Río: They secure a safe house and rescue 2 children. On March 16, 2019, homeownership and release of two young people were registered, in addition to armored vehicles, two handguns and one long gun, three chargers, cartridges of different calibers, tactical equipment and tarpaulins with the initials CJNG.

4.-Tlalixcoyan: They dismantle the security house and beat four of the CJNG. On March 15, 2019, the seizure of a security house on the ranch called Isla de los Pajaritos, in the community of Otapa, was recorded. This diligence, had as balance the downing of four presumed members of the CJNG.

5.-Tierra Blanca: CJNG camp secured with weapons and vehicles. On March 13, 2019, a camp was registered in the "La Chincheta" ranch, as well as three long weapons, a short weapon, a ballistic vest, a tactical Kevlar helmet, a fragmentation grenade; a Toyota Hilux, T97-ATW plates; another, Nissan type NP300 Frontier, plates XV74-658; and an Italika motorcycle.

6.-Misantla: Abaten 3 members of the CJNG. On March 12, 2019, the downing of three alleged members of the CJNG is recorded; For these events, a wooden construction, three vehicles, and armament and tactical equipment were secured.

7.-Acayucan: Two members of the CJNG are detained; recover four vehicles. On February 20, 2019, the arrest of Luis "N" of 18 years and Hector "N" of 33; they secured an M-1 gun, calibe30 mm, a magazine without cartridges, five ballistic helmets, four tactical vests, two caps, a camisole and trousers with the initials "CJNG".

8.-Tlalixcoyan: Locate Civil Force two security houses. On February 20, 2019, the insurances of two security houses in the town of Las Mesillas are recorded; also three balaclavas, a rifle holder, two cops, a tactical vest, a pair of tactical boots, an R-15 charger, seven beds, four refrigerators, four air conditioners, 27 gas tanks, among other equipment.
Cities in Veracruz where cartels have suffered major hits

9.-Tierra Blanca: Two alleged members of the CJNG are detained. On February 7, 2019, Alejandro "N", 22 years old and Cornelio "N", was arrested on a dirt road on the Mata de Caña-Paso del Tigre stretch; the authority confiscated a Honda brand vehicle, CRV type, white, five R-15 rifles, three AK-47s, a 22mm caliber rifle, a 16mm shotgun; 450 cartridges of 5.56 mm, 430 of 7.62 x 39 and 35 of 12 mm, as well as 28 magazines supplied with 35 cartridges caliber 5.56, 21 with 35 cartridges 7.62 x 39 and two with 50 cartridges 7.62 x 39.

10.-Tierra Blanca: dismantled SSP warehouse of alleged members of the CJNG. On February 6, 2019 the dismantling of a warehouse was recorded where groceries, refrigerators, office furniture, tires and tactical equipment were insured: eight black polo shirts, 11 caps with the initials CJNG, six black bibs with carrying bags, five Tactical vests, three gendarmerie trousers, three Kevlar helmets, two pairs of boots, a ski mask, a pistol case and a pair of handcuffs.

11.-Tlalixcoyan: Recovers SSP 9 vehicles; four of the CJNG. On February 6, 2019 the insurance of four vehicles is recorded: black Jeep, XZR-733A plates; a Ford Focus blue sky, plates E20-ADV; a Volkswagen Jetta Classic gray, plates YJW-9971; and a white Nissan March, plates L79-ARA. In each vehicle they found clothing with the CJNG insignia and 5.56 caliber cartridges.

12.-Manlio Fabio Altamirano: Two are detained for crimes against health. On February 2, 2019 the arrest of Gabriel "N" of 27 years and his companion Jesus "N" of 26, who manned a vehicle with economic number 6999, with plates 262-2XDB of Veracruz, Nissan brand, Tsuru type . Inside the car, they found 11 doses of what appears to be cocaine, three of what appears to be glass and a pipe.

13.-Vicente Beach: Rescue two people kidnapped by CJNG. On January 31, the SSP rescued two people illegally deprived of their liberty by alleged members of the CJNG. Two troops were injured; likewise, the victim was injured. In the place of the events, they rescued a second victim and also found the bodies of two people who had also been abducted and who were killed by the criminals.

14.-Córdoba: Captures Civil Force to two presumed members of the CJNG. The Civil Force arrested on January 30 two presumed members of the CJNG during a preventive inspection of a car. The troops secured a backpack type mariconera with about 50 doses of ice and cocaine and arrested Rigoberto, alias "Rigo", 32 years; and Óscar, alias "Coyote", 39 years old

15.-Rio Blanco: Three are arrested with weapons, one of them implicated in the murder of Valeria Cruz. On January 20, 2019, detention of Rodrigo "N", of 21; and Efraín "N", of 35 and Diego "N", of 27 years of age, this last one indicated like accomplice in the murder of Valeria Cruz Medel, daughter of the federal deputy of Morena, Carmen Medel.

16-Fortín: killed, two members of the CJNG. On January 16, two alleged members of the Jalisco Cartel were killed on the federal highway Fortín-Huatusco, after depriving a person of their liberty. When going the state elements were attacked with firearms, repelling the aggression. Police forces secured two vans; a car type sedan and two firearms.

17.-Cotaxtla: Dismantled operational peace house security. On the 14th of January in the municipal capital of Cotaxtla, Adolfo "N", 45 years old, was captured; Braulio "N", 42; and Jesus "N", of 38; In addition, two AR-15 rifles, one AK-47 rifle, 14 chargers for R-15 and one for AK-47 were confiscated; 387 useful cartridges and three tactical vests with the legend "CJNG".

18.- The presumed chief of stakes of the CJNG in Coatzacoalcos is detained. On January 14 the elements of the SSP captured Isaac Ernesto "N", aka "Spaghetti", alleged Chief of Stakes, in Coatzacoalcos, under the orders of the CJNG, securing a vehicle with a report of theft and 45 doses of drugs, look like ice.

19.-Coatzacoalcos: They arrest the alleged leader and subordinate of the CJNG. On January 14 the arrest of Alberto Alejandro "N", alias "El Fresa" or "El Trece", presumed second in command of the Coatzacoalcos plaza of said criminal organization and subordinate to Alexis "N", alias "El 09 "or" Sadist ". During his capture, five long and three short weapons, four fragmentation grenades, 17 long-gun and two short-gun clips, 300 5.56-millimeter cartridges, 90 .357-caliber cartridges, 70 9-mm and 14-caliber 22 cartridges were secured.