Thursday, February 21, 2019

Xochimilco: "El Chicatronik", leader of Sicario group for Los Coti, captured

Throw Away for Borderland Beat source La Silla Rota

Since last year In Xochimilco, a wave of homicides had something in common: they were committed with a .40 caliber pistol, "matapolicías", because it perforates armored vests. Experts, informants and investigative agents led to a suspect: Édgar Aníbal "El Chicatronik" or "Tío Chato", leader of assassins of the criminal organization of "Los Coti". At 21 years of age, "El Chicatronik" is already linked to at least five murders, including that of a federal police officer.

He was arrested this weekend by PDI of Xochimilco, in possession of drugs and the weapon linked to the crimes. A fan of in fast motorcycles and jewelry, "El Chicatronik" was one of CDMX's most wanted and some of its homicides were recorded on video, the copy of which La Silla Rota has. According to investigation CI-FXH / XO-2 / UI-3C / D / 0094 / 02-2019, the alleged gunman was captured in Guadalupe I. Ramírez and Callejón de San Bernardino, Potrero de San Bernardino colony, in Xochimilco.

He had cocaine and a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol.

A judge issued an arrest warrant against him for the homicide of Axel Misael, 21 years old, perpetrated on January 3 in Southern Residential Forests.

 He faces other investigations for murder, among them the one of a federal police that was in the process of being dismissed by irregularities in its work.

The officer was assaulted by bullets inside his car, last month, at Ampliación Tepepan.. But it's not all: "The Chicatronik" is also connected to the theft of motorcycles and assaults on jewelry stores.