Thursday, December 27, 2018

Borderland Beat Good News~Bad News

Good News!!!

In case you haven’t noticed, BB reporters been posting articles at a rate not seen in years.  My girl Yaqui is the engine that could----and does,  we are the best team ever.  With help from others this year is closing out with number of posts at the third highest in BB history and not achieved since 2011.
Views jumped almost a quarter million.

All good and gratifying…big thanks to all contributors and translators. 

Now Bad News!

Yaqui is leaving to Mexico in a remote area that has unreliable wifi.  Her ability to contribute, will be questionable and clearly will be impacted.  This a trip she and Super Mike take each year, so this is not conjecture, it is knowledge from experience.

I have called on part time contributors to  contribute more often.  But that will not touch the void left behind.
So I am reaching out to YOU, our followers for your help.  And it will only be for 2 months or so.

Ways to help

1.  Send a article to my email.  Have it translated if needed, and ready to post with at least one foto.  I will do the rest.

2.  become a full reporter for 2 months.  That means a commitment of 5 to 7 posts per week You will be sent an invitation to join, and will be activated as soon as you accept.  The remainder I will explain as you accept.

3.  Be come a part time reporter posting 3 to 5 per week

4.  We could use one more translator.  

If I can’t get a solution, with my Chapo trial reporting, either I stop that and post a couple of posts each day, or stop it all together.  With moderating it is just too much.  And sorry to say I am having another surgery in January. 

Alternatively, we could shut BB down for a couple of months.  I am not sure what to do.  It will be predicated on a working, functioning plan.  Please do not volunteer and not keep the commitment.  Good news it is only for a short time. 

Email me!.---------Chivis