Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"La Linea" vs "Los Aztecas" War = 979 Homicides 2018

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario

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A part of the executions in Ciudad Juárez is due to a break between the groups ''La Línea'' and ''Los Aztecas'', according to researchers from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE). 

Narcomenudistas of Ciudad Juarez fight new territories after ''squeezing'' their clients with the sale of ice or crystal meth. 

Data revealed by the Attorney General's Office (FGE) reveal that users of this drug shorten their life span and this results in the market shrinking. 

Journalistic information, indicates that according to the centers of Primary Care in Addictions (CAPA) and the Subsystem of Provision of Services (SIS), 77 % of users who request attention for problems with the " crystal'', are  between 12 and 17 years old. 

A report published by El Diario on June 28, 2018, states that in its first stage, addicts spend around 500 Pesos a day to consume glass. Figures from these institutions report that consumption among children under 12 and 14 years old, rebounded 60 % last year. 

The fact that organized crime groups seek other markets would be causing an increase in executions, according to data from investigators of the Attorney General's Office.

Executed for refusing to work for the narcos:

Data from the agents of the Public Prosecutor's Office who conduct homicide investigations in Ciudad Juarez, point out that in most of the 126 murders that have reached the Control Judges from January to September 2018, it is because the victims refused to work for some drug trafficking group. 

These characteristics were presented, in agreement with the agents of the Public Ministry that lead the accusations, in 76 of the 126 murders that have arrived at the judges of Control from January to September of 2018 and that were counted by the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) ) of the State of Chihuahua.

"In the folders that we have integrated this year we see that the executions are due to the separation of ''La Línea'' and ''Los Aztecas''; they are afraid of their contras or antagonistic groups and kill them, "said an agent of the Public Ministry (MP) of the Unit of Crimes against Life of the FGE.

On September 19 El Diario de Juárez published a note based on official data, that during the first four months of the current year the frequency of homicides did not exceed one hundred in any of the first four months , but as of May the situation changed  increasing the figure of notorious form.

In addition to the rupture between groups of criminals, there are cases in which there were debts owed for  cargoes and the fight between  narcomenudistas for new territories.

The first month of the year, 72 people were murdered, 43 in February, 56 in March and 65 in April, but as of May the figure doubled as 126 homicides were committed, in June they grew to 178, the streak continued in July with 177 and with 182 in August, one of the most violent months so far in 2018.

At least 85 % of the murders committed between May and August in the city are related to the struggle between "The Aztecs" and "La Linea" according to with data from the Office of the Prosecutor.

"We also see that many of the people killed had a history of being detained for bringing drugs or for carrying firearms and for some reason that we do not know were not linked to the process; either they stayed out of the criminal proceedings or they served their sentences, "he added.

The execution of Daniel Quinn Calderón on August 22 in the tunnel that connects the Prison Cereso #3 de Juárez with the "Judicial City" is another example of a homicide motivated by the antagonism of gang members, said the ministerial agent himself.

The informants pointed out that there are dozens of murders related to the drug trade, from victims who worked as "hawks", who transported or sold drugs and were "justified" to remove the points of sale or because they were suspected of changing sides.

It even has registered cases of people deprived of life by error of the assassins, cases of mistaken identities and / or "balas perdidas" ie stray bullets.

In that same period, the Control Tribunals of the Bravos Judicial District, headquartered in Ciudad Juarez, the MP only turned in 128 suspected murderers who were initiated 126 criminal cases. Of those 11 were not linked to process and the rest, 115, yes.