Thursday, October 25, 2018

Captured on video an armed convoy searching in the streets of Naucalpan

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Soy Naucalpan Facebook thank you BB follower

During the night of Sunday and the early hours of Monday, security cameras in Naucalpan captured the moment in which convoy of alleged assassins circulated through the streets of the municipality.

In video, they recorded the moment in which armed convoy, circulated in the streets Avenida del Río and Colinas de San Mateo, in the municipality of Naucalpan, México.  in the images you can see at least seven trucks with armed men who apparently are in search of someone.

The subjects carried high caliber weapons.  However there was no report of any disappearance or execution in that area.

When viewing the video can be heard, the moment when operators who are in charge of the surveillance of the cameras manifest  fear of sending their colleagues to the site.

In the video, posted on social networks, several people armed with assault rifles are observed outside a house "on Avenida del Río, in San Mateo Hills," according to an operator of the surveillance cameras who watched live the movements of the convoy.

"Do not send the companeros , as the video plays  they are able to listen to similar phrases from the operators of the cameras. "Do not move commander", "you've seen the goat horns-[AK47s]".

Finally, the armed command leaves. "They are going to leave for (the colonia) Mexico 68, towards El Mirador".

Video translation is as follows by Sol Prendido:

Female Dispatcher : There heading toward San Mirador Street commander. There heading toward San Mirador Street commander. They’ve just got off their new vehicles commander. They’re on 29th commander. They’re on 29th commander.

Female Commander Carol: It’s not a bad idea but send El Boom. It’s on Del Río Avenue. Del Río Avenue.

Woman # 3: Carol they’re going to kill them.

Female Commander Carol: No, no don’t send their partners. They’re going to kill them.

Woman # 3: Don’t let them get killed eh.

Female Dispatcher: Commander don’t move the elements they’re going to kill them. We have to be more precautious commander. Please.

Woman # 3: Carol, Carol!

Man # 1: Women they’re about to go into a house. Hey! They just started running in front. Who’s driving? Who?

Man # 2: They just got the taxi driver. Did you see?

Man # 1: Yes.

Female Dispatcher: Don’t move the elements please.

Man # 1: Fuck me! They have nothing but AK-47’s fool.

Man # 2: Those fools are mafia.

Man # 1: It’s what Avenue ? Del Río Avenue?

Female Commander Carol: Del Río Avenue with Saint Mathew. Motherfucker! They just blocked 5.

Woman # 3: Motherfuckers! These fucking assassins ain’t worth a fuck.

Man # 1: Son of a bitch! Nothing but AK-47’s.

Female Commander Carol: And, and they have cameras inside. Did you see?

Man # 1: Yes, yes. Where are they headed?

Female Commander Carol: They’re gonna come out toward San Mirador. Towards Mexico 68 San Mirador. 100...140? What?