Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jalisco: Mencho on the run as Mexican Navy in hot pursuit

Posted by Char for Borderland Beat from Contramuro

The night that he presented the images in his television news program, Ciro Gómez Leyva asked: In what country of the world does the armed forces attack and nothing happens?......We had the answer on the screens: in Mexico.

At the time of her arrest, Rosalinda González Valencia, wife of Nemesio Oseguera, alias El Mencho, immediately destroyed her cell phone.

"They are not unpremeditated," high-level sources told Semar yesterday.

They emphasize that the head of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation  is "furious" over the capture of his spouse, but that the lethal reaction they expected, after the capture of the woman, has not occurred.

"We surprised him," an admiral told us.
Rosalinda González is suspected of being the administrator of the economic resources of the criminal group. A court order is sought for the crimes of organized crime.

 We went to the Secretary of the Navy with the intention of knowing how the issues of the seafarers were attacked in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, on the morning of Tuesday, while they replenished their vehicles.

It would seem an action linked to the detention of González Valencia.
[Above subjects assault and insult sailors of the Marina]

You probably saw on your television screen how a group of people linked to the Cartel Jalisco New Generation -mistreated the sailors.  CJNG was painted on SEMAR vehicles. [above video]

That episode, like others, reflects the degree of decay we experience in Mexico.   The attack was orchestrated by “El15”  Guadalupe Rodríguez Cruz, CJNG plaza chief of  Zapotlan el Grande Jalisco. 

The sailors were shaken, kicked, insulted, thrown stones, sticks, whatever. "Fuck!" "Thieves!" "Ojetes!" Said the signs painted on the vehicles.

The elements of the Navy, all very young, did not use their weapons against their aggressors, although there was greater risk to their lives. They simply fired shots into the air to disperse the aggressors.

The night that he presented the images in his television news program, Ciro Gómez Leyva asked: In what country of the world does the armed forces attack and nothing happens? [read more using this link to Yaqui's post]

We had the answer on the screens: in Mexico.

"El Mencho operates. He knows we're on his heels. He is furious about his wife, "said the admiral, who does not hesitate to compare the CJNG chief with El Chapo Guzmán or even with Pablo Escobar, at the time.
And he had the luxury of saying where he could be: in Pihuamo, Jalisco.

"And why could not they have taken him? We asked.

The capo is elusive. It is protected by many people. The strategy is to weaken him, and remove him  from his comfort zone.
The SEMAR agency,  by the way, are convinced that there is a "black campaign" in the media to discredit the Armed Forces.
They want to present them as violators of human rights, responsible for enforced disappearances.
"There are NGO activists who are paid up to 80,000 pesos a week to carry out this task," the source tells us, recalling a note published yesterday in this newspaper.

And he takes up the name of the head of the Human Rights Commission of Nuevo Laredo, Raymundo Ramos Vázquez, for receiving five thousand dollars a week from the Zetas, to hide his members in their offices.

He also tells us that there are bad guys who buy fake uniforms and kidnap people to push the belief that they are responsible for those disappearances.

Behind that campaign, they say, is the crime money. "They want to get us out of the regions they control." he says.

In SEMAR they are aware that there have been excesses in some of their operations.
As an example, they cite the case of Juan José Farías, alias El Abuelo, detained in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, for alleged links with the CJNG.
There were shots from the Navy helicopter to the truck where El Abuelo traveled with his family. The scene shows a man running in the middle of the shooting with the grandson of Farias in his arms. "The sailors who are responsible for this error will be sanctioned," he assures us.

The admiral with whom we spoke noted the passivity of the state police of Jalisco in the face of aggression against sailors. He says that even some of the aggressors in Ciudad Guzmán requested the support of the state last Tuesday. "I understand the municipal police, it's silver or lead. But those of the state?