Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cartel del Golfo member interrogated and killed by Los Talibanes

Posted by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a youtube video


I work for COY who is unified with the Cartel del Golfo, with La Senora del Pacifico
The Senora de Pacifico?
How many commanders does she have?
4 commander bosses

In Tamaulipas
When did they arrive?
This week
Where? and where are they going to command?
San Pedro, Luis Moya, Ojocaliente and Cosio
What are they operating now? which commanders as they say now and the patrols?
Its commander La Muerte, commander Carlitos, El Borracho, El Borrachales, El commander Rino and Los Pellejos
Los Pellejos?
What more? The boss, the boss whats the hassel with this old woman asshole?
The boss she lives in Cosio, she governs all all the halcones
Commanded by who?
By Coy
What police are supporting you?
State and Municipal
The municipal Police, where are they supporting you?
In Luis Moya, Padrino support here
Whats the name of he who provides support?
They call him El Bronco
El Bronco is a normal policeman?
Normal police chief
Does he work behind the scenes passing you information?
The State Police, who supports you?
A commander they call El Gordo
Commander Gordo?
This guy, how many cloned patrols does he have?
Where do they eat?
There at the side of Cosio in a house that they have
What do they want to do with Los Talibanes guy?
They want to take Zacatecas
Why do they want to take Zacatecas?
Because they are very bloodthirsty boss
They are very bloodthirsty?
What do you want to say to your fellow members?
All the snitches that keep snitching, Las Golfas, Ferrerias de
They have to take care
And that they dont say any more for the sake of it
This is going to happen to all the assholes of Carlos, all of the fucking Golfas, fucking Carlillos death follows, sons of bitches