Sunday, April 1, 2018

Seven Police killed and a dozen injured in Amatlán, Veracruz prison

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Menytimes and noticieros.televisa.

Six policemen and one more unidentified person lost their lives during a riot,  that took place at dawn this Sunday at the La Toma Prison, located Veracruz, in Mexico, confirmed the state government.

At least 12 others are reported injured.

The riot in the state prison of La Toma, in the municipality of Amatlán de Los Reyes, began when the 1,300 inmates demanded the dismissal of the director and the chief of custody of the prison.

The riot began on Saturday night in a penitentiary in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz. Agents of the anti-riot group of the Ministry of Public Security entered the La Toma social rehabilitation center to try to control the revolt.

The Government reported that upon entering, the policemen were repelled by inmates who had seized some carpentry tools and set fire to mattresses.

The burning of mattresses, stated in the bulletin, "may have caused the suffocation of the police elements."

On the outskirts of the prison, members of the Federal Police, the Navy of Mexico, the State Police and the Military Police, guarded the facilities to prevent relatives of the inmates from entering.

The eastern state of Veracruz has been mired in a spiral of violence in the last decade due to the presence of drug gangs.

Los Zetas have control of the prison.