Wednesday, April 4, 2018

CDN Laredo Narco Rap emerges after Laredo shootout kills 13

By Char for Borderland Beat


Rappers affiliated to CDN Laredo composed a song about Last Sunday’s shooting which was about a week ago. One Navy captain died and about 12 CDN hitmen died.

When the song starts, you could hear the narco frequency which members use to communicate between themselves. The song basically says that CDN kicked the Navy’s ass and that with CDN you don’t fuck around. The song also says greetings to everyone who showed up to the event, "we made the Navy shit their pants."

I remember reading that many CDN trucks started patrolling the streets in Nuevo Laredo.


The violence,  broke out after the Navy troops were ambushed by armed men when they were traveling in Nuevo Laredo.

The attackers, according to the bulletin, wore uniforms and traveled in Navy cloned vehicles.

Nuevo Laredo is located in the state of Tamaulipas, bordering the United States, cradle of the Gulf cartel, the oldest criminal group in Mexico.

According to media from Tamaulipas, the confrontation of the Navy was with the Northeast Cartel, which split from the now weakened Los Zetas cartel.