Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bodies burning on busy streets as violence explodes in suburbs of Acapulco.

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

March 28, 2018

Two bodies are set on fire in the public thoroughfare of Guerrero

The police located two bodies, the first had tied hands, and the other was a dismembered corpse wrapped in sacks........

Acapulco- In the afternoon, in the community of La Sabana, which is located in the suburban area of ​​this port, a group of assassins on board several vehicles left the bodies of two men lying down , which they set on fire in full via public, in the port of Acapulco , Guerrero .  
Witnesses of the double crime told the police that armed men pulled the bodies out of a car and then one of them was sprayed with gasoline and set on fire , in a very busy area , and the other body was dismembered.
This happened on Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue , in front of the market and before dozens of witnesses.

Four people executed and six vehicles burned was the result of another day of violence in Acapulco during the whole holiday period.
In addition, there were reports of confrontations between gangs of assassins in the suburban colonies of this port.
During the early hours of the morning between the streets of February 5 and the Seven Corners, a commando of armed men set fire to three cars, two Chevy Chevy and one Renault Magane.

 Another three units a Derby,  a Country van, and a Volkswagen Jetta type, were burned at the Carabalí colony.
Later, in the First of May colony, a man was shot to death .  The 29-year-old individual who worked at Home Depot was found inside a Jetta-type car.
Meanwhile, on Calzada Pie de la Cuesta Avenue , in the Miguel Aleman neighborhood, a man was found shot to death inside a red Dodge Neon car.
The body of this person had several bullet holes and was in the passenger seat of the unit.
Meanwhile in Iguala a woman was found  murdered inside a truck and a Coca Cola worker was wounded by a bullet after he was robbed of his motorcycle.
At the same time, on the Zihuatanejo-Lázaro Cárdenas federal highway , a man was found shot to death , with his hands tied back and his eyes bandaged.
And on the Autopista del Sol, on the Chilpancingo-Paso Morelos section, armed men forced a group of people off a truck.