Saturday, February 10, 2018

Seven killed, supposedly CJNG, after commando storms Jalisco restaurant

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat- from Koneocho  video from Milenio

7 Killed in El municipality de San Pedro Tlaquepaque in the greater Guadalajara area and last Saturday 10 killed in Guadalajara 

Social media is reporting that the uptick in Jalisco violence in the Guadalajara region, is a conflict between El Marro and El Cholo against Mencho.  Cholo and Marrro split from Mencho and now are at war with CJNG.

Take note that the many of those shot were armed.  The victims were said to be Menchos men.  A BB reader wrote that one of those killed may have been “El Flaco” and that he had a CJNG tattoo.

A commando killed seven people Thursday in the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

The events occurred in the seafood restaurant "Don Cangrejo", located in the Guadalupana colonia, where at least 10 armed individuals arrived and, without saying a word, began shooting the patrons.
Six of the victims died inside the establishment and the seventh in the aid station. A waitress was injured.

After the attack, survivors called the emergency services, but when the paramedics arrived at the site they found six of the people shot were without vital signs.

A survivor, who received four hits, was taken to the aid station to receive first aid, but minutes later he died.

According to the authorities, at least four of the victims were carrying firearms.

Last Saturday 3, the Jaliscians lived a bloody day in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, with a total of 10 executions.

The morning of that day, five men were killed in the living room of a house located in the Santa Paula neighborhood in Tonalá.

In that same colony, in the street González Camarena, at the junction with Guadalupe Sigala, they found.  inside a vehicle,  the bodies of two young people each with a head bullet wound.

In the municipality of Guadalajara, a man of approximately 50 years was shot dead at the junction of Vallarta and Duque de Rivas. His body received at least five bullet impacts and was found lying outside a pharmacy.

On the Planetarium's Green Cross, a 25-year-old man was taken to the aid station to receive medical attention for gunshot wounds to the neck and chest, but minutes later he died.

Lastly, a man was shot and killed in the Las Juntas de Tlaquepaque neighborhood.