Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Video:Toys from CJNG leader, El Mencho, given to Children on Kings Day

Posted by Char for Borderland Beat Video from Gillonautas

Nueva Italia, Michoacán

Chivis Note: In Mexico the last celebratory day of the Christmas Holiday season is Mexico, Día de Los Reyes (known elsewhere as Epiphany) to honor the Three Wise Men denoting when they brought gifts to Jesus Christ. 

It occurs on January 6th and people celebrate by exchanging gifts. 

Seemingly, taking a page out of the book; how to win hearts and minds, reminiscent of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, El Mencho has a toy give away.  You can see Mencho’s men with weapons, guarding the situation on the side, and hearing children thanking Mencho.

Char’s Note: 6 days ago this video was published I just found it. Cjng armed men lead by El Arabe, el Chaparrito, and maestrillo give free toys to the kids you can even hear the kids saying “Tío Mencho” “Uncle Mencho”.

Let’s take a look at what else Mencho gives to children in this archive article written by my cousin Lucio.  Use this hyperlink to the dynamite story